Saturday, September 16, 2006


from the current Intowner we read where recently the council of the district of columbia enacted amendments to the historic preservation law designating the Historic Preservation Review Board(HPRB) to author rules and regulations with expanded authority. they will decide what colors property owners may paint their property. some of these "san francisco" style painted houses may be grandfathered so get your designer colors applied because soon some "educated" know-it-all is going to ban purple/lilac/orange/cream/plum and apricot combinations.

i wish the congressional reviewers would strike these amendments because who wants the neighborhoods to lose their vibrant topical displays? or everything will look drab, boring and Restonesque.


Scenic Artisan said...

seems to me that we need historic designation with less controlling rules.

its weird that there is no middle ground between simple zoning and tight historic designation

Anonymous said...

The HPRB is full of control freaks who suck up to developers yet get heavy on the indiviuals who don't have legal representation.