Sunday, December 31, 2006

JAMES BROWN PODCAST,beghtol,75415,22.html

laurence david (uncle LD) beghtol is a fabulous and talented friend.

Saturday, December 30, 2006


it was great seeing all the moderate republicans at the funeral. of course, i wasn't wasn't present in person, but we did get a good view from TV. first we noticed tricia and ed cox, seated next to tricia were mary cheney and heather poe and next to them were the children of happy and nelson rockefeller, mark and nelson jr.


the son of betty and jerry, what a beautiful, warm and lovely man.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


dorothy is the mother of congressman harold ford jr and a friend of mine. after the former president is buried i will talk about senator elizabeth dole and where she's headed.


3 weeks ago i mention the family of the president visited the national cathedral to view the setting for the national funeral which will now take place. it will be a very busy week after all. when i was a patient at BFC in 1988 betty and the president came to meet and greet us.

thank you president ford for appointing justice stevens to the supreme court.

Tuesday, December 26, 2006


since he's gone mainstream media with his blog at i ceased being a unique visitor at his website and it's been over a month since my last visit. haven't look back and not at all curious about his perspective anylonger.


i'm attracted to guys my age and size does that make me a chubby chaser? alright farouk, make some smart remark like me being the same size as aretha franklin at the kennedy center honors. i love you too honey. and you can have your $200. dollar an hour hookers too.

and what's with MSNBC after 10 pm? all they show are prison reruns...wassup with that? i guess they do it it to remind us to lock our doors.


when will it happen, it must be within 30 days?


bush is said to be in texas rethinking iraq. rethinking? for that to happened he'd have to have an origional thought and i'm not sure that is possible.


thanks farouk for sending this clip. do you know this guy? the way he's gotta grip on the bottle of jack is funny. i guess this might be a jackoff flick trailer...i honestly dont know.

Monday, December 25, 2006


if any of ya know any other Castro hating libertarian republicans for hillary clinton please let me know because i'm lonely. haha

and the ad that's currently running about the partnership between Citgo/Venezuela to provide home heating oil at below market rate price for the winter sure is a winner.


dude impacted the scene without a doubt.

Sunday, December 24, 2006


his name is pronounced So-Say, click the link for title song: I AM SO GAY. i've been chuckling for hours now.

ps. the terrorists win if you dont hear this one:

Friday, December 22, 2006


1. READE SELIGMANN rape charge has been dropped against this kid. Duke lacross stripper case reminds me of Bonfire for the Vanities. some desperate person trying to get rich off of somebody from a different social set. reade, you mother is right...don't hate.
2. ALAN HAVESI all it took was a 4 month investigation to get rid of this crook for good. felony 1 count. bu-bye.
3. DEREK ANTHONY has a new cheap toupee and with all the GH he takes his skull looks like frankensteins.

Thursday, December 21, 2006


i'n not sorry for calling president george w bush NANO HITLER, because that'w what he is. i'm so sick of that bastid, i'm embarassed to call myself a republican, well ok...almost. i think perhaps he's just as insane as Hitler and as sefishly arrogant. who knows what condi has to say about this. he sure is reckless with other childrens lives.

and i've decide not get purchase a nano, shuffle or any mp3 devices. why? becuase i enjoy talking to people on the bus and in crowds. perhaps if i traveled more...but at this time i dont need one and that's ok.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006


well he didn't really say it that way but farouk told me that civil rights legislation was slowed down under eisenhower and would have progressed faster with a president stevenson. farouk we will never know...all we can do is speculate. actually farouk the fifties were really a triumphant time in american culture and art. the armed forces were already integrated and with eisenhower as president the transition of integrating the general population was made easier than if that commie lovin stevenson were president.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


yup, that's what one of the commentors on this video clip said. because i currently live in heaven on earth all i can say is that this offering is beautiful on many levels:

Wednesday, December 13, 2006


in 1953 the National Theater at 14th and Pennsylvania reopened. it had been dark for 4 years because coloreds were not allowed in the audience and the artists refused to perform there under those conditions. the national integrated, the ban was lifted and the theater reopened.

so much was going on in cuba at this time also. batista returned from miami to stage a coup d'ete. all the gambling in florida was being shut down and it all relocated to habana. the hotels, nightclubs, prostitution all followed. someone i know got appointed to the supreme court of cuba and the family established residence in (habana)miramar neighborhood. shortly after i was born(1958) the parents legally separated and we moved with mommy to nyc.

my spiritual mama:

Monday, December 11, 2006


you know it's a slow news cycle when the hotest story is barak obama running for president of the united states of america. he dont stand a snowballs chance in hell to win the nomination. and not to mention a war on terror. i dont see the appearance of assurance when i look at this guy but then i never seen it with W at all either.

President Obama? LOL

Saturday, December 09, 2006



Van Smith, who was admiringly called both an artist and a terrorist for the costumes and makeup he designed for the films of John Waters, died on Tuesday at his home in Marianna, Fla. He was 61.,0,3008924.story


this afternoon the hoyas host oral roberts at the verizon center. i dont want to even think about the sad male cheerleaders for oral roberts university. jesus, what a place to be in the closet. i hope georgetown defeats oral roberts, we'll be listening on the AM radio.

also tonight at GALA stop in and meet the neighbors and have some holiday cheer.

Thursday, December 07, 2006



First governor of PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS of Rhode Island,
founder of Warwick, Rhode Island & transcendental philosopher.

Samuel Gorton is our immigrant ancestor. He was baptized on February 12, 1592 in the Cathedral Church, Lancashire, Manchester, England. He was probably born there in the Parish known as Gorton. His father was Thomas Gorton and his mother was Thomas' second wife, Anne. Samuel's parents were influential and well to do, "not entirely unknown to the heraldry of England," wrote Judge George A. Brayton, Justice of the Supreme Court of Rhode Island.

Samuel had private tutors who taught him the classics. His fluency in both Greek and Hebrew enabled him to study the Bible's original text.All around Samuel, the world was torn by religious wars. Samuel was caught in the unrest. He befriended a Separatist elder who later moved to Holland. The Separatists were the people who chose to separate themselves from the Church of England; some were eventually known as Pilgrims, others were known as Puritans. Samuel Gorton was neither a Pilgrim nor a Puritan. He was a nonconformist. He was a man of deep, strong feeling, keenly aware of every injustice inflicted on the humblest of God's creatures. An excellent preacher, he was also a profound thinker who, in his spiritual meditations, wandered off into infinity often forgetting his earthly surroundings. An articulate and passionate man, he was able to preach for hours at a time. A convincing speaker, Gorton spoke openly whenever he could get people to listen to him. His enemies complained about his charismatic language.

Searching for religious freedom, Samuel, his wife Mary, the first three of their eventual nine children, and Samuel's brother Thomas sailed to America aboard the Speedwell, landing in Boston in 1636.Samuel found the world of the Boston Puritans no better than the one he had left behind in England. He soon became involved in many disputes with the Puritan government in Massachusetts, so much so that they tried to imprison him. His every thought and word was an issue with the Puritan rules. Moving on was no new experience for the Gortonists. Each of them had been cast out of Massachusetts and most of them from other Rhode Island settlements. Gorton himself had been cast out of Boston, Plymouth, Aquidneck, and Newport before seeking refuge in Providence. By 1642, an English historian commented, "Gorton might almost be said to have graduated as a disturber of peace in every colony in New England." All of the settlers of Providence were outcasts from Massachusetts. Of all those who were banished because they dared to express opinions in conflict with the ruling hierarchy, Roger Williams is the most famous and Samuel Gorton is the most notorious. the Massachusetts Magistrates kept sending Gorton letters stating that the land was still under the rule of Boston. The magistrates even charged Samuel with blasphemy and burned the family home. They arrested and jailed him. He headed to England. He left his family for three years and presented his written manuscript, "Simplicities Defense Against a Seven Headed Policy," London, 1649 (a copy of this is in the U.S. Library of Congress).

