Sunday, December 31, 2006

JAMES BROWN PODCAST,beghtol,75415,22.html

laurence david (uncle LD) beghtol is a fabulous and talented friend.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


it was great seeing all the moderate republicans at the funeral. of course, i wasn't wasn't present in person, but we did get a good view from TV. first we noticed tricia and ed cox, seated next to tricia were mary cheney and heather poe and next to them were the children of happy and nelson rockefeller, mark and nelson jr.


the son of betty and jerry, what a beautiful, warm and lovely man.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


dorothy is the mother of congressman harold ford jr and a friend of mine. after the former president is buried i will talk about senator elizabeth dole and where she's headed.


3 weeks ago i mention the family of the president visited the national cathedral to view the setting for the national funeral which will now take place. it will be a very busy week after all. when i was a patient at BFC in 1988 betty and the president came to meet and greet us.

thank you president ford for appointing justice stevens to the supreme court.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


since he's gone mainstream media with his blog at i ceased being a unique visitor at his website and it's been over a month since my last visit. haven't look back and not at all curious about his perspective anylonger.


i'm attracted to guys my age and size does that make me a chubby chaser? alright farouk, make some smart remark like me being the same size as aretha franklin at the kennedy center honors. i love you too honey. and you can have your $200. dollar an hour hookers too.

and what's with MSNBC after 10 pm? all they show are prison reruns...wassup with that? i guess they do it it to remind us to lock our doors.


when will it happen, it must be within 30 days?


bush is said to be in texas rethinking iraq. rethinking? for that to happened he'd have to have an origional thought and i'm not sure that is possible.


thanks farouk for sending this clip. do you know this guy? the way he's gotta grip on the bottle of jack is funny. i guess this might be a jackoff flick trailer...i honestly dont know.

Monday, December 25, 2006


if any of ya know any other Castro hating libertarian republicans for hillary clinton please let me know because i'm lonely. haha

and the ad that's currently running about the partnership between Citgo/Venezuela to provide home heating oil at below market rate price for the winter sure is a winner.


dude impacted the scene without a doubt.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


his name is pronounced So-Say, click the link for title song: I AM SO GAY. i've been chuckling for hours now.

ps. the terrorists win if you dont hear this one:

Friday, December 22, 2006


1. READE SELIGMANN rape charge has been dropped against this kid. Duke lacross stripper case reminds me of Bonfire for the Vanities. some desperate person trying to get rich off of somebody from a different social set. reade, you mother is right...don't hate.
2. ALAN HAVESI all it took was a 4 month investigation to get rid of this crook for good. felony 1 count. bu-bye.
3. DEREK ANTHONY has a new cheap toupee and with all the GH he takes his skull looks like frankensteins.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


i'n not sorry for calling president george w bush NANO HITLER, because that'w what he is. i'm so sick of that bastid, i'm embarassed to call myself a republican, well ok...almost. i think perhaps he's just as insane as Hitler and as sefishly arrogant. who knows what condi has to say about this. he sure is reckless with other childrens lives.

and i've decide not get purchase a nano, shuffle or any mp3 devices. why? becuase i enjoy talking to people on the bus and in crowds. perhaps if i traveled more...but at this time i dont need one and that's ok.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


well he didn't really say it that way but farouk told me that civil rights legislation was slowed down under eisenhower and would have progressed faster with a president stevenson. farouk we will never know...all we can do is speculate. actually farouk the fifties were really a triumphant time in american culture and art. the armed forces were already integrated and with eisenhower as president the transition of integrating the general population was made easier than if that commie lovin stevenson were president.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


yup, that's what one of the commentors on this video clip said. because i currently live in heaven on earth all i can say is that this offering is beautiful on many levels:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


in 1953 the National Theater at 14th and Pennsylvania reopened. it had been dark for 4 years because coloreds were not allowed in the audience and the artists refused to perform there under those conditions. the national integrated, the ban was lifted and the theater reopened.

so much was going on in cuba at this time also. batista returned from miami to stage a coup d'ete. all the gambling in florida was being shut down and it all relocated to habana. the hotels, nightclubs, prostitution all followed. someone i know got appointed to the supreme court of cuba and the family established residence in (habana)miramar neighborhood. shortly after i was born(1958) the parents legally separated and we moved with mommy to nyc.

my spiritual mama:

Monday, December 11, 2006


you know it's a slow news cycle when the hotest story is barak obama running for president of the united states of america. he dont stand a snowballs chance in hell to win the nomination. and not to mention a war on terror. i dont see the appearance of assurance when i look at this guy but then i never seen it with W at all either.

