Saturday, January 27, 2007


Reckless Bush Administration prosecuting two Federal Border Agents and gave an illegal alien Mexican Drug dealer amnesty!

Every American should be outraged by the US Justice Dept prosecution of these agents who were jailed recently. These men dedicated their career to protecting our southern border from criminals. They shot a drug dealer ( a habitual criminal) who was attempting, once again, to smuggle a large quantity of drugs across the border. They were protecting themselves, and I applaud them. Who is George Bush listening to, that he does not want to protect our border? What is his motive? This is surprising coming from a President, who calls himself a supporter of law and order (lol). With the Democratic control of Congress, there seems to be better oversight of the Justice Dept. Senator Patrick Leahy grilled US Atty Gen, Alberto Gonzales, the other day in a congressional hearing and hopefully this will be the first of many hearings. This man needs to be made to explain some of the decisions his Justice Dept is making. I applaud that also.

Signed "new anonymous".

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