Finally, Samuel was granted a royal charter with the help of the Earl of Warwick. Once he had the charter, he also got an order of safe passage and conduct given to him from the Earl. Upon sailing back into the Boston Harbor, he showed the magistrates the grant and they were very angry because they had to give Samuel safe passage back to Rhode Island. The charter also said that the Massachusetts government had to help Samuel set up his government. Never were they allowed to again interfere with Samuel Gorton. the town of Warwick was formed, and named after the Earl of Warwick. Records show that in March 1664, Samuel was still active and appointed Administrator of John Smith's will. Happily, he lived to see religious freedom secured to the colony in its Constitution.In 1649, Samuel Gorton was elected general assistant to the Governor, and in 1651, was elected the first President over the two towns Warwick and Providence, called the Providence Plantations. Mr. Gorton was from this date the first citizen of Warwick, and his name stands at the head of the Warwick Commissioners for several succeeding years. He was elected a Deputy Governor in 1664, 1665, 1666, and 1670.

The Massachusetts Magistrates had often denounced Gorton as an anarchist, a blasphemer and rogue. This was not the real Gorton. Gorton's moral character was of the highest caliber and though he differed from the Orthodox Puritans he was never a blasphemer. He was an independent thinker and a true champion of liberty. Throughout his life he was a close friend and devoted admirer of Governor John Winthrop.

The Gortonists beliefs have been described as a type of Christian Transcendentalism. The group believed Jesus Christ was divine, but they did not believe in the Trinity. They didn't think preachers should be paid, felt women were equal to men, were totally against slavery, and thought each individual had a right to read and study the scriptures for himself. Gorton staunchly believed that people should pay the Indians for their lands. Gorton's political creed may be stated briefly: true liberty can be found only within the framework of the law, which protects the civil right of the individual and the minority from the passing whim of the majority. He believed that government should be limited to civil affairs. He died on December 10, 1677 at the age of 85. Much has been written about Samuel and his chair is in the Daughters of the American Revolution Museum in Washington, D.C. Samuel can be called a forgotten founder of liberty.

Monday, December 04, 2006


for the record:

William ElleryRhode Island Co-signer of the Declaration of Independence

William Ellery was born in Newport, Rhode Island, to a wealthy mercantile family on December 22, 1727. The Newport in which William grew up was a unique community where despite many religious differences, there was a degree of toleration toward one another.The elder William Ellery, a Harvard graduate, prepared his son, William, to become a merchant, but also carefully prepared him for college. Young William entered Harvard in 1743. While he was not enthused about becoming a merchant, and entertained thoughts of being a lawyer, reality set in when he married Ann Remington on October 11, 1750, at 23 years of age. He married against his father's wishes, and it was soon clear that he must work to support his wife and family. His father melted some when his first granddaughter was born the following year.A series of events in 1764, changed William Ellery's life forever. In March of that year his father died. Six months later his beloved Ann also passed away. William returned from Cambridge to Newport.Ellery joined the Whig party, and became active in politics. He had inherited some money from his father, and he took this opportunity to study law. His name appears as a member of the General Assembly in the year of the Stamp Act repeal. He is now a leading member of the Sons of Liberty in Newport. The year is 1766. He has been a widower with six children for two years. On June 28, 1767, he marries for the second time. His second wife is a distant cousin, Abigail Carey, with whom he has ten children.When the delegates to the Continental Congress convened in Philadelphia in March 1776, Samuel Ward, Ellery's old friend, died of smallpox. Ellery was the choice to succeed him. As the signers gathered to affix their signatures to the Declaration, it was said that Ellery stood where he could watch their expressions. Of the 56 signers, nine died of wounds or hardships during the war, five were captured, brutally treated and imprisoned, several lost wives and sons, one lost his thirteen children, two wives were brutally treated, and twelve had their homes burned. William Ellery's property was burned while the British occupied Newport. He did, however, return after the war, and apparently recovered financially. He lived nearly 93 years, dying on February 15, 1820. He was interred in the Coggeshall Cemetery at the corner of Victoria and Coggeshall Avenue in Newport. Later, he was given a tomb in the Common Burying Ground on Farewell Street.


as a gay republican who happens to be an enrolled democrat it's fun to watch the republican party work it's way through to the 2008 campaign. the radicals like Frist, Allen, Brownback wont stand a chance in the general. i said last night that it will be a mccain/guliani ticket, they will win in november '08 and mccain will die in office and guliani will become president.

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow-Why do you hate us?

Well she is at it again from her "adopted" beloved London. She has gone on a tirade to a European paper about how dumb all Americans are. According to Paltrow the Brits are so much more civilized and intellegent. She said that Americans are so obsessed with money. I guess she missed the class where they talked about London being one of the worlds financial centers. Hey Patrow we've only had a constitution since 1776. As one of the youngest democratic republics around we haven't done half bad. Wise up madam.

Signed "new anonymous"


my gaydar went off the hook when this caught my eye.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


the chairperson of the flower guild stopped in to dish and informed me that President Fords family toured the National Cathedral of the Episcopal Church yesterday where the government has a contract with the cathedral to host all state funerals.

more pearl bailey:


here's a piece of music composed in like 1948. the conductor is really into this stuff. the music is trancendential and those who know me know i dig it.

Monday, November 27, 2006


We live in a violent society, I acknowledge this. Why do we live this way, some folks say it's been this way since the beginning of time, remember Cain and Abel? However, to me there is difference between this act and cities in America having hundreds and thousands of murders committed every year. I am not going to mention the numerous violent assaults. Why is this, we are an affluent, educated society that has embraced modernity? Yet, there is a hardcore element that has no regard for life and liberty. This faction has easy access to handguns (thanks NRA and reckless members of Congress). Yes, I am aware of the Second Amendment to the Constitution that states that in order to have a well regulated militia, Americans have a right to bear arms. There is a difference between this amendment and every Tom, Dick and Harry having access to these weapons of mass destruction. When you try to justify the rampant selling of handguns, etc., also take a look at the FBI statistics of the yearly handgun murders. If you think this is not a problem, then maybe we are not so civilized and modern at all.

Signed"new anonymous".

Sunday, November 26, 2006


Governor elect spitzer says he will propose a gay marriage law to the legislature when it convenes in january and sign it upon approval. I wonder where senator bruno, the republican majority leader of the state senate is on this issue? we will be following this and keeping you posted.


While we are withdrawing from the Civil War that W lit a match to we need to blog about who the democrats are going to run in 2008. Obama? Hillary? Edwards? Kerry(oh lord)? If we were not in the midst of a war on terrorism i can see one or two of them winning the presidency. but the fact is we ARE in a war on terror.

Friday, November 24, 2006


The British People need to wake up

Hey Brits,
What is happening in your country? Have you become so engrossed in political correctness that you risk losing your country to radicals. You have allowed untold numbers of immigrants from Pakistan, North Africa, India to infiltrate your country. Many are saying that they want a better life, however they come to England, wanting to change your society. Even the children of these folks born in Britain do not cherish British citizenship. You have had a wave of incidences recently that are clearly anti-British. From the bombings on the tubes and buses to the attempted blowing up jetliners over American cities. So-called Imans or Mullahs are preaching death to Britain and America in your parks and public spaces. You also have recently a Russian being poisoned/murdered in London (yes I do believe the corrupt, contemptible government of Vladimir Putin is involved), come on wake up! Yet you Brits complain about the wait (for security clearance purposes) to enter the U.S. I am relieved that passports are now required. If a massive terrorist attack, is carried out in this country having being planned and initiated in the U.K., it will most detrimentally effect our countries relations. How do I know this, because I am an American?

The draft, bring it back

Yes, Absolutely Charlie Rangel I agree a draft in the United States is needed now not later.
I am sick and tired of running into young men who don't want or know how to talk about anything other than hedonistic pleasures. We do not have the luxury of having vast numbers of young people concerned with onlyMTV, BET, Playstation 3, clothes, sports, and cars. Many are spaghetti-spined, weaked-kneed know nothings, who cannot even communicate properly. Living in this country is a privilege and all need to contribute to the Framers intent in creating this Representative Republic. Remember that most of the men who created the Articles of Confederation leading to the Declaration of Independence in the 1700's were in their twenties. It is not fair that only certain men and women are volunteering for military service, while others are sitting here doing absolutely nothing in defense or support of this country. Yet, everyone is benefiting from the service that the men and women in the US military are provided in support of our freedom. My thought is if these young people are not going to volunteer willingly, they need to be drafted. This will include all racial and socio-economic categories. This will go a long way in reversing the narcisstic, materialistic and selfish zombies that are being created among American youth.

