Wednesday, August 23, 2006


we're going to DC jail in a little while to visit our neighbor, a retired Episcopal minister who is being held as a flight risk pending an investigation. he is being charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute crystal meth. that jail was too freakin much. i've never been to a joint like that before. the former priest was in protective custody and was brought to a cage where we chatted for 30 minutes via phone. although never visiting an insane asylum it must be something like this. everybody there claims to be innocent and they all rat on everybody else to reduce their sentences.

he still acts like a bigshot. the joint is filled with narcissists. i may go next week. strike that, i wont massage his ego by appearing. i will write letters to him. i dont want it to appear like i endorse his criminality either. it's outrageous that he would have so little respect for me that he'd have a meth lab next door and blow up my happy love filled home for his greedy addiction. he needs to be held accountable and if that means going to the slammer for 12 years then that's what it is. he's plea bargaining so i wonder what he's rating on everybody else?

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