Monday, July 31, 2006

9 grand fathers ago..grand father samuel gorton .

First governor of PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS of Rhode Island, and founder of Warwick, Rhode Island and Christian Transcendentalist philospher.

The Narragansette indians were impressed that the Gortonists had survived their ordeal with the Puritans. Gorton became a magistrate at Portsmouth and tried to bring about more fair land distribution. 1645. That year he published his Simplicities Defence Against Seven-Headed Policy. In this and other works Gorton wrote that all humans are essentially divine and that conversion is apprehending this inner divinity and being willing to follow its guidance even against human authority. Those who understand God in Christ find divinity in all humanity. The divine spirit is equally near to saints and sinners, and Christ offers freedom. Gorton accused New England Puritans of establishing worthless idols and distracting people with fasts, the Sabbath, sermons, battles, churches, and officers. If Christ is king and ruler, then all other authority and government is superfluous. Justice is not administered by an officer but by every brother, rich or poor, ignorant or learned. Gorton criticized the privileged status of ministers, who praise the able and learned while burdening the poor with obedience and sins. He opposed slavery. No external education could reform one's life as well as Christ could, and women may prophesy as well as men. Gorton argued that the penalty of sin is not in the future but is the natural and inevitable result of an evil action. Heaven and hell are within.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday night Opera(soap) WHITE FLAG

this opera deals with victim dependency.

Saturday matinee: Mothra music video

mothra is working deity. the twins are present pressing the buttons as usual.
a wise friend told me yesterday, Buddha has wings too. that made me happy.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Rose Lane lived to be 101 and was a close friend of mine. clear mind, heart failure was the cause of death. one time visiting rose and i believe she was 100, rose said..let me show you what i CAN do. with assistance she got out of bed and with the help of her walker she made fast laps around the room.

we talked politics. rose was VERY independent politically. we were both pushing for anthony williams for executive when he was just a bean counter. that's how we met. she would tell me about growing up and President McKinley was in office when you are born. she was raised in massachusetts and educated there. rose was an african american and a republican. she hated woodrow wilson. and i can understand why.

woodrow wilson, it is well documented and known was a vile racist. he used the words of an ignorant racist alot. nigger this nigger that. this is the truth and i knew this before speaking to rose about her life and times. she liked herbert hoover very much.

she once told me that the only down side of making to 98 is that there's nobody left from your age group to talk with. after she became home bound i would visit occasionally. she lived the rosary.

every halloween night i would visit her family in their large dupont circle townhouse and of course we'd have coffee, talk politics and laugh while i'm in drag. she was soooo funny. i miss that friend.


read this piece and find out about more about Anthony A. Williams religious man,
the reverand willie wilson.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

PRIDE RADIO is some hunk living in NYC. he's got this blog that's a favorite of mine. click the HERE hyperlink and proceed to Pride Radio. it's really simply fabulous. optimistic and fun selections. I've been dancing and doing aerobics for hours now. check it out. you'll love it.

stream and it's free clear channel out of Hartford. and we all remember Hartford dont we? i sure do, every bar is Gay.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


this unusual clip is for the fans. i really was in the closet when this song came out. LOL. honey, the doors were about to blow off! they recorded this number on their album: Live at The Copa. music by lennie bernstein and lyrics by i forgot. :-)

Flo was a big girl wasn't she? seeing all these big wig video's reminds me i must work on the halloween costume soon.

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C04 announcement

Dear Neighbors:

I am asking for your support in my effort to represent you as ANC 2C04 commissioner.

We need an ANC commissioner to insist on the delivery of city services -- someone who will demand police protection of our residents. We need a dependable vote on the ANC, where critical decisions on traffic, parking and development are made each month.

Communication is extremely important. I am open, honest and quick to respond to our neighborhood's concerns. You will have my email address, phone numbers, blog URL, see me out and about in the neighborhood. You will have my constant attention. I will be a responsive advocate for every person in the community and our public space. I will not however, spam you.

