Wednesday, January 31, 2007


you really have to laugh. down in the old neighborhood, which use to be our neighborhood until some bully in the office of planning took it from us. they get upset because they cant get a supermarket to sucker up to them and lose a bundle of dough just for their convenience. isn't that a shame? some crummy bakery couldn't make it on the high priced strip and what do they do? they attack because the company made a sound business decision. there's a reason why these people don't run businesses and it's because they don't know how to. oh but they can sure be warriors at the typewriter. LOL

check out the latest. the market had an escape clause lease with the landlord and the blogger is creating a hostile takeover! let's see, what does that neighborhood need more of? hmmmm, with low capitalization I'll say yet another fast food joint.


not sure wassup with the outfits...maybe on their way to a tarantella belly dance contest BUT the vocal are live and it's a really fun song. omg, and what about the wigs? LOL


i just love this guy and the way he keeps pressing the buttons on the leaders of the "Empire".

and JOE BIDEN has just announced he's running for president. we know it's not serious thank god, he's just another vehicle to speak for the opposition on the media for the next year. he'll only be considered serious if something happens to hillary's campaign.

UPDATE Bidens campaign is imploding on it's first day.


she lives around the corner on 34th street and tonight she's on larry king live. dr bigelow from georgetown school of foreign service gave me her book as a gift and it was a easy fast read. we dont miss all the secret service sweeps and having the bomb squad dogs roaming the neighborhoods when she was secretary of state but then again we actually enjoyed the disruption. that's like when diana ross's daughter lived upstairs while her daughter was an intern at georgetown hospital, it was cool seeing diana ross just walking around and being a proud georgetown mom and yes i did see her(diana) tipsy more than once. but in reality she was just another drunk in a neighborhood filled with wealthy alcoholics.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007


this is the at the intersection of current U.S. senators, a former female Sec. of State, current Supreme Court members and just regular folks like you and me. the pot holes are filled weekly, new trees are planted and parking restrictions are vigorously enforced.

this is also just 27 blocks west on the same bus route in the same ward(2) people are shot 9 X's in the hallway with a gun and someone else is killed with a baseball bat at 2:45 AM. there is no parking enforcement to speak of and where social service advocates run neighborhoods into the ground with their enabling of addicts and junkies with 3 hots and a cot. no other neighborhood will you find junkies being served curb side meals 3 X's a day. then, with a belly full of processed food it's off to a day of work, scouting and committing crimes.

Monday, January 29, 2007


Obama sure seems like havin a sweetheart honeymoon with the media. this reminds me of when harvey gant was running for senator against jesse helms. media had gant ahead in every poll..some by 15 and 10 points. then he loses the election by ten. gant ended up moving to dc to head the NCPC(a planning commission)

Sunday, January 28, 2007

DC- AUTO SHOW-brings out the car lusting, car obsessed and car luving Negroes

I don't know about the crowds at the Detroit or NYC Auto Shows but judging from the overflowing crowds at the Wash DC Auto Show, you would think it was the second coming of Christ or the 40 acres and mule giveaway. In sub degree temperatures hoards of Negroes come out to oogle at the recent offerings from the auto manufacturers. Just today outside the DC Convention Center, I heard men selling scalped tickets, had to navigate through massive traffic jams, saw baby's being pushed in strollers (never mind its around 30 degrees) and just general enthusiasm that a car show does not deserve. A car show does not deserve this enthusiasm because in the DC metro area the African American population is facing some serious problems. Let me remind you Negroes who never seem to be morally upstanding enough to come out in force on issues that are related to your very survival.
1. A dysfunctional D.C. public school system
2. Homelessness
3. Incarceration rates that far exceed your percentage of the general population
4. Not being able to afford or having no health care
5. Skyrocketing housing costs
6. Black on Black crime, especially murders
7. Some of the highest rates, of HIV, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses in the country
8. High unemployment rates, and low levels of literacy
9. A war that may be expanded, and oh don't be foolish enough to rule out the fact that a draft maybe re-instated.
Wake up before it's too late!
Signed "New Anonymous"