Signed "New Anonymous".


why is jack evans determined to kill the whitehurst freeway? what does he know that many of the environmental activists dont? marion barry perhaps has the healthiest approach, lets conclude the scientific study he says. carol schwartz says it's a waste of money to even study, the new mayor is opposed to getting rid of it. oh well, at least we'll have a conclusive scientific study and we'll have spent 400,000 dollars to determine it and it will never be gotten rid of.

i happen to like the whitehurst freeway, how it works and what it does.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


i really dont know what to make of this interview but i sense somebody is really pissed off.



bush should do this in Iraq asap and put an end to our involvement in the mess he's created.



Councilmember Carol Schwartz introduced a motion to table the mayor's bill to divest the city of the Martin Luther King, Jr., Library, and she and Councilmembers Barry and Gray outvoted the two supporters of the mayor's bill, Councilmembers Patterson and Mendelson. Tabling this bill is only a temporary victory, because the politicians who want to loot this city of its most valuable assets to give them to their influential supporters are in a strong position, and they don't pay attention to the citizens who are fighting to protect and preserve our city's treasures.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006


just across the Provincetown line is the highland area of North Truro. my Mayflower relatives (3 blood lines) established residency in and around Truro, Wellfleet and Provincetown. Corn Hill is a neighborhood in North Truro where, according to folklore the pilgrims 'discovered' the vegetable corn.

I want to thank all my ancestors on this thanksgiving and everyday.


he must be doing something right. all the usual bigshots are upset because the mayor elect didn't consult them about the appointment of the new police chief. OMG, a single white woman as chief of police? oh horror!

can you believe they even mention former chief Sonja Proctor? that was rude. if she were a man there'd be a more favorable comparison.


i'm letting go of my historic diesel soon and going public transit or walking. metro is considering buying 500 new buses. 100 each for the next 5 years. lets hope that they also rework the running times on these machines. each will cost $350,000. with all the new 10 story apartment buildings downtown there's much more conjestion downtown and the currently the buses are NEVER on time.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


i will leave the analysis to the know it alls. bottom line, i lost by 29 votes. there were 6 write-in votes. among them were Osama, daffy duck, paris hylton and beth solomon. that's the bad news.

the good news is that the voters decided they wanted to shit can leroy thorpe. apparently they had had it up to their eyeballs in poorly delivered services and his obnoxious leadership style.

Monday, November 20, 2006



Maybe, I am a person who feels time is money or who has a life. Why is it some people will line up for days to get an electronic item, etc. (sony playstation3, concert and movie tickets)? Maybe I am jaded , but i can't think of a single item i would wait in an unreasonable line for that will end in me spending money. Maybe if some of these kids, enroll in an electronics or math class they can help produce some of these items they lust for.

signed"new anonymous"



Sunday, November 19, 2006


you gotta check this out:

here's Pearl Bailey singing and performing on percussion in Carman Jones!

ENJOY !!!!


what time is your plane for thanksgiving?
where you going for thanksgiving?
are you going home for thanksgiving?
what time is your train for thanksgiving?
when are you leaving for thanksgiving?
when are you coming back from thanksgiving?
are you taking the 20 dollars chinese bus to the bowery?


my associate at work "george" put a personal ad on and asked me what i thought. the ad was silly and then i read ..STR8T ACTING and on the DL. ok, maybe i read it wrong which is entirely possible but why would somebody want a straight acting date? ACTING? i cant stand actors! GAY OR STRAIGHT. and then he said on the DL. excuse me but again that's what's wrong with dating scene. why would anybody want somebody who's on the DL?
i guess if your HIV + it dont matter. oh well, what do i know?

Saturday, November 18, 2006


and not only for this but also she sang for dorothy dandridge in Carmen Jones.


Defendant Christopher McCowen could not hold back tears when the jury found him guilty of first degree murder by extreme atrocity and cruelty.

to all who have emailed with sympathy thanks. i mention the verdict just for the record. and thanks for understanding.


It appears D.C. Police Chief Charles Ramsey will soon be leaving the Metropolitan Police Department. good riddance. may he go have more cocktails with bush and my cousin dick cheney. every time i realize i'm related to dick cheney i almost lose my lunch.

Friday, November 17, 2006


last week Cropp was telling the public the justification for the pay raises of council members. they repeat the same talking points:
because the government functions as a city, county and state government functions she stated. that is such a lame excuse, no wonder she got rejected at the polls.

i've got to laugh about Fenty and best practices and bringing into government the best and the brightest.

next week we'll have another example of government gutless wonders at work. the vote to lease the rights of the MLK for 99 years is what i'm talking about. the council of the district of columbia couldnt give a crap about fixing anything. they can't even get the buses to run ontime.

Thursday, November 16, 2006


"Brent Craft is bawling, and he is alone. The sweat-soaked towel that he has buried his face in does little to muffle the sobs that emanate from deep within the 20-year-old man. He sits in an empty room, surrounded by crushed Gatorade cups, shredded medical tape and broken spirits."

This is the side of Georgetown football you don't often see; it's not the glimpse you get from the homecoming tailgate or the glance you catch as you peek at practice on your way to the cafeteria on Tuesday evenings. "--The HOYA

there's one more game. this saturday at Fordham. lose that and it's 2-9 for the season. it's sad really. all the students get bent of shape for basketball and dont give a shit about football.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


here's a song where Diana Ross isnt tipsey but actually pretty good:

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top Ten reasons why illegal immigration is a threat to our way of life:

10. Proliferation of foreign flags being flown in US and in some cases
American flags being burned.
09. Sacrificed goats and various other animals due to rituals being performed in Adams Morgan, etc.
08. Ethnic fiedoms and enclaves being established in certain neighborhoods and speaking
native languages and refusing to learn English.
07. Identity theft mainly involving social security numbers.
06. Demeaning the institution of marriage to obtain US citizenship fraudulantly.
05. Degradation of what it means to be a patriotic American and earn citizenship legally.
04. The ability of Mexico, Latin America and other countries to ignore their responsibility to improve their
economies and way of life for their poor.
03. Gang-related violence and the corresponding costs to jail felons.
02. Costs associated with the healthcare, and social services. etc, required for the uninsured and unemployed.
01. Terrorism (remember Sept 11th).

Oh, by the way before I get responses, I am not against immigrants (I am against law breaking). I do believe the US government has created this problem, and needs to fix it. Everyone in America has to abide by the law and no one gets a free pass, according to the US Constitution. Try going to Mexico illegally and see what the consequences are, and the last time I checked they called themselves a democracy.

Signed "new anonymous".


council members bitching about a $2,000. a week for a part time job.


the 400 ft rule to ban liquor sales within 400 ft of a school has been approved by council. no tavern and nightclubs liquor licenses would be granted but restaurants liquor licenses will be possible.


The Capitol police weren't quite ready for Senator Tester, a farmer with a throwback flat top haircut and fingers missing on his left hand from an old accident with a meat grinder.


Roman Catholic bishops overwhelmingly approved new guidelines Tuesday on outreach to gays, trying to support gay parishioners while strictly affirming the church stance that same-sex relationships are "disordered."


today, cropp and company will do another number on the city's taxpayers and land use activists. it appears they will agree to whatever the owner wants. so much for courage and doing what is right. they will approve a downsized parking plan that was NOT approved by the zoning commission but what the fat cat owner wants. fenty says the penalty for not caving will be severe but catania says it will be 3 million. and now herb miller is suing the city for 40 million. LOL. baseball's butt boy: mark touhey, you did good!

this reminds me of the downsized MLK that the city approved 30 years ago. Mies wanted a fifth floor and escalators but instead we got stairways and no fifth floor. and now the new library advocates are saying it's obsolete. well, it was dumbed down and obsolete since day one.

council may vote themselves pay raises today. good riddance to cropp and company unfortunately delivery of services aint likely to improve much under the new mayor. like sharon pratt kelly, it will appear different initially but it will be nothing but a revamp and reissue of poor management.


the busses are not running on time. the equipment is getting older, mid level management is getting fatter and the drivers need more training. fenty had better fix one thing before he attempts to takes over the schools.