President Obama? LOL

Saturday, December 09, 2006



Van Smith, who was admiringly called both an artist and a terrorist for the costumes and makeup he designed for the films of John Waters, died on Tuesday at his home in Marianna, Fla. He was 61.,0,3008924.story


this afternoon the hoyas host oral roberts at the verizon center. i dont want to even think about the sad male cheerleaders for oral roberts university. jesus, what a place to be in the closet. i hope georgetown defeats oral roberts, we'll be listening on the AM radio.

also tonight at GALA stop in and meet the neighbors and have some holiday cheer.

Thursday, December 07, 2006



First governor of PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS of Rhode Island,
founder of Warwick, Rhode Island & transcendental philosopher.

Samuel Gorton is our immigrant ancestor. He was baptized on February 12, 1592 in the Cathedral Church, Lancashire, Manchester, England. He was probably born there in the Parish known as Gorton. His father was Thomas Gorton and his mother was Thomas' second wife, Anne. Samuel's parents were influential and well to do, "not entirely unknown to the heraldry of England," wrote Judge George A. Brayton, Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island.

Samuel had private tutors who taught him the classics. His fluency in both Greek and Hebrew enabled him to study the Bible's original text.All around Samuel, the world was torn by religious wars. Samuel was caught in the unrest. He befriended a Separatist elder who later moved to Holland. The Separatists were the people who chose to separate themselves from the Church of England; some were eventually known as Pilgrims, others were known as Puritans. Samuel Gorton was neither a Pilgrim nor a Puritan. He was a nonconformist. He was a man of deep, strong feeling, keenly aware of every injustice inflicted on the humblest of God's creatures. An excellent preacher, he was also a profound thinker who, in his spiritual meditations, wandered off into infinity often forgetting his earthly surroundings. An articulate and passionate man, he was able to preach for hours at a time. A convincing speaker, Gorton spoke openly whenever he could get people to listen to him. His enemies complained about his charismatic language.

Searching for religious freedom, Samuel, his wife Mary, the first three of their eventual nine children, and Samuel's brother Thomas sailed to America aboard the Speedwell, landing in Boston in 1636.Samuel found the world of the Boston Puritans no better than the one he had left behind in England. He soon became involved in many disputes with the Puritan government in Massachusetts, so much so that they tried to imprison him. His every thought and word was an issue with the Puritan rules. Moving on was no new experience for the Gortonists. Each of them had been cast out of Massachusetts and most of them from other Rhode Island settlements. Gorton himself had been cast out of Boston, Plymouth, Aquidneck, and Newport before seeking refuge in Providence. By 1642, an English historian commented, "Gorton might almost be said to have graduated as a disturber of peace in every colony in New England." All of the settlers of Providence were outcasts from Massachusetts. Of all those who were banished because they dared to express opinions in conflict with the ruling hierarchy, Roger Williams is the most famous and Samuel Gorton is the most notorious. the Massachusetts Magistrates kept sending Gorton letters stating that the land was still under the rule of Boston. The magistrates even charged Samuel with blasphemy and burned the family home. They arrested and jailed him. He headed to England. He left his family for three years and presented his written manuscript, "Simplicities Defense Against a Seven Headed Policy," London, 1649 (a copy of this is in the U.S. Library of Congress).

Finally, Samuel was granted a royal charter with the help of the Earl of Warwick. Once he had the charter, he also got an order of safe passage and conduct given to him from the Earl. Upon sailing back into the Boston Harbor, he showed the magistrates the grant and they were very angry because they had to give Samuel safe passage back to Rhode Island. The charter also said that the Massachusetts government had to help Samuel set up his government. Never were they allowed to again interfere with Samuel Gorton. the town of Warwick was formed, and named after the Earl of Warwick. Records show that in March 1664, Samuel was still active and appointed Administrator of John Smith's will. Happily, he lived to see religious freedom secured to the colony in its Constitution.In 1649, Samuel Gorton was elected general assistant to the Governor, and in 1651, was elected the first President over the two towns Warwick and Providence, called the Providence Plantations. Mr. Gorton was from this date the first citizen of Warwick, and his name stands at the head of the Warwick Commissioners for several succeeding years. He was elected a Deputy Governor in 1664, 1665, 1666, and 1670.

