Sunday, September 03, 2006

fenty's in da hood, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM

just walked back from fresh fields via 9th and O and ran into adrian fenty at the coffee shop on the corner. he was campaigning and greeting everybody. this man is like the energizer bunny he pops up everywhere. it's great to see a candidate so full of health and vigor. tonight we will be over at 440 M st for a Fenty ward two campaign rally at 7:30 pm. all are invited.


Emily said...

I'm sorry, but I don't care how much energy Fenty has. He's not using it in any productive way.

Safety is the number one concern for DC residents right now. Maybe Adrian Fenty thought he could score points by being the lone ranger on crime when he voted NO for the recent emergency crime legislation? Maybe he has a better plan to address the senseless killings that are rampant in the District now? Where’s the Plan Fenty? Inaction is not cute. Doing nothing about crime does not save lives. And he wants DC residents to vote for him for mayor. I cringe at the thought.

Linda Cropp is the ONLY candidate who can win the mayor’s race and who understands how to fight crime in this city.

richard said...

gee emily you better get a box of kleenex, cause yer gonna use it

emily said...

How can you support Fenty--he's pro-drugs. Check this out:

“Say no to drugs.” That has been a mantra of politicians since Nancy Reagan told kids to Just say no. Mayoral candidate Adrian Fenty is apparently ignoring that message. A political television ad streamed on his campaign website indicate that Mr. Fenty may be hiding a marijuana habit. This would certainly be ironic, given that Councilmember Fenty serves in a city that has been trying to fix its drug problem.

It is not the ad about Fenty answering his blackberry that exposes him. The gotcha is the name of the TV ad – Fenty 420. This is a common codeword for pot. The reference to 420 has to be intentional. Fenty must know what 420 means. Is this his way of sending smoke signals or maybe his version of Morse Code asking for help.

Fenty’s next post should be a 12 step program, not the Mayor’s office.

And the proof:

richard said...

jonathan reese, are you posting transvestite messages now? oy vey iz mir. please dont be spamin us hon