Monday, November 13, 2006


the G2 is NEVER EVER on time. it runs from Howard to Georgetown. leave early because the bus is always late and perhaps you'll catch the previous run which will appear just before your scheduled bus arrives. I can imagine the frustration in the underserved neighborhoods of far southeast. WMATA claims they have it together but we know the truth.


appeal to syria and iran to bail us out.

THE APOSTLES OF PEACE AND UNITY this is a nice group of people. they run a quiet house. how do i know? i've been there and know several of these people. they stop in, say hello and are good neighbors.




that section of florida avenue i'm quite familiar with. it's a heavily frequented cross town shortcut. florida avenue was the boundary road defining the old city. so when it cuts through ledroit there's a sharp angle southeast/northwest. i suspect the drunk driver got disoriented by the intersection at florida and 6th.

update. the van driver was smashed and rammed into a stopped vehicle at the traffic light.


fron the Bennington Banner comes this:

Up in Vermont, a bill might be reintroduced in the legislature called The Seed Bill. The bill was designed to protect organic farmers from being sued when patented genetically modified seeds accidentally spread onto their property.
There have been a number of lawsuits in the past few years where corporations have sued farmers for growing patented genetically modified seeds without permission, even if the seeds landed on the farmer's property by an act of nature.
Some also fear that organic farmers, whose crops became tainted by the altered product, would sue the users of genetically modified seeds.

Sunday, November 12, 2006


i haven't withdrawn from public. quite the contrary, if i'm not at 35th and O, i'm in the warehouse at the ritz carlton getting ready for christmas. i will have a further statement on the election after the results are official. but i can say we spent $110.73

Friday, November 10, 2006

hear and now

Performance of a lifetime-

This Sunday on the Today show:
The incomparable, stupendous, legendary icon:

Eartha Kitts performs live a song from Mimi Le Duck (which is a current musical on Broadway, NYC)

PS: she just turned or will turn 80 soon, the women looks incredible.


he's gonna be a big disappointment to those with high expectations. LOL. just you wait and see!

in 18 months we will have a performance review.

Thursday, November 09, 2006



enjoy the sublime musical art:

Tuesday, November 07, 2006



here's proof the victimization we've been posting about is indeed genetic:
notice the white pickett fence and the "stand by your man" neighborhood.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


"It made me angry that here's someone preaching about gay marriage and going behind the scenes having gay sex," Jones said.

hear and now question: can't somebody be against gay marriage and have gay sex? or is it the assumption...if your're gay your're automatically for gay marriage. i find it very odd that a hooker/hustler would be a gay marriage advocate. ok, hate me now.

Friday, November 03, 2006


this is homecoming weekend at Healy Gates. God, i hope some students old man comes into the shop. LOL. j/k boss! the team plays Marist. Oh lord, can't we win just two this season? PLEASE! tonight it's going to 29 degrees so i hauled all my favorite plants inside and will be crashing early.

oh, 1 more thing....there's some hot guy in NY who has a blog...check it out:

--Most current outrage of the Bush Administration and the Republican Led Congress

Well Folks,
That bastion of morality and civility (yea right) is at it again. Per today's NY Times this administration and it's rubber stamp Republican Senate has decided that the Special Inspector General for Iraq Reconstruction will be phased out. Stuart Bowen, apparently has embarrassed government sanctioned thieves one time too many. This reckless action is to take effect 10/01/07. I suggest all citizens call their respective Senators and Representatives to express opposition. We cannot let Halliburton , Kellogg Brown Root and the other Corporations determine how , when and why funds are spent in Iraq. Some Senators (Republicans) are claiming that they did not realize this provision was included in the appropriations bill. Well sorry, Senator if you didn't know you should have known. Try reading the Congressional bills. And by the way, if any staffer is responsible for this I am for hauling them before a committee and leveling the most serious sanctions possible. Good job, Mr Bowen, we hardly knew ye.

Signed "new anonymous".

Thursday, November 02, 2006


wassup with these hypocrites? This nutcase had a monthly tryst with a male hooker for 3 years. very fluid story :-)

wonder what new anonymous will say?


Election Day-Nov 7th what's important & what's not

OK, Americans here's a primer for you,
Below a list of items you need to concern yourself with when voting next week and the items that are not important---------------to the country.

Higher taxes levied against corporations
Investigating Halliburton and it's executives
Illegal immigration
Massive trade and federal budget deficits
MS13 and other street gangs
Skyrocketing education costs for college students
Capturing Osama Bin Ladin
Addressing global warming
Iraq -ending this quagmire
Addressing the increase in the minimum wage
Dysfunctional schools
Iran/North Korea

Not important............
Getting more tax cuts for the very wealthy
Tax breaks for those buying SUVs for business purposes
On-Line gambling
Spying on Americans w/wiretaps, etc.
Anti smoking legislation
Same sex marriage
Prayer in schools
Preventing stem cell research

Get my drift!
signed "new anonymous

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Bravo John Kerry!

I am not a huge John Kerry fan. If anyone missed it, he basically advised young people to stay in school so that they do not have to wind up in a place and situation like Iraq. Well that brought out the right wing hitmen, who stated that he was calling the troops dumb and should apologize.

I am digging him today for these reasons:

1. not backing down one iota from that onslaught from cowardly armchair patriots.

2. defending your military service against critics (many of whom have not spent a single day in anybody's military- john mccain, nothwithstanding).

3. Not apologizing for something you are not guilty of. Let's face it, while I admire rank and file soldiers, their ranks are not swelling with rocket scientists.

4. And no, Presidential spokesman/Fox News Hack, Tony Snow, even though these men signed up for military service, they did not sign up for the hellhole that is Iraq today.

Signed "new anonymous".

Monday, October 30, 2006

The Do Nothing Congress

Has anyone been watching the "Broken Government" series on CNN? A so-called international news network that I am not a big fan of. Well they nailed this one. Seems Senators and Representatives work only three three day workweeks and apparently yelled at the Congressional Leadership to approve this madness. They also have voted themselves seven pay raises in as many years while refusing to raise the minimum wage for poor people. My current mantra is " throw the bums out" Wake up people, we are losing our democracy. Well, I am off to Hunan Palace on Vermont for chinese carryout.

Signed the "new" Anonymous.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


so many parties tonight and so windy outside, this queen is wearing Mrs. Worthington's vintage mink. Parties in Georgetown mostly and then hit a few bars for a walk thru on the way home. Want to bet i'll be home by 12? oh yeah and dont forget to turn the clocks ahead tonight girls. ok?

update: i know me so well, i was home at 12 05 or was it 1 05?


all i can say is take 5 minutes and hear the voice & marvel at the drama in a concert forum. she works that cape! she grew up milking dairy cows, cleaning the stalls & pitching hay. the girl has wide shoulders. from Turandot:

Friday, October 27, 2006


the winds of change are blowing from the north where gay marriage is recognized in Quebec, from the west where it is recognized in Ontario, from the northeast where Vermont recognizes civil unions, from interior new england where gays can marry in Massachusetts and now from the southwest of New York State, New Jersey.


Thursday, October 26, 2006


as y'all know i am a candidate in the local ANC election. with less than two weeks to go we're having lots of laughs and plus i havent taken any time off work to campaign so i'm not nervous. i have a very healthy attitude about this: if i lose it's just an election and i will NEVER lose my homosexual heritage! i was born with that honey! farouk told me last week, will always be a queen. LOL. if i get elected i wont be going to little havana often this winter.
So, if my posts are one liners until november 7 you'll know why. i'm counting votes, writing emails, knocking on doors, getting ready for halloween night at cafe milano, the oil changed in the mercedes, dropping miss heidi off at dulles, cleaning the apartment with jesus, writing thank you notes to contributors, party work, funeral work, chopping, media interviews. dicing, delivery, x-mas prep and 89 other things.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


New Jersey's highest court opened the door Wednesday to making the state the second in the nation to allow gay marriage

Monday, October 23, 2006




we're not even going to talk about Georgetown football anymore they are :
1-6 for the season so far and next saturday they'll get killed by a team who defeated VMI last week. so, they'll be 1-7 after saturday. BUT, miracles can happen.

so, now i'm working 3 days at the Ritz and 3 days in georgetown.


