Wednesday, August 30, 2006


here's a link to our former champion: charlene drew jarvis:

as you can see by her answers she was quite progressive.


oh boy is THIS going to be a fun two weeks until the primary is over. the cropp campaign is slinging mud and dirt at our candidate right and left. but guess what folks? aint stickin.

the sad part is that a nice person like mrs cropp listens to advisors who think voters are such idiots they can win with mud and dirt. i have more respect for the intelligence of the electorate than that.

on sunday(sept 3) night at 7 30 the team that brought down charlene drew jarvis is having another pre-primary election campaign party at the home of beth solomon at 440 m street nw. bring a guest. ALL are welcome.

Monday, August 28, 2006


recalling a year ago. all the bigshots were on vacation: cheney, bush and andrew sullivan. LOL. they couldnt be pulled away from their vacations for nothing. i was screaming: for christ's sake DO SOMETHING! but no, bush went to arizona and played the banjo while the other two just played with themselves. dont know what happened to jean meserve but she filed a haunting report from new orleans at the beginning of the nightmare with crying dogs in the background. what a complete failure by the government that was.

3 weeks without rain

yes, it's been over 3 weeks so all you girls know what to do: get out your watering cans and hit those trees.

mo, it was nice to meet your brother and nephew. i love your columns and books as much as you love my glasses! welcome back students at georgetown university. it will be a fun filled year.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

blagden alley association

tonight the blagden alley/naylor court association had there annual picnic. summer night cool canadian breeze made it a success. 200 people. friends, neighbors, new people and new friends. the food options were incredible. everything from grilled sea bass and blue fish to some very fancy desserts. candidates mendelson, patterson, gray and fenty greeted folks. nobody from screw them! scott, the association's webmaster, did a fabulous job on the the grill. :-) it was good to see the police Lt, detectives, sargent and officers of PSA 307 again. they know although i ask their commander too many questions, i'm really on their team.

congratulations to commissioner alex padro for winning the golden brick award from the association in appreciation for advances on 9th street. the brick is finished off with ralph lauren metallic gold paint.


this place sounds too unreal for me already and it aint even opened yet. LOL i will not be going here. we have been origional for 30 years! playing with fashion! they've GOT to be kidding. :)

“Ultimately, we just want to change what people expect,” Watson says. “We want to elevate the expectation of the type of venue that people deserve. We are working to blur the distinction between a neighborhood bar and an urban nightclub by taking the best from each to create a new genre of lounge.”
Along with his new genre of lounge, Watson says he hopes to see a new genre of customer.
“When you come here, you should look the part,” Watson says. “Take it seriously. We encourage people to have fun and play with fashion.”
Watson says he has selected a “knockout” staff of 30 out of 300 people who applied. The bar will specialize in “candy-themed” martinis and margaritas.
“We’re really excited about featuring our menu as well as our staff because a part of this venue is going to be coming from the scenery,” Watson says. “It’s the venue, it’s the staff, it’s the show.”


last night 80 guests danced, drank and ate at a breathtaking riverfront apartment with a view of all the monuments. french speakers, ebonic speakers, tennis players, shag dancers oh and the food. andrew was there. no, not THAT big old bottom andrew. the OTHER one. I havent seen him in ages. we drank cranberry juice, laughed, ate vegan plus a lot of brie. capitol file and the georgetowner covered the event so i hope my picture doesnt make it to the newsstand. andrew is 47, single, gay, down to earth and available. i'm so jaded nothing shocks me, even though he tried. i was home alone and asleep in bed by 11 45 pm.

who done it?

we have no idea who sent the 11,000 post cards when 5 term council member mrs jarvis got defeated do we? LOL

and colby, i'm so sorry but mrs jarvis and her family are doing even better now than as a mere council member and lets not forgot she's a PHD in nano-physiology so she didnt just fall off the back of the turnip truck. i voted for mrs jarvis in the 1990 primary for mayor because she was the smartest and most progressive. after that mrs jarvis became the water boy for marriott and that's when she had to be defeated and we gladly worked for adrian to win. so colby it wasn't the 11,000 post cards we sent that defeated mrs jarvis, it was the fact that she delivered a crummy motel 6 to georgia avenue and a taxpayer financed $600,000,000. convention center to downtown. she got fired by the voters.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

campaign season in full swing

because this is a democrat town the real election is the democrat party primary. that election date is september 12. and now the mud balls are getting thrown by the desperate candidates. the mud balls thrown by vincent orange and linda cropp are hurting themselves more than the object of their wads of dirt. the mud aint stickin!
the wapost endorsement is soon and it appears mrs patterson will get the papers endorsement for council chair. this is good for transparency in govenment and open meeting rules. she will also challenge the police department and not give em a rubber stamp, like the current team in power does. there are so many picnics and parties now.
the french party is friday night, the blagden alley picnic saturday night and the bash at the temperance hall up in petworth on sunday. my future ex husband will be at a few of these. :)