Let me give you an example of an issue that needs to be addressed. We have two major buildings in this Single Member District(SMD), 1330 7th St and 1301 7th Street. The park where Mr.Crowder was killed is across the street from our Single Member District(SMD). There is a public safety emergency and I don't see the police at 1301 or 1330 7th st. I want to continue working on this problem with your authority. As an ANC Commissioner I will have greater ability to interact with police and government officials so that our community needs will be respectfully addressed.

We have a great mix of people in this Single Member District. People who rent, people who own homes..taxpayers all. I want to represent every citizen in this community. Please support me with your signature to get on the ballot and your vote in November so we can all win.

Thank you. Your neighbor, Richard

Baltimore catechism

this is our summer vacation and found this fabulous clip from Mondo Trasho:
which Divine (Harris Glen Milstead) is visited by the Virgin Mary (Margie Skidmore), after having accidentally run-over "The Bombshell" (Mary Vivian Pearce) while undressing a male hitchhiker with her eyes.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006


they've lost me. i cant watch that network. they're terrible. they dont even know what the hell they are doin. so i look to CNN for 90% Fox 10%. MSNBC really screwed themselves by messing with the schedule and the sudden war didnt help them either. i mean who can watch that idiot don imus when you want to hear some sane reporting first in the morning? when Fox is on the volumes off unless there's an urgent need.

Monday, July 24, 2006

waiting for the bus in peace 1969

recall this was the time of Altamont, LSD and the timeless judgmental christians. sympathy for the devil and everyday people.
however, this clip still makes me laugh:

terrorists foreign and domestic fighting the war on foreign and domestic terrorism isn't easy.

it was so nice out lastnight, i walked 20 blocks and noticed more police all the way. normally, on sunday you never see a cop. but lastnight they were out and about. writing tickets for every infraction possible. like: not having your wheels turned correctly while parked; parking too close to the intersection; blocking the fire hydrant.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

first sunday crime emergency

working in georgetown and living 25 blocks east on the same street i get out and about alot.

i would hope that the motor vehicle cell phone law would be enforced during this crime emergency. i cant believe all the people who drive and talk on the cell phone in the district of columbia. not only are they careless it is against the law. if you go to anywhere in new york state you will see the law is enforced and nobody is yacking and driving with a hand held appliance. NOBODY.

and i wish somebody from MPD would explain to me the function of 501 new york avenue nw.
just be honest with us. is it the VIP holding cell or what?

i have seen police on segways in front of cafe milano interacting with the public. do you think we might see any in other less high profile locations? like at 7th and O in front of 1330 7th St?

Saturday, July 22, 2006

saturday night opera: MOTHA

here are those annoying twins again who manage to press mothra's buttons

Mothra, yes, Mothra!
I wish to chant to your divinity A prayer for you.
Heroic, wonder-working deity,
endure the prayer Of your servants, yes.

250,000 KM

the mercedes-benz medallion for the front grill arrived via Fedex today. nowhere on the medallion does it say where it was made. so i imagine it was china. oh you just dont get a medal you receive two catalogues for ordering brand merchandise(junk) only a MB addict would want(didnt see briefs w/mb or the mb star), a black cloth bound certificate of merit for the machine and a thank you from some stranger. by the way, she's a W123 240D 1982 w/ 258,000 miles on biodiesel fuel. tried going back to petroleum diesel fuel and my god she sounds like a Freightliner tractor and doesn't run smooth at all.

future ex husband search

:::sigh::: LOL.
yesterday being friday they have that famous bear happy hour up at Titans on 14th but you know what? that place when it fills is like too crowded and i'm not about to go up stairs if i dont see evidence that my future ex husband is there. so, last night i didnt even go ..there's always NEXT friday! besides i'm having more fun dicking the cops. they hate direct question emails cc'd to the media.

