Wednesday, September 13, 2006


why patterson lost. vince gray is truly a nice man, i mean how can u not like him? and his opponents meanness finally caught up with her. she makes leona helmsley an angel. i hope vince's victory tells us the trolley to the lily ponds along the anakostia will happen sooner than later. vince adopted the right tone in the palisades land use case and advocated for the neighborhood. he'll be a great council chair. too bad kathy didnt endorse fenty or maybe he didnt want to be associated with the queen of mean.

why the cropp failed. whoever directed her campaign never had the correct focus to begin with. we should have met the students who's lives she influenced while a guidance professional and teacher. then her campaign skipped over the school board years as if they were of no importance. she was setup to run for mayor by the establishment. when the mud started being thrown we'd had enough.

the fenty years will be highlighted with better service management and we need to tax income at it's source or get more from the feds because the older folks cannot take any more increases in local real property taxes.

phil mendelson doesnt cave. well, not too often. his opponent was a reinvented harold brazil sponsored by the local chamber of commerce. i'm happy 'tommy' thomas and tommy wells will be on council. both are compassionate and progressive even though wells favored chucking the MLK to a developer. 'tommy' thomas told me he will NOT be wearing the #5 and he WILL be answering his phone like his father did. atleast everytime i called to bitch about something harry thomas answered the phone :-)

jim graham. the little munchkin was the big winner last night. he endorsed fenty, gray and won renomination with 86% of the vote.

mary cheh. ward 3. we'll see if she's a stooge for GWU real soon. her opponent bill rice will land a spot with the fenty administration early on. i hope he doesnt start taking credit for being a service manager there also. paul strauss' treasurer is a hunk of a bear. too bad we can't vote for him. yet.

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