Friday, March 24, 2006

yalelofts: model and reality

first of all, access. if your driving east on new york avenue how the hell are you going to get into the parking garage or even drop a person off at yalelofts? make a U turn at 4th street? drive east to 1st street and go around the triangle which should take 15 minutes? oh i see, take the short cut. head north on fifth and turn right on browns alley and drop off at the rear of the bldg. nice, when will we get the signage of browns alley? can u imagine all the cabs and service trucks? the party was well attended. maybe 200 people.

1318 9 street

be bar 1318 9 street nw it's a new gay bar across the street from scripture cathedral in the ever changing neighborhood of blagden alley. looking forward to heading over there meeting neighbors and new friends.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

yale steam laundry lofts

well tonight is the opening presentation of the yale steam lofts at 437 new york avenue nw. at some fancy restaurant down on 7th street. should be great to see the presentation and old neighbors. of course i will report on all the festivities.

the license plate straightened out. A.Y.T. @ 1630 14 street nw fixed it nice and it cost 5 dollars. oh and went to the logan hardware on P next to freshfields. it was very gay. nice hardware store and cute hunks working. oy vey iz mir. gotta get back there soon.

and i went to a meeting on neighborhood parking at the united house of prayer, more on that later...

a day off

with too much to do and already behind schedule, i wanted to get this initial posting published. they threw out some junk at work which i'm recycling and the neighbor in georgetown is renovating the basement and tossed out some leaded windows. i'm tellin ya, it felt like christmas in march yesterday.

the diet may resume tomorrow.

more coffee please.