aubergine and anchovy pasta

here's one for all you elegant hillbillies

2 aubergines cubed
Olive oil
peeled garlic cloves
1 can chopped tomatoes or fresh
1 tin anchovies
1 tablespoon flour
100ml milk soya or otherwise
Sprinkle the cubed aubergines w/salt drain then rinse of salt
heat olive oil chuck in garlic cloves, tomatoes
add anchovies and mash
Stir in the flour and heat for 1 minute
Add the milk KEEP STIRRING ALL THE TIME. thicken.
pour sauce into tomatoes/ aubergines
bake uncovered at 350 for30 minutes
Serve w/ pasta

brie, good bread, fruit and your favorite butter substitute rounds it out

crime emergency update

i went policing the police last night and got home about 9 30. as i expected there were more police along 17th street nw, 4 on foot walking together. the light truck in the middle of the 1400 block of R street nw. drove around 308, reget to inform you there were no more police than usual which wasnt very many. what we need is a cafe milano and a sushi taro then maybe the police would be here.

saturday matinee: Hairspray 1988 this one is short, funny and brilliant.

Friday, July 21, 2006

blair, from The Facts of Life: this is for you.

SWAT team

when we see the SWAT team..we'll tell you about it. while we compliment the chief for some creativity he gets a D in handling and deployment of officers. they are losing the crime war and while i think it's cool that the chief goes to dinner with bush and cousin dick cheney he needs to be replaced.

the bomb squad will be at our National Night Out. i'm so much looking forward to it.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


BRB. the mayor has called for a 90 day crime emergency. civil rights will not be suspended and there will be a pinch of police accountability. but dont worry boys, nobody has ever been fired from the MPD.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006


thank you so're blog is fabulous!

bitching people

it's 95 in paris and 95 here in DC. that's nothing. right now it's about 116 in rancho mirage and in the night time it will cool to 102 degrees. so please stop bitching about how hot it is. you have no idea about hot weather. they will say, oh yeah..but its dry heat. well let me tell ya 116 is 116. wear light clothes and drink plenty of water. if i'm out and of course i'll wear a straw farmers hat. y'all have a nice day!

Love, Truth and Honesty

dubbed but still a great song

action time: crime emergency

currently we are not seeing enough police in this neighborhood. i know what the problem is, motivation...there are not enough young short skirted women living around here to provide incentive eye candy for police patrolling. the uniformed division of the secret service for example can be found all over dupont circle, adams morgan and georgetown. we never see the park police or the interior department police over in these parts either. we dont need more police...we need better deployment and supervision. we dont need to throw 8,000,000 dollars at the problem. just get a champion instead of a bureaucrat and straighten the situation out. if some neighborhoods are not glamorous enough for an under sexed policeman i say TOUGH just do your freakin job. too bad if you have to file a report or do court time...THAT'S YOUR JOB.

Monday, July 17, 2006

gay marriage in NYS

cocktail party invite

scroll to barbara gittings and her partner paragraph are being honored.
she's the first lesbian i ever heard. click the listen button :-)


more information :-)


Olmert Alert

this prime minister of Israel...the orange comb-over hairdo looks rediculous.

6 AM

when you get up at 6 and hose everything down by 7 you're in pretty good shape for a hot day
The high today is forecast to be around 100. The heat index -- a combined measure of heat and humidity that is supposed to reflect how it feels -- could reach 102. Tomorrow's high should be about 98, but higher humidity could push the index to 106.

out near rancho mirage it will be 116 today and they also have a 20,000 acre fire to deal with

bush says shit

must be a slow news day when all they yack about is bush saying the word shit. well, jesus fuc*ing christ!

