Friday, September 29, 2006


what is with some of these creeps who prey on instant messenger? i was a member of AOL for all of 5 years and got way up to AOL 8.0 w/ IM. man, there are some weirdo's and freaks on AOL and all those chatrooms were a strange form of entertainment. the buddylist is great if you like to stalk people or being stalked. overall it gave me the willys and i dont regret leaving AOL for a second.


it's chilly and cool this morning. Indian Summer. :)

and tonight, we're stopping in here for the bear art show:


this week, the weight gainers of Georgetown football are off to somewhere up near Albany. but it's a win for us already because it's on TV:

from comes this news

MASN To Broadcast Colgate Game
The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, available on regional cable and national satellite, has announced it will broadcast Saturday's Georgetown-Colgate game Saturday.
The game will be broadcast on a tape delay basis at 3:30 pm Saturday, following the Navy-Connecticut game. It is believed to be the first Georgetown football game broadcast on local cable TV. Three previous Patriot league games were broadcast on satellite-accessible cable channels since 2002, but none through local Washington area cable systems.

live the rosary Georgetowners: This will be the fifth meeting between Georgetown and Colgate. The Raiders have won all four meetings between the teams.

UPDATE: Colgate scored two touchdowns in the third quarter and took advantage of five Georgetown turnovers en route to a 31-7

Thursday, September 28, 2006


anybody else get caught in the gridlock cause by the Terror Summit participants? I mean we had bush where he's at(no problem) , dick cheney up at Mass ave and 34th, Condi at the Watergate, Karzi of Afghanistan at the Willard and Mussharif at The Madison.
in a city populated with cab drivers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia the security today was worse than just after 9-11

Kowasaki, Japan: a penis festival

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


oh lord, i'm clueless as to i found this on youtube but it's a fun classic from the late 70's.

Friday, September 22, 2006


"The Exorcist" staircase is where we're located.
this is going to be a fun Halloween in Georgetown.


Georgetown(football) enters Saturday's game with Columbia as an underdog--a surprise, perhaps given Columbia's longstanding football reputation(losers). The Columbia Lions' 30 point win over Fordham last week served notice that its football fortunes are beginning to look up. Away game.

Live the rosary fellas. y'all need it.

update: OUCH! 23-21 Lions

Don't look for Georgetown's Anne Nitze

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


sept 22, 20006,a,11,q,629009,dcartsNav_GID,1742.asp


since the 1940's Casa Pena, located at 1634 17th st nw has served the public. they had some of the lowest prices for dried tomatoes around. too bad they couldnt keep their bookkeeping straight because between the feds and dc tax & revenue the business was continually being interrupted. so now they are closed for good. the fixtures have been removed. the building is worth a fortune so whoever owns it will be ok. they could make a killing with more luxury apartments particularly in that very chic homosexual neighborhood. the commercial property taxes in dc are astronomical.

Monday, September 18, 2006


could it be in the vault?

something like that could happened to us if certain staff at HPRB have their way.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


this is a spectacular idea and we're so proud of our association. please checkout the website the entire community is involved plus Mississippi State University and Bennington College.

Provincetown is where he crafted the masterpiece "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Glass Menagerie" and where he created so many other works of art.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


from the current Intowner we read where recently the council of the district of columbia enacted amendments to the historic preservation law designating the Historic Preservation Review Board(HPRB) to author rules and regulations with expanded authority. they will decide what colors property owners may paint their property. some of these "san francisco" style painted houses may be grandfathered so get your designer colors applied because soon some "educated" know-it-all is going to ban purple/lilac/orange/cream/plum and apricot combinations.

i wish the congressional reviewers would strike these amendments because who wants the neighborhoods to lose their vibrant topical displays? or everything will look drab, boring and Restonesque.



no not me! it's Anthony De Mare

Friday, September 15, 2006


georgetown headed to providence, rhode island to play brown.
last year we lost like 34-0

OMG they're called the Brown Bears.



ok, what exactly is so bad about this? please comment.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


althought i've never actually executed another human being it's a little sad to say au revoir to ann richards. she must have been a hoot when drunk but she's even funnier sober. i so much admire her courage and willingness to educate others about addiction and the importance and beauty of sobriety and doing it without a moralistic scold. boy do i resent the moralistic scolds from sinners.

anyway, tonights another crime meeting. this time at the united house of prayer and the subject is the shaw crime task force. 6 pm 601 M street nw.

every monday night at st. david's episcopal church is the weekly betty ford center alumni meeting. we meet at 8 pm the address is 5150 macomb street northwest. in the palisades neighborhood. we meet for dinner at the starland cafe(5125 macarthur blvd) @ 6 30 pm and then head over for a meeting. there's always room. great fellowship, great food at affordable prices.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


why patterson lost. vince gray is truly a nice man, i mean how can u not like him? and his opponents meanness finally caught up with her. she makes leona helmsley an angel. i hope vince's victory tells us the trolley to the lily ponds along the anakostia will happen sooner than later. vince adopted the right tone in the palisades land use case and advocated for the neighborhood. he'll be a great council chair. too bad kathy didnt endorse fenty or maybe he didnt want to be associated with the queen of mean.

why the cropp failed. whoever directed her campaign never had the correct focus to begin with. we should have met the students who's lives she influenced while a guidance professional and teacher. then her campaign skipped over the school board years as if they were of no importance. she was setup to run for mayor by the establishment. when the mud started being thrown we'd had enough.

the fenty years will be highlighted with better service management and we need to tax income at it's source or get more from the feds because the older folks cannot take any more increases in local real property taxes.

