Sunday, September 10, 2006

the BALDUCCI'S that never was

whoever believed balducci's would ever commit to the penn quarter neighborhood needs a reality check or a little more time living in the eastend of dc. ofcourse they did an extensive market review and consulted they're psychic's. most of the residents either have cars, vespa's or accounts with or peapod already. if they want booze, central liquor has been in downtown since the 40's. and there are several newstands, lottery outlets and CVS's existing.


gpliving said...

This isn't an issue about the results of some market analysis. The space where Balducci's was supposed to go is underneath a total of 428 condos and across the street from 385 apts. That stat alone justifies a grocery store.

Congrats on the Express mention!

richard said...

today the express...
tomorrow, the albany times-union!