MSNBC is all messed up

i cant watch that network for awhile. they dont know what the hell they're doing. it appears MSNBC will be running more dateline pedofile footage and prison inmate sociology tapes.,0,3483810.story
is there target audience shut-ins? and daytime drinkers?
now dan abrams is managing the place? jesus, that guy wears a cheap toupe.

the hannity and holms channel is banned here. j/k

Sunday, July 16, 2006


a gurl or guy can't be everywhere but i must admit i have never been to this club:

it is funny that ANC Commissioner Dyer was a regular there. he's such a sweetie.

CNN has the best mid east crisis

coverage for cable. i wish we could get aljazerra tv here in DC.
that hezbollah dude has a nice outfit with a matching blue turbin,
designer glasses. actually, the more he's on i like what i see.

our partners in problem solving

a different view

if you need to register then please do so...

ISRAEL does it right again could we have a few commercials like this please?

crisis in middle east

the TV hasnt been on, John Vause is reporting for CNN from northern israel. until now i've been following the story via yahoo news. i will stay with CNN and at some point hop over to MSNBC to check. but MSNBC must be on summer break because every time i check MSNBC is running these prison programs. i mean how many times can they broadcast the same shows over and over again.

this is more than about kidnapped soldiers

wassup next?

best wishes

to all the participants of the queer, gay, or out games or whatever they're called. especially "my people" the weightlifters of the world. :-)

150 years ?

do you think this guy was on drugs? or is he a sexually addicted businessman?
he'll be 189 years old when he gets released.

Saturday, July 15, 2006


tonight we have the late great Birgit Nilsson doing the sleepwalking scene from Verdi's Macbeth.
people this is really special and rare.
i believe this is from 1964.
so here we have lady macbeth who is sleepwalking singing an aria about the terror that is her living nightmare.


gio is from holland. how can i say this without sounding too tacky? :-) um, ok ...he's over here on a vacation from KLM or some airline and last night i was going for a drive and passed him walking west on P street. i didnt ask him but he could have just left Halo so i stopped and yelled out the window...and said can i give you a ride to The Fireplace? he got in and i dropped him off at the black hustler bar. ok gio, did i get it right? ;-)

memorial service/ward 8 democrats endorsement gathering

down in chinatown was the memorial service for our activist neighbor who was assassinated in a playground last week. while it was nice to see everybody it was actually quite sad.

this afternoon i was invited to be one of participant's in the endorsement process of the ward 8 democrats by being on the officating team at their meeting today. in this primarily african american ward i heard racial remarks from only one candidate and he got 10 votes out of 260 at the end of the day. everybody was very nice to me...but then who isnt nice to a drooling bulldog?

jim morrison we miss ya, jimmy

dusty and the pet shop boys

you will see alot of dusty springfield on this blog. i can't seem to find 24 Hours From Tulsa on youtube yet. but this was a big drag queen number back in '88:

raccoon update- neighborhood partnership in problem solving

we have the cage and we're baiting the raccoons with cat food and somebodys going to drive them to the vince foster crime scene at fort marcy park and let them loose. they're cunnin' but they will like the country setting and variety of foods better at the estate of prince bandar.

Saturday matinee: Breakfast At Tiffany's

here's the final scene: a beautiful tear jerker directed by Blake Edwards.


another instance of interior department park service police screwing up. there have been several muggings on the mall near the monuments which is their juristiction and now the criminals are coming into the residential neighborhoods. i wish for once the park police would go after criminals.

they use to harrass this lesbian in provincetown for revealing her jugs. these puritan police are too much. thanks dearie for the link. :-)

Friday, July 14, 2006

titans bear happyhour

above dakota cowgirl restaurant on 14th is titans bar. on fridays they have a bear happy hour. the place is extra large and when you fill it with extra large men it fills suddenly. it was nice to go out but it really wasnt a place to meet somebody 2006 style. it was more like screaming in each others ear type situation. oh it was packed with hairy guys. all i can say is 14th street has improved 90 percent. i did see the dude there i mentioned and said hi but that was it so far.