The Massachusetts Magistrates had often denounced Gorton as an anarchist, a blasphemer and rogue. This was not the real Gorton. Gorton's moral character was of the highest caliber and though he differed from the Orthodox Puritans he was never a blasphemer. He was an independent thinker and a true champion of liberty. Throughout his life he was a close friend and devoted admirer of Governor John Winthrop.

The Gortonists beliefs have been described as a type of Christian Transcendentalism. The group believed Jesus Christ was divine, but they did not believe in the Trinity. They didn't think preachers should be paid, felt women were equal to men, were totally against slavery, and thought each individual had a right to read and study the scriptures for himself. Gorton staunchly believed that people should pay the Indians for their lands. Gorton's political creed may be stated briefly: true liberty can be found only within the framework of the law, which protects the civil right of the individual and the minority from the passing whim of the majority. He believed that government should be limited to civil affairs. He died on December 10, 1677 at the age of 85. Much has been written about Samuel and his chair is in the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum in Washington, D.C. Samuel can be called a forgotten founder of liberty.

Monday, December 04, 2006


for the record:

William ElleryRhode Island Co-signer of the Declaration of Independence

William Ellery was born in Newport, Rhode Island, to a wealthy mercantile family on December 22, 1727. The Newport in which William grew up was a unique community where despite many religious differences, there was a degree of toleration toward one another.The elder William Ellery, a Harvard graduate, prepared his son, William, to become a merchant, but also carefully prepared him for college. Young William entered Harvard in 1743. While he was not enthused about becoming a merchant, and entertained thoughts of being a lawyer, reality set in when he married Ann Remington on October 11, 1750, at 23 years of age. He married against his father's wishes, and it was soon clear that he must work to support his wife and family. His father melted some when his first granddaughter was born the following year.A series of events in 1764, changed William Ellery's life forever. In March of that year his father died. Six months later his beloved Ann also passed away. William returned from Cambridge to Newport.Ellery joined the Whig party, and became active in politics. He had inherited some money from his father, and he took this opportunity to study law. His name appears as a member of the General Assembly in the year of the Stamp Act repeal. He is now a leading member of the Sons of Liberty in Newport. The year is 1766. He has been a widower with six children for two years. On June 28, 1767, he marries for the second time. His second wife is a distant cousin, Abigail Carey, with whom he has ten children.When the delegates to the Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia in March 1776, Samuel Ward, Ellery's old friend, died of smallpox. Ellery was the choice to succeed him. As the signers gathered to affix their signatures to the Declaration, it was said that Ellery stood where he could watch their expressions. Of the 56 signers, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war, five were captured, brutally treated and imprisoned, several lost wives and sons, one lost his thirteen children, two wives were brutally treated, and twelve had their homes burned. William Ellery's property was burned while the British occupied Newport. He did, however, return after the war, and apparently recovered financially. He lived nearly 93 years, dying on February 15, 1820. He was interred in the Coggeshall Cemetery at the corner of Victoria and Coggeshall Avenue in Newport. Later, he was given a tomb in the Common Burying Ground on Farewell Street.


as a gay republican who happens to be an enrolled democrat it's fun to watch the republican party work it's way through to the 2008 campaign. the radicals like Frist, Allen, Brownback wont stand a chance in the general. i said last night that it will be a mccain/guliani ticket, they will win in november '08 and mccain will die in office and guliani will become president.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow-Why do you hate us?

Well she is at it again from her "adopted" beloved London. She has gone on a tirade to a European paper about how dumb all Americans are. According to Paltrow the Brits are so much more civilized and intellegent. She said that Americans are so obsessed with money. I guess she missed the class where they talked about London being one of the worlds financial centers. Hey Patrow we've only had a constitution since 1776. As one of the youngest democratic republics around we haven't done half bad. Wise up madam.

Signed "new anonymous"


my gaydar went off the hook when this caught my eye.