Saturday, October 21, 2006


whenever he's playing, I HEAR A SYMPHONY.
he's my all time favorite player and i've loved pudge
FOREVAH :-) i dont care what team he's playin for. today it's Detroit.

i dream about him every day and night. all day and all night! :)

the season he weighed near 230 he was a chubby chasers dream come true! haha

after he got off bovine growth hormone(BGH) he played at 190 lbs.

Thursday, October 19, 2006


remember all the crap they said about Dinah Shore because she was pro-civil rights?

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


continuing our survey of victim dependency music here's a sublime video:

the voices are live the orchestra is not. i love Diana but checkout Flo...her voice just out sings Diana.

Monday, October 16, 2006


the dashboard shot is NOT a mercedes but here's an off road test of a farmed diesel. it won't die. too bad the exhaust pipes been removed cause that would have been really funny to hear.

Saturday, October 14, 2006



oh jesus what a pompous ass. another sex addicted bigshot who couldnt keep his hands off of teenager boys. well i just heard he kicked the bucket up in beantown. we use to run into him at the bars in Ptown. he always surrounded by preppy twink mini-fags. i remember the hard time he had with the building inspector when he built that shack on the water across from nickerson street and hans hoffmann's house/painting studio. but we never voted for his opponent. he was elected to congress during the mcgovern landslide of '72. i dont think he did much for people except raise your taxes, raised the retirement age to 67, he favored the marxists in the nicaragua revolution, in favor of the government taking all the land to create the cape cod national seashore and he was terrible to the commercial fishing industry. now every left leaning blogger will memorialize him as the mother theresa of gay liberation.


tomorrow is the open house for SAXBY'S an upscale coffee shop located at 3500 O St. NW
two blocks east of Georgetown Gate. we'll be there to taste samples all afternoon. :)

update too busy at shop never made it to opening. a neighbor there surprised me with some fabulous really homemade peanut butter cookies AND christine dropped off a birthday present of a silk lined huge designer bag of faux wildcat fur. and when you see this bag you'll KNOW i'm gay if you dont already! :) david brock and his partner stopped in the shop as did the ambassador from mauritania and his wife. many called in with birthday wishes and thank you all.

Friday, October 13, 2006


i just love this and the orange metallic tonality :)


memo to georgetown football weight gainers:

BUCKNELL we're hosting.
doesnt that sound like a gay place in West Virginia or what?

um dont put the rosary away yet fellas.

GEORGETOWN UNIVERSITY parents weekend. that means all the little angels will be on their best behavior. pumpkins will not be smashed, flower pots won't be smashed on the street, and everybody will go to bed early and Holy Trinity will be PACKED sunday morning.

count down until halloween...

Wednesday, October 11, 2006



blabber mouth on Fox

talking about the plane crash into bldg:

"what a coincidence for the date of this crash: 7-11, 9-11 and 10-11"

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

you never forget your first "Girl" :)





Monday, October 09, 2006


there are solutions to these situations with a little creativity and imagination


here's another situation brought on by the government. in this instance, the feds got almost all the area around this particular town and now it's a mess with restaurant workers living on old barges, restricted land usage, no room for expansion, high real estate taxes, families can no longer afford to live there, etc. so it's nice when a man i love, ted kennedy, shows up:


that's like the white Jesus, i mean how the hell did they ever get christopher columbus from cristobal colon? and whatever happen to Columbus Day being on october 12th? i'm sorry but columbus day will always be october 12. the set in this video has got to be the cheapest and the dude exerts like no energy



delahunt and durban are roomies

Sunday, October 08, 2006



Mr. Spitzer told a crowd of more than a thousand: “If David Paterson and I are elected in November, we will not ask whether this proposition of legalizing same sex marriage is popular or unpopular, we will not ask if it’s hard or easy. We will simply ask if it’s right or wrong. And I think we know in this room what the answer to that question is. We will make it the law of the state of New York.”

Saturday, October 07, 2006


i've been a customer of Catania Bakery for 20 years. when i first hit town it was real scary to even drive to their north capitol street location. My goodness can some know it all tell me why there would be an italian bakery on the 1300 block of north capitol street in 1932 if there were no italians around that neighborhood? i'm sure someone will tell me there were no italians in that neighborhood which is 3 blocks north of St. aloysius gonzaga church. no, couldn't have been italians there.

i can't believe how long i've been voting for David Catania and if leroy thorpe is against him then i've got to vote for him :-)


final lehigh 23 georgetown 3

rosary didn't work fellas


SOUTH AFRICA and $30,000.00

from the washington post:

"taxpayer money is paying the expenses of the four council members who are his traveling companions -- Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), Vincent B. Orange Sr. (D-Ward 5) and Carol Schwartz (R-At Large). The cost for each council member was $7,500. Evans and Schwartz said they paid out of funds budgeted for the council."

well, isn't THAT special?...they can locate the $30,000.00 for a vacation to south africa but they can't locate the $30,000.00 to fix the lights in 2 parks in our under serviced neighborhood.

another traveller at taxpayer expense: DPW agency head william howland. now there must of be tons of good will about the lousey parking enforcement in our neighborhood to warrant a trip to south africa. dont you love it when politicans say: why are you being so negative?


continuing on our survey of songs about victim dependency, here's an excellent example & beautiful song about a guy who ain't gonna give up searchin for his fix. :)

Friday, October 06, 2006


as many of you know i have a thing for everything Mothra :)
so, here are the Bambi twins singing a child into a magical sleep with a tale of Mothra.
Mothra is a flying buddah with a short fuse that fights bullys...sound familiar?


Georgetown vs. Lehigh at home. i dont need to say anymore


A man was shot a few minutes ago in front of 436 M St NW. It appears to be an attempted robbery. They appeared to be walking home in the rain. Two african american males apparently approached the couple from behind. One fired a shot to the front of the man's thigh and the two ran south into the alley. The man was imobilized. The woman said the robber was fairly young and wearing a black and white bandana. Police and EMT were quickly on the scene. The EMT removed the victim's pant leg and carried him into an ambulence.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


and bon appetite on the next level


the east village of georgetown will miss you.


50 in attendance. 10 of the 50 were lawyers. most citizens were from the Chairman's Single Member District and his supporters. The lawyers did not leave with what they wanted. they were instructed to go back to the community for support instead of expecting the ANC to rubber stamp whatever the lawyers wanted.

the chinese community is not agreeing to the creation of a glass wall cutting off chinatown. the chinese refused the delivery and now the developer is scrambling. the mayor of chinatown dc, dwayne wong is having none of the developers BS. first of all, the developer got an upgrade in a land swap and now he presents an inferior solution to a challenging problem. chinese embellishments should not END at massachusetts avenue northwest.

the yale steam laundry wants to raise the elevation of the penthouse over the existing historic building 15 feet and expected the ANC to just roll. it is important to note here that Chairman thorpe asked the lawyer for yale laundry if he has presented his case to the community and mr utz responded that he'd met with ANC 6C. chairman reminded lawyer that yale steam laundry is in 2C and there were problems with this application in the past. chairman reminded lawyer that 2C has the greatest weight in this case. lawyer agreed and said he'd meet with mount vernon community soon.

the biggest drama of the night came when the ANC voted to approve the UHOP request to purchase a recreational park and turn it into a parking lot and that became a discussion on dog parks. one citizen opposing the UHOP deal was declared out of order and another who favored the idea and name called a commissioner "sitting there looking stupid" wasn't declared out of order. the park isnt surplus property, yet. web cameras and tape recorders were not allowed at this public meeting. gee, i wonder why?

Wednesday, October 04, 2006


this isn't the standard jury duty notice. this is for a specific trial that will last 4 weeks and begin after Nov 27. what govenment official is going to on trial after Thanksgiving that will last until Christmas? the standard jury duty notice is for superior court. this court is the US District Court.

My employer will LOVE hearing about this.

Monday, October 02, 2006


while strolling thru the video archives we hit this little jem. filmed in 1942, it's a pure delight.

foley's actions are beginning to make gov mcgreevey look like a class act. mcgreevey was just stupid and foley is a bigger idiot. foley's arrogance is bigger than admitting he has a drinking problem. they always blame it on drinking. we all know what foley's motivation is regarding this rehab announcement. minimize his jail time. i'd like to read some of the messages to see just how freaky this dude is. :) good he's in a hospital too. he doesnt have to have the tv on to hear all about himself.

