Tuesday, January 30, 2007


this is the at the intersection of current U.S. senators, a former female Sec. of State, current Supreme Court members and just regular folks like you and me. the pot holes are filled weekly, new trees are planted and parking restrictions are vigorously enforced.

this is also just 27 blocks west on the same bus route in the same ward(2) people are shot 9 X's in the hallway with a gun and someone else is killed with a baseball bat at 2:45 AM. there is no parking enforcement to speak of and where social service advocates run neighborhoods into the ground with their enabling of addicts and junkies with 3 hots and a cot. no other neighborhood will you find junkies being served curb side meals 3 X's a day. then, with a belly full of processed food it's off to a day of work, scouting and committing crimes.

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Anonymous said...

We both like both pot and holes.....What's the problem

Anouk Hunt
Anita Wiener