hey, it's your summer vacation!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

rewind: THE DOORS


we're going to DC jail in a little while to visit our neighbor, a retired Episcopal minister who is being held as a flight risk pending an investigation. he is being charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute crystal meth. that jail was too freakin much. i've never been to a joint like that before. the former priest was in protective custody and was brought to a cage where we chatted for 30 minutes via phone. although never visiting an insane asylum it must be something like this. everybody there claims to be innocent and they all rat on everybody else to reduce their sentences.

he still acts like a bigshot. the joint is filled with narcissists. i may go next week. strike that, i wont massage his ego by appearing. i will write letters to him. i dont want it to appear like i endorse his criminality either. it's outrageous that he would have so little respect for me that he'd have a meth lab next door and blow up my happy love filled home for his greedy addiction. he needs to be held accountable and if that means going to the slammer for 12 years then that's what it is. he's plea bargaining so i wonder what he's rating on everybody else?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


24 years ago when i purchased this car from mercedes benz of san francisco the idea i might have the car today never entered my mind. we've been thru so much together. future ex-husbands left wing and right. betty ford. friends and others dead too soon. from san francisco to greenwich village, liberace's death in palm springs, provincetown & the lower cape and washington dc. motor trips to quebec city, hitting all the interstate diesel truckstops, bar harbor and little havana. and ofcourse bombing around georgetown. i'm not ready to let the old girl go. the automatic transmission runs so perfectly smooth. the roll down crank windows, didnt order cruise control, didnt order a sunroof. the excellent interior is mercedes vinyl and the body is very good. she's a classic 240 D. my perfect no frills machine. so when i brought her in for the motor mounts remove/replace job i wasnt sure how much longer i'd have her. well, i got her back the same day and she's running quiet with no shaking. and it cost 300 dollars including parts and labor. :) not bad for 258,000 miles!

Monday, August 21, 2006


this aint a record breaker. notice the crummy form. more like a ham playin

george w bush

on gas prices he said: "we need to diversify the oil/gas industry and build new refineries."

Saturday, August 19, 2006

dionne warwick

happy and out gathering signatures for position on ballot great song

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


senator bigot

but he's the son of some famous football coach so he'll get a pass


stein club results

the meeting went on into past 11 pm. nice to see all the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, questioning and heterosexual democratic activists together.
although getting them to agree is sometimes like herding cats. :)

pannell endorsed
graham endorsed
panetta endorsed
erik s. gaull 59 % no endorsement
wells endorsed
thomas endorsed

Sunday, August 13, 2006


castro is recovering and isn't dead....yet!

War Stories a FNC show featuring oliver north is an excellent program tonights episode covered the the french occupation and defeat in vietnam and the american involvement through 1969. 58,000 american soldiers never came home.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

this man squats 1003 lbs

having a great saturday night going over voter enrollment in this SMD :-)

jackie wilson

it's fun meeting people out on the campaign hustings. such a lovely afternoon.

i just love this music but the video? ewwwwwwwwwww

crime emergency: a different view

so the park at new jersey and O is dark. the electrical system is fucked up. instead of spending the $50 thousand to fix it. the city will spend 1 million dollars to renovate the park.

the 400 block of O street goes nowhere. crosstown drivers utilize N or P streets. thieves and gangsters use N and P streets. so what is the logic to place a bullet proof camera across from a park where the lights dont work and the vehicle traffic is minimal? but yesterday we had all the politicans and big shot commanders and chiefs at the site to hold a news conference about the crime emergency and to bravo the installation of this $100K bullet proof camera.

the fact is: all we needed was the lights repaired. that's the most infuriating part of this dysfunctional government. WHO is steering? WHO is in charge?