Friday, September 29, 2006


what is with some of these creeps who prey on instant messenger? i was a member of AOL for all of 5 years and got way up to AOL 8.0 w/ IM. man, there are some weirdo's and freaks on AOL and all those chatrooms were a strange form of entertainment. the buddylist is great if you like to stalk people or being stalked. overall it gave me the willys and i dont regret leaving AOL for a second.


it's chilly and cool this morning. Indian Summer. :)

and tonight, we're stopping in here for the bear art show:


this week, the weight gainers of Georgetown football are off to somewhere up near Albany. but it's a win for us already because it's on TV:

from comes this news

MASN To Broadcast Colgate Game
The Mid-Atlantic Sports Network, available on regional cable and national satellite, has announced it will broadcast Saturday's Georgetown-Colgate game Saturday.
The game will be broadcast on a tape delay basis at 3:30 pm Saturday, following the Navy-Connecticut game. It is believed to be the first Georgetown football game broadcast on local cable TV. Three previous Patriot league games were broadcast on satellite-accessible cable channels since 2002, but none through local Washington area cable systems.

live the rosary Georgetowners: This will be the fifth meeting between Georgetown and Colgate. The Raiders have won all four meetings between the teams.

UPDATE: Colgate scored two touchdowns in the third quarter and took advantage of five Georgetown turnovers en route to a 31-7

Thursday, September 28, 2006


anybody else get caught in the gridlock cause by the Terror Summit participants? I mean we had bush where he's at(no problem) , dick cheney up at Mass ave and 34th, Condi at the Watergate, Karzi of Afghanistan at the Willard and Mussharif at The Madison.
in a city populated with cab drivers from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Somalia the security today was worse than just after 9-11

Kowasaki, Japan: a penis festival

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


oh lord, i'm clueless as to i found this on youtube but it's a fun classic from the late 70's.

Friday, September 22, 2006


"The Exorcist" staircase is where we're located.
this is going to be a fun Halloween in Georgetown.


Georgetown(football) enters Saturday's game with Columbia as an underdog--a surprise, perhaps given Columbia's longstanding football reputation(losers). The Columbia Lions' 30 point win over Fordham last week served notice that its football fortunes are beginning to look up. Away game.

Live the rosary fellas. y'all need it.

update: OUCH! 23-21 Lions

Don't look for Georgetown's Anne Nitze

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


sept 22, 20006,a,11,q,629009,dcartsNav_GID,1742.asp


since the 1940's Casa Pena, located at 1634 17th st nw has served the public. they had some of the lowest prices for dried tomatoes around. too bad they couldnt keep their bookkeeping straight because between the feds and dc tax & revenue the business was continually being interrupted. so now they are closed for good. the fixtures have been removed. the building is worth a fortune so whoever owns it will be ok. they could make a killing with more luxury apartments particularly in that very chic homosexual neighborhood. the commercial property taxes in dc are astronomical.

Monday, September 18, 2006


could it be in the vault?

something like that could happened to us if certain staff at HPRB have their way.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


this is a spectacular idea and we're so proud of our association. please checkout the website the entire community is involved plus Mississippi State University and Bennington College.

Provincetown is where he crafted the masterpiece "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "The Glass Menagerie" and where he created so many other works of art.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


from the current Intowner we read where recently the council of the district of columbia enacted amendments to the historic preservation law designating the Historic Preservation Review Board(HPRB) to author rules and regulations with expanded authority. they will decide what colors property owners may paint their property. some of these "san francisco" style painted houses may be grandfathered so get your designer colors applied because soon some "educated" know-it-all is going to ban purple/lilac/orange/cream/plum and apricot combinations.

i wish the congressional reviewers would strike these amendments because who wants the neighborhoods to lose their vibrant topical displays? or everything will look drab, boring and Restonesque.



no not me! it's Anthony De Mare

Friday, September 15, 2006


georgetown headed to providence, rhode island to play brown.
last year we lost like 34-0

OMG they're called the Brown Bears.



ok, what exactly is so bad about this? please comment.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


althought i've never actually executed another human being it's a little sad to say au revoir to ann richards. she must have been a hoot when drunk but she's even funnier sober. i so much admire her courage and willingness to educate others about addiction and the importance and beauty of sobriety and doing it without a moralistic scold. boy do i resent the moralistic scolds from sinners.

anyway, tonights another crime meeting. this time at the united house of prayer and the subject is the shaw crime task force. 6 pm 601 M street nw.

every monday night at st. david's episcopal church is the weekly betty ford center alumni meeting. we meet at 8 pm the address is 5150 macomb street northwest. in the palisades neighborhood. we meet for dinner at the starland cafe(5125 macarthur blvd) @ 6 30 pm and then head over for a meeting. there's always room. great fellowship, great food at affordable prices.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


why patterson lost. vince gray is truly a nice man, i mean how can u not like him? and his opponents meanness finally caught up with her. she makes leona helmsley an angel. i hope vince's victory tells us the trolley to the lily ponds along the anakostia will happen sooner than later. vince adopted the right tone in the palisades land use case and advocated for the neighborhood. he'll be a great council chair. too bad kathy didnt endorse fenty or maybe he didnt want to be associated with the queen of mean.

why the cropp failed. whoever directed her campaign never had the correct focus to begin with. we should have met the students who's lives she influenced while a guidance professional and teacher. then her campaign skipped over the school board years as if they were of no importance. she was setup to run for mayor by the establishment. when the mud started being thrown we'd had enough.

the fenty years will be highlighted with better service management and we need to tax income at it's source or get more from the feds because the older folks cannot take any more increases in local real property taxes.

phil mendelson doesnt cave. well, not too often. his opponent was a reinvented harold brazil sponsored by the local chamber of commerce. i'm happy 'tommy' thomas and tommy wells will be on council. both are compassionate and progressive even though wells favored chucking the MLK to a developer. 'tommy' thomas told me he will NOT be wearing the #5 and he WILL be answering his phone like his father did. atleast everytime i called to bitch about something harry thomas answered the phone :-)

jim graham. the little munchkin was the big winner last night. he endorsed fenty, gray and won renomination with 86% of the vote.

mary cheh. ward 3. we'll see if she's a stooge for GWU real soon. her opponent bill rice will land a spot with the fenty administration early on. i hope he doesnt start taking credit for being a service manager there also. paul strauss' treasurer is a hunk of a bear. too bad we can't vote for him. yet.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Democrat Primary Day

in DC, whoever wins the democrat party primary wins the general election . so the contest is really the primary. i voted at the MLK library at 1 pm. in the two years since we last voted the number of luxury units the have come online is remarkable. it's ALL luxury housing. not one unit of affordable in this neighborhood atleast.


i'd like to swing over to on capitol hill for kathy patterson's victory party but parking there is a total bitch and i aint taken metrorail home at that hour.

i'm curious to know how all this afforable housing that everybody is talking about is going to be packaged.


guess what time it is when carol schwartz endorsed linda cropp? it's ovah linda! bu-bye

Sunday, September 10, 2006

the BALDUCCI'S that never was

whoever believed balducci's would ever commit to the penn quarter neighborhood needs a reality check or a little more time living in the eastend of dc. ofcourse they did an extensive market review and consulted they're psychic's. most of the residents either have cars, vespa's or accounts with or peapod already. if they want booze, central liquor has been in downtown since the 40's. and there are several newstands, lottery outlets and CVS's existing.



Saturday, September 09, 2006


say whatever you like...nobody will harm you here

incredible performance

"God the woman was about to be raped, her lover was going to be executed, and she´s in absolute despair and people here complain about a rough singing! in my opinion it would be ridiculous if she sang that part in a relaxed & calm way, or tell me, if you were going through all that, will you sing as if nothing happened?"

well said operalady

this is the weirdest endorsement

Thursday, September 07, 2006

more endorsements

fenty: jim graham, kwame brown, marion barry, the Georgetowner, washington post, washington examiner, hispanic times, LooseLips

washington times, cora masters-barry endorse marie johns

michael brown, linda greenan, jack evans, gertrude stein democrat club, laurence guyot, commissioner thorpe and sharon ambrose endorse cropp

for the collection!