andrew sullivan and his gay getaways

there are so many gay get away destinations. the article didnt mention all the queers who live in the berkshires, woodstock, upperblack eddy/new hope/frenchtown, saratoga, hudson and so many many others. it didnt even have key west or newport rhode island. and dont forget edgartown and nantucket where some real big queens get away. the article was silly and probably the idea of the gay chamber of commerce. scroll for the gay get away link. that article should really put you to sleep.



a sign of summer

last night at midnight i went to call Pillow, my old female cat, in for the night i was startled and laughed when i saw a baby raccoon. this is not the first time we've had them around. actually, about 15 years ago there was an opossum hanging in the tree and we are 7 blocks to the white house. back in the segregated days this area was called blueberry hill by the locals. today the chamber of commerce calls it mount vernon square. anyway, i tried to spook the raccoon and was briefly successful. the raccoon got too close to my old Pillow and the cat took a swipe at the raccoon and started after the raccoon. the raccoon climbed the fence and old Pillow lost interest and came into the apartment. i watched and listened and yes there are 4 raccoons in all.

so this morning i was watering the hibiscus, basil, curly willow, geraniums, potato vines, palms, moon flowers, morning glories, rosemary, parsley and oregano when a green praying mantis hopped from one branch of the hibiscus to the other. WELCOME TO SUMMER in the city. by the way, the tomato plant didnt make it...too much rain maybe.

oh lord LOL

this is like 5 seconds and so funny


Thursday, July 13, 2006


as i prepare for this falls neighborhood campaign for ANC(advisory neighborhood commission) i want to thank a neighbor for sending this link. locals will know that a neighborhood activist was assassinated last week in his wheelchair and found on the ground with 7 bullets in him. the chief of police has declared a crime emergency.

dionne warwick 1985

here are almost 7 minutes and she sings it all. beautifully.

israel bombs beirut

um, ok israel...time to backoff

allan carr

ok, i'll admit i've been appreciating the talent of producer allan carr. so here's a 1975 number from one of his films stars:

my kind of place...

and i havent even been there yet :-)

TO ARMS TO ARMS the hetrosexuals are coming

if this is true and those breeders are showing up..i expect you people to SCREAM at them until they GET IT! :

from page 6 7/13 new york post

A STORMY welcome might await Sens. Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) when they arrive at Fire Island Pines for a July 22 fund-raiser. Fashion mogul Perry Wolfman will open up his bay-front mansion so the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee can fill its coffers with gay dollars. Admission runs from $1,000 to $5,000. But both Schu- mer and Boxer oppose same-sex marriage, which has some Pines activists planning to meet their boat with a noisy protest. "If they don't respect our right to marry, they should not come into our community trolling for money," said one.


thanks for link fella...when we lived in provincetown we wouldnt be caught dead at a circuit party on the end of macmillan wharf. but here we are! i hope he disembarked and got a tour of some of the expensive neighborhoods. thanks to the federal govenment its all expensive now and no longer the real world! this is quite a different vessel than the one we'd power boat around provincetown harbor with roy marcus cohn.

gender bender? not really
here's a fabulous and wonderful article.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Zidane saves Materazzi from a Sniper!

here's the real reason for the french headbutt of the italian world cup player:

aubergine is back!

ok folks, this seasons egg plant is in the markets. both asian and stardard varities. i can't get enough egg plant.


everything basil

if i had known how much basil i'd have at this point i wouldnt have purchased and sewn all these basil seeds this spring. now i have 50 basil plants with a fabulous yield. have you tried a basil sandwich?

belle canto and pecs

is it dame joan sutherland or bubbles silverman? you tell me, i dunno

from samson and delilah


here's one short and sweet!

