Sunday, January 28, 2007

DC- AUTO SHOW-brings out the car lusting, car obsessed and car luving Negroes

I don't know about the crowds at the Detroit or NYC Auto Shows but judging from the overflowing crowds at the Wash DC Auto Show, you would think it was the second coming of Christ or the 40 acres and mule giveaway. In sub degree temperatures hoards of Negroes come out to oogle at the recent offerings from the auto manufacturers. Just today outside the DC Convention Center, I heard men selling scalped tickets, had to navigate through massive traffic jams, saw baby's being pushed in strollers (never mind its around 30 degrees) and just general enthusiasm that a car show does not deserve. A car show does not deserve this enthusiasm because in the DC metro area the African American population is facing some serious problems. Let me remind you Negroes who never seem to be morally upstanding enough to come out in force on issues that are related to your very survival.
1. A dysfunctional D.C. public school system
2. Homelessness
3. Incarceration rates that far exceed your percentage of the general population
4. Not being able to afford or having no health care
5. Skyrocketing housing costs
6. Black on Black crime, especially murders
7. Some of the highest rates, of HIV, cancer, diabetes and other chronic illnesses in the country
8. High unemployment rates, and low levels of literacy
9. A war that may be expanded, and oh don't be foolish enough to rule out the fact that a draft maybe re-instated.
Wake up before it's too late!
Signed "New Anonymous"


Anonymous said...

I understand your point - but think its a bit racist. There were a whole lotta ignorant white rednecks from Virginia there as well. They all were drooling over the new H3 Hummer - it gets a whopping 20 MPG. Which just proves that the Detroit Auto makers dont have a clue.

Anonymous said...

I can't be racist, I am Black. You want a discussion to be framed within political correctness. You know the old "don't air our dirty laundry out in public" syndrome. Sorry, in 2007 DC we don't have that luxury. If the citizens starting speaking the truth maybe some of these people will be shamed into changing their behavior.
Signed "New Anonymous"

Anonymous said...

I agree with the original poster; all he/she basically did was to call a spade a spade.

Anouk Hunt