Saturday, January 27, 2007


as many of you know i can chat in a few languages. Greek is my very favorite. every saturday afternoon i tutor a few students in greek at georgetown. we were all going to go the car show when somebody suggested the anti iraq war rally and i'm glad we went. it was beautiful and the people were so much richer in spirit and heart than the plastic crowd who did the car show. i walked back up 7th street and saw all those dickheads at the convention center. the event on the mall was much better and on such a glorious afternoon.

from the washington post online tonight:

For her next act, Jane Fonda has entered the war against the Iraq war. At the tail-end of on-the-Mall rally, organized by United for Peace & Justice, Fonda stood onstage with the Capitol behind her and addressed the sun-drenched thousands. "I haven't spoken at an antiwar rally in 34 years," she said. But, "Silence is no longer an option."

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