Saturday, January 27, 2007


as many of you know i can chat in a few languages. Greek is my very favorite. every saturday afternoon i tutor a few students in greek at georgetown. we were all going to go the car show when somebody suggested the anti iraq war rally and i'm glad we went. it was beautiful and the people were so much richer in spirit and heart than the plastic crowd who did the car show. i walked back up 7th street and saw all those dickheads at the convention center. the event on the mall was much better and on such a glorious afternoon.

from the washington post online tonight:

For her next act, Jane Fonda has entered the war against the Iraq war. At the tail-end of on-the-Mall rally, organized by United for Peace & Justice, Fonda stood onstage with the Capitol behind her and addressed the sun-drenched thousands. "I haven't spoken at an antiwar rally in 34 years," she said. But, "Silence is no longer an option."


Seems being with the high browed, well read civilized Londoners isn't sufficient for a working actress. Paltrow had to hobnob with the dim-witted, less than intelligent Americans at Sundance, Idaho (lol). Yes Paltrow, even Idaho has a more marketable movie capital than London. She claims that she did not make those statements criticizing an entire nation's worth. Needless, to say, I don't believe her. She will also expect us dumb Americans to pay to see her movies, I won't.

Signed "new anonymous".


Reckless Bush Administration prosecuting two Federal Border Agents and gave an illegal alien Mexican Drug dealer amnesty!

Every American should be outraged by the US Justice Dept prosecution of these agents who were jailed recently. These men dedicated their career to protecting our southern border from criminals. They shot a drug dealer ( a habitual criminal) who was attempting, once again, to smuggle a large quantity of drugs across the border. They were protecting themselves, and I applaud them. Who is George Bush listening to, that he does not want to protect our border? What is his motive? This is surprising coming from a President, who calls himself a supporter of law and order (lol). With the Democratic control of Congress, there seems to be better oversight of the Justice Dept. Senator Patrick Leahy grilled US Atty Gen, Alberto Gonzales, the other day in a congressional hearing and hopefully this will be the first of many hearings. This man needs to be made to explain some of the decisions his Justice Dept is making. I applaud that also.

Signed "new anonymous".

Thursday, January 25, 2007


the royality are already lining up, yahoo reports liz donated $2,100. to her primary campaign.
this is the first i've heard of hollywood endorsements. wonder who liza will endorse?


then sit back and enjoy the song

"...(he's) so motherfuckin gay"


God i forgot how boring john kerry is. when he came on to announce he wasn't running for president i tried, i mean i really tried to listen. but dayum after about 5 minutes i decided to walk over to 6th street and count how many busses were sitting idle infront of sunrise academy.
i counted 10 busses. i ran into fellow travelers who were also so bored with kerry they were throwing out trash etc. it was really quite funny and nice outside.

The Yale project is progessing beautifully as is cityvista.

Monday, January 22, 2007


after next month it will be 4 months that i've serviced the flowers in the royal familys hotel presidential suite 3 X's a week, do you think they'll tip when they leave? :-) it's ok if they don't. my favorite Sunni bodyguard is a chubby chaser who visits my apartment already. LOL ;-X

Sunday, January 21, 2007


ok reviews: The Queen

thanks Mario you are a becoming an excellent president.

and here a gay police officer:
so appreciate the line, " Ladies, this is the District of Columbia and if you commit a crime, I will arrest you."

I'm so not over winter...we have 1/2" powder granular and from the looks of the line at the Social Safeway this afternoon you'd a thunk we were in the midst of a blizzard. fun walking around Georgetown this afternoon before the sidewalk got frozen. everybody being cheery, civil and social.

also, wassup with the Democrat party? everybody announcing BEFORE the State of the Union so they can all file a reaction. dont you love the way howard dean is doing this? early and organized and BEFORE the Bush bashing begins. smart move Govenor. i havent a man/woman yet in the contest yet, i need to see where they are on my special interests first.

oh and miss sullivan is now at Atlantic Magazine. not that it makes much difference because he's just about irrelevant.