phil mendelson doesnt cave. well, not too often. his opponent was a reinvented harold brazil sponsored by the local chamber of commerce. i'm happy 'tommy' thomas and tommy wells will be on council. both are compassionate and progressive even though wells favored chucking the MLK to a developer. 'tommy' thomas told me he will NOT be wearing the #5 and he WILL be answering his phone like his father did. atleast everytime i called to bitch about something harry thomas answered the phone :-)

jim graham. the little munchkin was the big winner last night. he endorsed fenty, gray and won renomination with 86% of the vote.

mary cheh. ward 3. we'll see if she's a stooge for GWU real soon. her opponent bill rice will land a spot with the fenty administration early on. i hope he doesnt start taking credit for being a service manager there also. paul strauss' treasurer is a hunk of a bear. too bad we can't vote for him. yet.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Democrat Primary Day

in DC, whoever wins the democrat party primary wins the general election . so the contest is really the primary. i voted at the MLK library at 1 pm. in the two years since we last voted the number of luxury units the have come online is remarkable. it's ALL luxury housing. not one unit of affordable in this neighborhood atleast.


i'd like to swing over to on capitol hill for kathy patterson's victory party but parking there is a total bitch and i aint taken metrorail home at that hour.

i'm curious to know how all this afforable housing that everybody is talking about is going to be packaged.


guess what time it is when carol schwartz endorsed linda cropp? it's ovah linda! bu-bye

Sunday, September 10, 2006

the BALDUCCI'S that never was

whoever believed balducci's would ever commit to the penn quarter neighborhood needs a reality check or a little more time living in the eastend of dc. ofcourse they did an extensive market review and consulted they're psychic's. most of the residents either have cars, vespa's or accounts with or peapod already. if they want booze, central liquor has been in downtown since the 40's. and there are several newstands, lottery outlets and CVS's existing.



Saturday, September 09, 2006


say whatever you like...nobody will harm you here

incredible performance

"God the woman was about to be raped, her lover was going to be executed, and she´s in absolute despair and people here complain about a rough singing! in my opinion it would be ridiculous if she sang that part in a relaxed & calm way, or tell me, if you were going through all that, will you sing as if nothing happened?"

well said operalady

this is the weirdest endorsement

Thursday, September 07, 2006

more endorsements

fenty: jim graham, kwame brown, marion barry, the Georgetowner, washington post, washington examiner, hispanic times, LooseLips

washington times, cora masters-barry endorse marie johns

michael brown, linda greenan, jack evans, gertrude stein democrat club, laurence guyot, commissioner thorpe and sharon ambrose endorse cropp

for the collection!

Monday, September 04, 2006

jeff corwin ANIMAL PLANET

this is the host the animals at this house adore. jeff is one of the best physical comedic actors on TV. our little henry watches & loves his animal stories.

not steve irwin, the BGH(Bovine Growth Hormone) roided show-off that got himself killed. one look at irwin's physique and you can see he was on BGH and let me tell you there are plenty of veterinary doctors that will juice you up. it takes a lot to threaten a stingray and mr irwin's manager is doing a terrific job at controlling the story. i believe irwin provoked the animal for drama and didn't fully comprehend the nature of the species.

summer nights

an allan carr production:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

fenty's in da hood, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM

just walked back from fresh fields via 9th and O and ran into adrian fenty at the coffee shop on the corner. he was campaigning and greeting everybody. this man is like the energizer bunny he pops up everywhere. it's great to see a candidate so full of health and vigor. tonight we will be over at 440 M st for a Fenty ward two campaign rally at 7:30 pm. all are invited.


chopped onion lots
mushrooms sliced
add a touch of olive oil
minced garlic
dried red pepper
pinch of kosher salt
saute 2 minutes add
crushed tomatoes
boil, simmer and serve

horseradish mustard

minced garlic
prepared horseradish( i know you dont have it in the garden)
5 table spoons dry mustard
2 tablespoons for rice/cider vinegar

dont panic fellas

college football score Georgetown 13 Holy Cross 26

Saturday, September 02, 2006

pineapple-lime roast chicken

ok, the weathers changed and were off the vegan binge for atleast a few days.
so here's a fun roast chicken.

with 2 oz of olive oil add 4 teaspoons of grated lime and 4 tablespoons of minced garlic mix and add under the skin of chicken.

baste chicken with pineapple, lime juice and soy mixture every 15 minutes in the last hr.

Patterson has horns, Wapost endorses vince gray


like john wilson, mrs patterson will tell it like it is. she wont hold back and sugar coat reality. she IS like our junkyard dog. and we havent had one of those in awhile. it will be refreshing when she's elected chairman of council. she tells the truth and in this city, that is rare.

the wapost endorsement is more about the good old boy network and giving the chief of police whatever he wants without oversight or questions. thank god after patterson and fenty are elected this chief will GO away. in addition, meeting will be open to reporters. unlike currently,
where it's developers rule behind closed doors.

i like vince gray he should run for mayor someday.

Friday, September 01, 2006

congratulations betty!

and best wishes on you election as president of the trustee's board of the Provincetown monument and museum

better than georgetown...JUST SAY NO thank you

we have an opportunity to not duplicate the mistakes of georgetown. they dont have metro, we do. they have aggressive parking enforcement, we have NONE. it was kewl of the owner of the property at 5th and O to decide housing would be a better fit for her property than a restaurant. because changing the zoning in that instance would have been the excuse any gin mill could use to invade our the quiet residential community. nobody is more pro-business than me. but having claims of discrimination because of client marketing is an avenue that can make lawyers rich and hurt the serenity of the neighborhoods.