Friday, August 11, 2006

rewind: precious moments

anderson cooper has finally taken a weekend away from the middle east and tonight he reports from london. whatta guy.

it's noteworthy to say the renovation of the house next door that was occupied by the retired episcopal minister who's being held as a flight risk and charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute crystal meth is still on hold with a stopwork order in effect. of the 3 partners in the project 2 are in jail and 1 is dead.

i deeply appreciate the response from the GLLU unit of the Metropolitan Police Department quick response to my call for help. i suspect there was an open warrant and they were waiting for a call to execute it.

it's approaching 3 months and no construction. the contractors finally words were: "well i hope you like living next to a vacant shell." rather a vacant shell than a house of crystal meth freaks like we had before.

bebar dc

after all the drama and fussing we're finally here:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


we received a few emails asking why we're so tame. why dont you flame? it's because my political opponents are tracking this blog for any shit they can accuse me of saying. so now you all know and it's out in the open :P. today we signed our declaration of candidacy down at 441 4th St. NW and i will be required to obtain 25 signatures of residents in this Single Member District.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

wrong wrong wrong

good riddance joe lieberman! we can't stand your voice, your ugly green hair, your wife's hair, your support for judge alito, chief justice roberts and your support of the war in iraq. you are a LOSERMAN

this clip is about victim dependency :)

what's next? kate smith singing : As Long As He Needs Me?

Monday, August 07, 2006

september 11th movies

i will skip all these movies. the visuals and memories of that horrible day are still fresh in my mind. and why wasn't ann coulter on the plane that slammed into the pentagon instead of our friend barbara olson?
overlook the bad pic please.

the radical chic, being tear gassed & riot control

august 6 1968. we were only doing what was right. is THAT a crime? yes, we were dicking with the cops even back then. we didn't do it because it was pretty to be there. we took action because of the military/industrial insanity of our time. we were tear gassed for the first time at a demonstration protesting the WMD atom bomb that destroyed Nagaski and it's people at the 42nd street armory.

after the protest we all went down to the goldbug. pre-stonewall but it was in the pressure cooker. we were oh so bad, high on pot and acid. yes, that was us. :) the flower children of activism. we went into The Leatherman shop on christopher. jesus i thought...what is THIS all about? i would soon discover the anvil, everard baths and mineshaft.

the Gold Bug site is mentioned here:

liberace on the diamond buttons

Sunday, August 06, 2006

mirror mirror on the wall

yesterday, at the georgetown rugby house on 35th street, the guys hired a hauler to remove trash. the parents of a few students were visiting sunday so they needed to clear the shit out. first impressions and all. well, two guys carried(weighs over 100 lbs) this huge masculine mirror with a classical frame(4'X 5'). two doric columns supporting a chippendale crown. i asked if it was trash and they offered it for free. the guys had in the backyard under a tree . it's slightly beat-up but will clean up nice. slap a coat of ralph lauren paint greenish gold on her. a dealer would price it over $1,000 as is. the place is looking even more liberace than before. :)

it's good to be alive!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006


we believe you lee.

the bear happy hour got boring fast, we went for the ice coffee at starbucks(conneticut avenue & R) and had a far better time. ran into yoshi. :-) the guy from work isn't subtle anymore. today he walked up to me and expressed bluntly what he wanted. i just gave him the deer in the headlights look. it's fun to torture people. :-)

another prayer :-)

whatta voice

remarkable performance.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

civil war in iraq

is this a surprise, a civil war? it's already happening. the generals wouldn't admit it if it was true. it's sickening. this administration is totally fucked up.

cheating today

today is cheating day and that means i'm having pizza. 1/2 pineapple and 1/2 anchovy cheese.
at least there's a breeze this evening! tomorrow's the bear happy hour @ titans bar on 14th. today something odd happened at work. but i ignored it and chuckled. poor guy, i guess his wife doesnt do it good enough. and i thought he wanted me for my physique! ouch. he said, where do i take guys for action? i told him, i do have an apartment. he said ..why dont you invite me over?

Kirsten Flagstad
this one makes everybody happy! whatta voice.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

simon sermon: a pro wrestler who happens to be gay

the outlook of this actor is good. why not?

everything TOFU

that's the great thing when you dig simple food. so we're having vegetables and tofu with dipping sauces every day and all week. the vegetables change but the tofu stays the same. like today will be turnip greens with tofu and korean paste.

i wont go on about the diet because we certainly wouldnt want to hear about yours. but we're having lots of fun with it. occasionally i miss the flavor of slaughtered animal but that passes quickly.

it's going to be like 102 today so we'll get the car washed, shopping and errands finished by 11 am and wind down this summer vacation by painting a wall so i wont have to do it this fall during the campaign. maybe i'll have a yard sale after the election to retire the campaign debt. :-)


this video is about as anti-communist as you can get. lets hope that mofo bastid expires today.
looking forward to the end of concentration camps for cubans with aids.
ok, i'll call them aids colonies for you politically correct but they really are concentration camps.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

10 pounds for 10 dollars

is everybody doing the mixing and matching at the 10 for 10 sale this week @ Safeway? for 10 bucks you can get a great mix of produce for the week. double it and blanche half. i'm really having fun with tofu & grilling on these hot august nights.