Monday, September 04, 2006

jeff corwin ANIMAL PLANET

this is the host the animals at this house adore. jeff is one of the best physical comedic actors on TV. our little henry watches & loves his animal stories.

not steve irwin, the BGH(Bovine Growth Hormone) roided show-off that got himself killed. one look at irwin's physique and you can see he was on BGH and let me tell you there are plenty of veterinary doctors that will juice you up. it takes a lot to threaten a stingray and mr irwin's manager is doing a terrific job at controlling the story. i believe irwin provoked the animal for drama and didn't fully comprehend the nature of the species.

summer nights

an allan carr production:

Sunday, September 03, 2006

fenty's in da hood, ISLANDS IN THE STREAM

just walked back from fresh fields via 9th and O and ran into adrian fenty at the coffee shop on the corner. he was campaigning and greeting everybody. this man is like the energizer bunny he pops up everywhere. it's great to see a candidate so full of health and vigor. tonight we will be over at 440 M st for a Fenty ward two campaign rally at 7:30 pm. all are invited.


chopped onion lots
mushrooms sliced
add a touch of olive oil
minced garlic
dried red pepper
pinch of kosher salt
saute 2 minutes add
crushed tomatoes
boil, simmer and serve

horseradish mustard

minced garlic
prepared horseradish( i know you dont have it in the garden)
5 table spoons dry mustard
2 tablespoons for rice/cider vinegar

dont panic fellas

college football score Georgetown 13 Holy Cross 26

Saturday, September 02, 2006

pineapple-lime roast chicken

ok, the weathers changed and were off the vegan binge for atleast a few days.
so here's a fun roast chicken.

with 2 oz of olive oil add 4 teaspoons of grated lime and 4 tablespoons of minced garlic mix and add under the skin of chicken.

baste chicken with pineapple, lime juice and soy mixture every 15 minutes in the last hr.

Patterson has horns, Wapost endorses vince gray


like john wilson, mrs patterson will tell it like it is. she wont hold back and sugar coat reality. she IS like our junkyard dog. and we havent had one of those in awhile. it will be refreshing when she's elected chairman of council. she tells the truth and in this city, that is rare.

the wapost endorsement is more about the good old boy network and giving the chief of police whatever he wants without oversight or questions. thank god after patterson and fenty are elected this chief will GO away. in addition, meeting will be open to reporters. unlike currently,
where it's developers rule behind closed doors.

i like vince gray he should run for mayor someday.

Friday, September 01, 2006

congratulations betty!

and best wishes on you election as president of the trustee's board of the Provincetown monument and museum

better than georgetown...JUST SAY NO thank you

we have an opportunity to not duplicate the mistakes of georgetown. they dont have metro, we do. they have aggressive parking enforcement, we have NONE. it was kewl of the owner of the property at 5th and O to decide housing would be a better fit for her property than a restaurant. because changing the zoning in that instance would have been the excuse any gin mill could use to invade our the quiet residential community. nobody is more pro-business than me. but having claims of discrimination because of client marketing is an avenue that can make lawyers rich and hurt the serenity of the neighborhoods.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


here's a link to our former champion: charlene drew jarvis:

as you can see by her answers she was quite progressive.


oh boy is THIS going to be a fun two weeks until the primary is over. the cropp campaign is slinging mud and dirt at our candidate right and left. but guess what folks? aint stickin.

the sad part is that a nice person like mrs cropp listens to advisors who think voters are such idiots they can win with mud and dirt. i have more respect for the intelligence of the electorate than that.

on sunday(sept 3) night at 7 30 the team that brought down charlene drew jarvis is having another pre-primary election campaign party at the home of beth solomon at 440 m street nw. bring a guest. ALL are welcome.

Monday, August 28, 2006


recalling a year ago. all the bigshots were on vacation: cheney, bush and andrew sullivan. LOL. they couldnt be pulled away from their vacations for nothing. i was screaming: for christ's sake DO SOMETHING! but no, bush went to arizona and played the banjo while the other two just played with themselves. dont know what happened to jean meserve but she filed a haunting report from new orleans at the beginning of the nightmare with crying dogs in the background. what a complete failure by the government that was.

3 weeks without rain

yes, it's been over 3 weeks so all you girls know what to do: get out your watering cans and hit those trees.

mo, it was nice to meet your brother and nephew. i love your columns and books as much as you love my glasses! welcome back students at georgetown university. it will be a fun filled year.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

blagden alley association

tonight the blagden alley/naylor court association had there annual picnic. summer night cool canadian breeze made it a success. 200 people. friends, neighbors, new people and new friends. the food options were incredible. everything from grilled sea bass and blue fish to some very fancy desserts. candidates mendelson, patterson, gray and fenty greeted folks. nobody from screw them! scott, the association's webmaster, did a fabulous job on the the grill. :-) it was good to see the police Lt, detectives, sargent and officers of PSA 307 again. they know although i ask their commander too many questions, i'm really on their team.

congratulations to commissioner alex padro for winning the golden brick award from the association in appreciation for advances on 9th street. the brick is finished off with ralph lauren metallic gold paint.


this place sounds too unreal for me already and it aint even opened yet. LOL i will not be going here. we have been origional for 30 years! playing with fashion! they've GOT to be kidding. :)

“Ultimately, we just want to change what people expect,” Watson says. “We want to elevate the expectation of the type of venue that people deserve. We are working to blur the distinction between a neighborhood bar and an urban nightclub by taking the best from each to create a new genre of lounge.”
Along with his new genre of lounge, Watson says he hopes to see a new genre of customer.
“When you come here, you should look the part,” Watson says. “Take it seriously. We encourage people to have fun and play with fashion.”
Watson says he has selected a “knockout” staff of 30 out of 300 people who applied. The bar will specialize in “candy-themed” martinis and margaritas.
“We’re really excited about featuring our menu as well as our staff because a part of this venue is going to be coming from the scenery,” Watson says. “It’s the venue, it’s the staff, it’s the show.”


last night 80 guests danced, drank and ate at a breathtaking riverfront apartment with a view of all the monuments. french speakers, ebonic speakers, tennis players, shag dancers oh and the food. andrew was there. no, not THAT big old bottom andrew. the OTHER one. I havent seen him in ages. we drank cranberry juice, laughed, ate vegan plus a lot of brie. capitol file and the georgetowner covered the event so i hope my picture doesnt make it to the newsstand. andrew is 47, single, gay, down to earth and available. i'm so jaded nothing shocks me, even though he tried. i was home alone and asleep in bed by 11 45 pm.

who done it?

we have no idea who sent the 11,000 post cards when 5 term council member mrs jarvis got defeated do we? LOL

and colby, i'm so sorry but mrs jarvis and her family are doing even better now than as a mere council member and lets not forgot she's a PHD in nano-physiology so she didnt just fall off the back of the turnip truck. i voted for mrs jarvis in the 1990 primary for mayor because she was the smartest and most progressive. after that mrs jarvis became the water boy for marriott and that's when she had to be defeated and we gladly worked for adrian to win. so colby it wasn't the 11,000 post cards we sent that defeated mrs jarvis, it was the fact that she delivered a crummy motel 6 to georgia avenue and a taxpayer financed $600,000,000. convention center to downtown. she got fired by the voters.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

campaign season in full swing

because this is a democrat town the real election is the democrat party primary. that election date is september 12. and now the mud balls are getting thrown by the desperate candidates. the mud balls thrown by vincent orange and linda cropp are hurting themselves more than the object of their wads of dirt. the mud aint stickin!
the wapost endorsement is soon and it appears mrs patterson will get the papers endorsement for council chair. this is good for transparency in govenment and open meeting rules. she will also challenge the police department and not give em a rubber stamp, like the current team in power does. there are so many picnics and parties now.
the french party is friday night, the blagden alley picnic saturday night and the bash at the temperance hall up in petworth on sunday. my future ex husband will be at a few of these. :)


hey, it's your summer vacation!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

rewind: THE DOORS


we're going to DC jail in a little while to visit our neighbor, a retired Episcopal minister who is being held as a flight risk pending an investigation. he is being charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute crystal meth. that jail was too freakin much. i've never been to a joint like that before. the former priest was in protective custody and was brought to a cage where we chatted for 30 minutes via phone. although never visiting an insane asylum it must be something like this. everybody there claims to be innocent and they all rat on everybody else to reduce their sentences.

he still acts like a bigshot. the joint is filled with narcissists. i may go next week. strike that, i wont massage his ego by appearing. i will write letters to him. i dont want it to appear like i endorse his criminality either. it's outrageous that he would have so little respect for me that he'd have a meth lab next door and blow up my happy love filled home for his greedy addiction. he needs to be held accountable and if that means going to the slammer for 12 years then that's what it is. he's plea bargaining so i wonder what he's rating on everybody else?