Monday, July 10, 2006

The Fireplace

located at the corner of 22nd and P is the gaybar The Fireplace. it's a trashy dive where you get get your pocket picked if you're not careful. i havent been inside in years. somebody called it a black hustler bar and that could be accurate. it's nothing but trouble. the cops are always going there to bust up a quarl.

some good news

lets hope chief ramsey and assistant chief newsham will use the dough to put a cop and a half on the street in the neighborhoods. the tranny hooker situation over here is out of control. i suspect the police are waiting for all the hookers to expire before taking a comprehensive approach to solving the problem. unfortunately it's not a comical situation and the nice weather hasn't helped.

where we're at...

Sunday, July 09, 2006

my cousin mary cheney how the hell do you think i feel being related to dick cheney? mary cheney is a big loser and wouldnt have her big fat job at TIME/WARNER if she was bella abzug's lesbian daughter. nobody should buy that garbage called a book. and no i havent read it.



and i didn't even know i was GAY yet!

world cup: GO FRANCE
italy playing dirty TYPICAL LOL

gay man beats a heterosexual man

i love seeing heterosexuals getting beat up. iz that gay pride? :-)

if you email me i will send the link...i cant believe somebody reported this. some queers are too much LOL

if i ever learn how...

to post a photo...i will post a photo of myself. you'll swear it's a drooling bulldog but, it's me ;-)

but we will ALWAYS love you!

y'all have seen this a million times but it's worth viewing again. :-)

Saturday, July 08, 2006

we win again ;-)


art show

when we lived there i did get mail addressed to Providencetown.

gertrude stein democrats

meet at the wilson bldg monday at 7 pm to endorse candidates for council at-large, council chair and ward council. 3rd floor. this group is a little too conservative for me but i'll go and vote for the most outspoken.

gymnastic man becomes bodybuilder

not sure if it works on really short men



to sir with love

here's a clip from the volatile 60's. back then(1967) we were just really seeing many racial crossover videos in the general public for the first time. there were (voting)poll taxes for black americans(yes, you had to pay a tax to vote in the south) and literacy tests for african americans(which you had to pass as a gateway to vote) voting in the south.

but lulu is perfect with the angelic collar and all :-) dressed like a little puritan chick.

another funny part of this is that at this particular time i was 16 years old and had no idea or clue that there were millions of other gay people like myself. the only colored people i'd seen were the housekeepers who came on the bus in the morning or lived in. it was through the civil rights marches that i first met other people who happen to be homosexuals. "gay" people hadn't evolved yet. i heard there was a bar where queers went and never went in but i got close to the door...LOL. there was alot of LSD and pot on the scene. we never bought any pot, a friend of ours charles lodge would ship suit cases to his mother from viet-nam and she would bring it over. he was a merchant seaman by profession and i had never seen so much pot. but we were good kids. we never sold a stick and consumed it all ourselves. i will add a funny story about mrs lodge soon. she was quite a character.

ps. i didnt 'luv' my teachers...even back then i thought teachers are nothing but lazy bureaucrats.

Friday, July 07, 2006

edith massey sings

during the summer of '76 we had mt saint helen eruptions, the tall ships, a presidential election and edith massey was singing in provincetown at the crown and anchor's backroom. she performed Blueberry Hill, Lipstick on Your Collar, Rhinestone Cowboy, You Give Me Fever and several others numbers. after the show she signed a love note which i still have on the refrigerator today. what a sweet sweet lady. here's a brief interview and she sings two numbers at the end:

ashes scattered in the rose garden at westwood memorial park, hollywood

dr harris lee aka DR LOVE

back in 1977 at The Boatslip in Provincetown this song was a summer hit. dr lee was a practicing physician who had a dramatic house down in the westend near the old helena rubinstein house and across from stanley kunitz and alisa asher's garden just west of point street. dr lee was gay and always had the company of the blueboy magazine types around. dr lee was also generous with prescriptions and i was a patient. LOL. so, when the dance floor was full and this song came on ...all us locals would be shouting DR LEE instead of DR LOVE. what i also remember was how these guys on the dance floor would put soaked rags in their mouths. i never got to do that because it didnt look like fun. and to this day i dont know what that was. it was a really wild time.