Friday, January 19, 2007


his cd, 'White Trash with Money' is this weekends favorite.

Thursday, January 18, 2007


just last halloween we were in drag at Cafe Milano having drinks with all sorts of celebrities including Mr. Art Buchwald(this year i gotta kiss from him). right until the very end, the man had an amazing sense of humor. sweet and precious. so, it's with a touch of sadness that he's gone onto the next level(UP!). 30 years ago i first met him in Vineyard Haven when they got a cottage next to my sister. gone but not forgotten, luv ya mon ami!

Monday, January 15, 2007


i was a teenager when MLK was killed. it was a SHOCK and it came just after RFK was gunned down in los angeles. it was the hot summer of 1968.

today we celebrate his life. i happen to be here at work in Georgetown, the college corner. lots of people buying flowers, purchasing coffee at the gay place across the street and doing yard work. it must be a citywide deal and perhaps the unusual weather has alot to do with it. for if it were a 'normal' winters day we'd be dodging the black ice.
instead, we're listening to shakira and walking around in pull overs.

mr king was a significant leader and today we salute him.


Wednesday, January 10, 2007


can you imagine living in the desert for 3 years without air conditioning or indoor plumbing?


as you recall we were doing a survey of victim dependency songs last year. so here's one from the extreme past. I first heard it on the jukebox at the A-House Little Bar in Provincetown so, so many years ago. i laughed then and i'm still laughing ... and plus you get a great visual performance.


beautiful, wasn't it? :-)

someone posted this on youtube:

"there never was & never will be another timi yuru--we mourn her loss daily, & keep her music alive by sharing her with the youth & reaffirming her with ourselves. she will never die with us."

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


YES declare war on Terrorism
YES bomb somalia
YES invade Afghanistan
NO invade iraq

YES hugo chaves nationalizes electric company

Monday, January 08, 2007


gary from the mail has some good questions:

"If the mayor and school board ran the schools, is there any reason to believe that schools would be rebuilt and repaired with any more speed and efficiency than the libraries? Is there any reason to believe that the school facilities would be maintained any better than our local parks and recreation facilities? Is there any reason to believe that the school bureaucracy would be any more responsive to the public than the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs? Is there any reason to believe that the Office of Procurement would manage school contracts any better and more honestly than it does other city contracts? Is there any reason to believe that vocational training would be handled any better than the vocational training done by the Department of Employment Services?"

fenty: fix the lights in the parks, enforce the laws THEN you have demonstrated a success.
fenty: your libraries are a mess and 5 are closed. fix them THEN propose to take over the school.


stopped by Hamburger Mary's last night because of a birthday party for Lt Smith of MPD. over 50 people were there for dinner and drinks including some of the brass from 300 indiana avenue. great to see neighborhood activists and police laughing together.

Sunday, January 07, 2007


unlike the 3 month vacation i took last year for Carnival in Rio/Miami, this year there will be none. it's ok, i'm really very happy. here's the late Empress of Carnaval:
my spiritual mother,

Saturday, January 06, 2007

HIGH BIAS PODCAST,beghtol,75461,22.html

here's our favorite uncle, uncle LD with another installment. i was gunna go to the inaugural ball but my cocktail dress didn't make it from the seamstress in time. so i spent the night emailing commander mc coy and AC newsham. it's good to know that they dont have lives either. anyway, i'm crashing shortly

Friday, January 05, 2007


enjoy your weekend and all the fresh air. next week all the leather queens cum to town.


to hell for all the shit she tried to pull during the last election cycle down in Tennessee. too bad she's good at playing the race card. maybe Leroy Thorpe and Mrs Dole have the same playbook.

Thursday, January 04, 2007


To my favorite Senator and
the BEST Senator...
congratulations Mr. Chairman!

Monday, January 01, 2007


i tried to stay awake but got really sleepy although i did hear fireworks that woke me musta been midnight. happy new year everybody.

happy birthday Xavier Cugat!