1 day after the nys court decision

if you expected fairness from the new york state constitution you can forgetaboutit. that thing was written by insane heterosexuals. i dont expect much from the nys constitution and therefore not disappointed or surprised by the decision. however, i think i will place a curse on the republican party now.

the weavers

they were called every bad name in the book because they were right
ronnie gilbert is the female

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

bush and funerals

the dude needs a drink bad. he's messin up bigtime. he's a bigger idiot than i thought. never been to one funeral for a single dead soldier. that's DISGUSTING.

he's worse than hillary clinton who never went to a 9-11 funeral. and i'm still pissed off at her for that.

harvey milk

another claim to fame from Albany State, also the training camp for the NY Giants.


poor kenny boy. but he didnt have to suffer like his victims are having to endure. so i really dont feel sorry for him. by the way, didn't he create the frito-lay potato chip empire?

10 grandfathers ago 20 miles from provinetown

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

palestine rocket hits israeli city

ok, something tells me that this is plot by the israeli cia to draw palestine further into the crisis. everbody knows palestine has no rocket technology. this is public relations not an act of war.

what will this smell like?

if biodiesel smells like french fries...this should smell like?


last night i went out for a drive at 10 pm. went the wrong way. while cruising up 7th street at U street it becomes georgia avenue. some assclown was driving and throwing lit firecrackers into cars. i hightailed it home fast. so tonight i'm not going anywhere and may watch it on tv. oh i could have gone to beth's penthouse but i dont even want to go two doors away.




oh lord, was it HOT! it says 91 degrees but it feels like 100. i paraded with the bolivian cultural dancers. they were friendly and embracing plus the music was great. i did see more fenty yard signs on private property than cropp.

andrea mitchell was there at macarthur and chainbridge.

i gotta hug from vincent gray, a hand shake from david catania and a pat on the shoulder from scott bolden. oh and jack said hi.

i had 3 glasses of water, 1 lemonade and a piece of watermellon and that was it, i was outta there. got home at 1 20 pm

we are RIGHT

click the listen icon

W needs a drink NOW

he sounds like he's been drinking without having any alcohol. they call that a dry drunk. when the demons of alcohol are still controlling you and you havent had a drink. when he says shit like...dead or alive or track them down and kill them.

Monday, July 03, 2006

july 3, 1971 THE DOORS

jim morrison of The Doors dies in paris, france.

a beautifully american voice

mini football camp

betty ford at eisenhower

not a day goes by when i dont give thanks for my recovery. on this day many years ago i graduated from betty ford rehab. oh yes, it was way back in the famous late 80's when everybody and their grandmother was going to BFC. but recall folks, it's a confidential hospital so i cant tell you who was in my classes. this is our recovery anniversary date. sometimes when i'm asked where i was born i tell them rancho mirage, california. i am indeed lucky and blessed.

kidnapped israeli soldier

why is israel acting stupid? dont they know the world doesnt care about their soldier?

Uta Hagen's class plus she was a great cook

acceptance not tolerance

sorry linda cropp, this year we're going for the candidate who accepts me as i am..natural characteristics and all. tolerance is no longer good enough. we will be with andrian fenty in the palisades 4th of july parade.

the mexican mess

if we cant get elections right what makes you think the mexican vote is legit?

Sunday, July 02, 2006

we need jade in dc

sadam's daughter and wife ?

now what, bush is gunna have them killed for bad choices they made in their personal lives? what on earth could they be wanted for...having no taste? chopping the vegetables incorrectly?


WILLIAM F. PASSANNANTE the new york state assemblyman from Greenwich village. Thank you sir for getting rid of the new York state sodomy laws ..God bless you. You've done a lot more than just running your mouth...

Ric Weiland of microsoft

thank you ric for your hard work and vision.

you know, we are right.

climb every mountain, 'ford' every stream..
follow every rainbow... 'till you find..your dream!