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


24 years ago when i purchased this car from mercedes benz of san francisco the idea i might have the car today never entered my mind. we've been thru so much together. future ex-husbands left wing and right. betty ford. friends and others dead too soon. from san francisco to greenwich village, liberace's death in palm springs, provincetown & the lower cape and washington dc. motor trips to quebec city, hitting all the interstate diesel truckstops, bar harbor and little havana. and ofcourse bombing around georgetown. i'm not ready to let the old girl go. the automatic transmission runs so perfectly smooth. the roll down crank windows, didnt order cruise control, didnt order a sunroof. the excellent interior is mercedes vinyl and the body is very good. she's a classic 240 D. my perfect no frills machine. so when i brought her in for the motor mounts remove/replace job i wasnt sure how much longer i'd have her. well, i got her back the same day and she's running quiet with no shaking. and it cost 300 dollars including parts and labor. :) not bad for 258,000 miles!

Monday, August 21, 2006


this aint a record breaker. notice the crummy form. more like a ham playin

george w bush

on gas prices he said: "we need to diversify the oil/gas industry and build new refineries."

Saturday, August 19, 2006

dionne warwick

happy and out gathering signatures for position on ballot great song

Tuesday, August 15, 2006


senator bigot

but he's the son of some famous football coach so he'll get a pass


stein club results

the meeting went on into past 11 pm. nice to see all the gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, questioning and heterosexual democratic activists together.
although getting them to agree is sometimes like herding cats. :)

pannell endorsed
graham endorsed
panetta endorsed
erik s. gaull 59 % no endorsement
wells endorsed
thomas endorsed

Sunday, August 13, 2006


castro is recovering and isn't dead....yet!

War Stories a FNC show featuring oliver north is an excellent program tonights episode covered the the french occupation and defeat in vietnam and the american involvement through 1969. 58,000 american soldiers never came home.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

this man squats 1003 lbs

having a great saturday night going over voter enrollment in this SMD :-)

jackie wilson

it's fun meeting people out on the campaign hustings. such a lovely afternoon.

i just love this music but the video? ewwwwwwwwwww

crime emergency: a different view

so the park at new jersey and O is dark. the electrical system is fucked up. instead of spending the $50 thousand to fix it. the city will spend 1 million dollars to renovate the park.

the 400 block of O street goes nowhere. crosstown drivers utilize N or P streets. thieves and gangsters use N and P streets. so what is the logic to place a bullet proof camera across from a park where the lights dont work and the vehicle traffic is minimal? but yesterday we had all the politicans and big shot commanders and chiefs at the site to hold a news conference about the crime emergency and to bravo the installation of this $100K bullet proof camera.

the fact is: all we needed was the lights repaired. that's the most infuriating part of this dysfunctional government. WHO is steering? WHO is in charge?

Friday, August 11, 2006

rewind: precious moments

anderson cooper has finally taken a weekend away from the middle east and tonight he reports from london. whatta guy.

it's noteworthy to say the renovation of the house next door that was occupied by the retired episcopal minister who's being held as a flight risk and charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute crystal meth is still on hold with a stopwork order in effect. of the 3 partners in the project 2 are in jail and 1 is dead.

i deeply appreciate the response from the GLLU unit of the Metropolitan Police Department quick response to my call for help. i suspect there was an open warrant and they were waiting for a call to execute it.

it's approaching 3 months and no construction. the contractors finally words were: "well i hope you like living next to a vacant shell." rather a vacant shell than a house of crystal meth freaks like we had before.

bebar dc

after all the drama and fussing we're finally here:

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


we received a few emails asking why we're so tame. why dont you flame? it's because my political opponents are tracking this blog for any shit they can accuse me of saying. so now you all know and it's out in the open :P. today we signed our declaration of candidacy down at 441 4th St. NW and i will be required to obtain 25 signatures of residents in this Single Member District.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

wrong wrong wrong

good riddance joe lieberman! we can't stand your voice, your ugly green hair, your wife's hair, your support for judge alito, chief justice roberts and your support of the war in iraq. you are a LOSERMAN

this clip is about victim dependency :)

what's next? kate smith singing : As Long As He Needs Me?

Monday, August 07, 2006

september 11th movies

i will skip all these movies. the visuals and memories of that horrible day are still fresh in my mind. and why wasn't ann coulter on the plane that slammed into the pentagon instead of our friend barbara olson?
overlook the bad pic please.

the radical chic, being tear gassed & riot control

august 6 1968. we were only doing what was right. is THAT a crime? yes, we were dicking with the cops even back then. we didn't do it because it was pretty to be there. we took action because of the military/industrial insanity of our time. we were tear gassed for the first time at a demonstration protesting the WMD atom bomb that destroyed Nagaski and it's people at the 42nd street armory.

after the protest we all went down to the goldbug. pre-stonewall but it was in the pressure cooker. we were oh so bad, high on pot and acid. yes, that was us. :) the flower children of activism. we went into The Leatherman shop on christopher. jesus i thought...what is THIS all about? i would soon discover the anvil, everard baths and mineshaft.

the Gold Bug site is mentioned here:

liberace on the diamond buttons

Sunday, August 06, 2006

mirror mirror on the wall

yesterday, at the georgetown rugby house on 35th street, the guys hired a hauler to remove trash. the parents of a few students were visiting sunday so they needed to clear the shit out. first impressions and all. well, two guys carried(weighs over 100 lbs) this huge masculine mirror with a classical frame(4'X 5'). two doric columns supporting a chippendale crown. i asked if it was trash and they offered it for free. the guys had in the backyard under a tree . it's slightly beat-up but will clean up nice. slap a coat of ralph lauren paint greenish gold on her. a dealer would price it over $1,000 as is. the place is looking even more liberace than before. :)

it's good to be alive!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Friday, August 04, 2006


we believe you lee.

the bear happy hour got boring fast, we went for the ice coffee at starbucks(conneticut avenue & R) and had a far better time. ran into yoshi. :-) the guy from work isn't subtle anymore. today he walked up to me and expressed bluntly what he wanted. i just gave him the deer in the headlights look. it's fun to torture people. :-)

another prayer :-)

whatta voice

remarkable performance.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

civil war in iraq

is this a surprise, a civil war? it's already happening. the generals wouldn't admit it if it was true. it's sickening. this administration is totally fucked up.

cheating today

today is cheating day and that means i'm having pizza. 1/2 pineapple and 1/2 anchovy cheese.
at least there's a breeze this evening! tomorrow's the bear happy hour @ titans bar on 14th. today something odd happened at work. but i ignored it and chuckled. poor guy, i guess his wife doesnt do it good enough. and i thought he wanted me for my physique! ouch. he said, where do i take guys for action? i told him, i do have an apartment. he said ..why dont you invite me over?

Kirsten Flagstad
this one makes everybody happy! whatta voice.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

simon sermon: a pro wrestler who happens to be gay

the outlook of this actor is good. why not?

everything TOFU

that's the great thing when you dig simple food. so we're having vegetables and tofu with dipping sauces every day and all week. the vegetables change but the tofu stays the same. like today will be turnip greens with tofu and korean paste.

i wont go on about the diet because we certainly wouldnt want to hear about yours. but we're having lots of fun with it. occasionally i miss the flavor of slaughtered animal but that passes quickly.

it's going to be like 102 today so we'll get the car washed, shopping and errands finished by 11 am and wind down this summer vacation by painting a wall so i wont have to do it this fall during the campaign. maybe i'll have a yard sale after the election to retire the campaign debt. :-)


this video is about as anti-communist as you can get. lets hope that mofo bastid expires today.
looking forward to the end of concentration camps for cubans with aids.
ok, i'll call them aids colonies for you politically correct but they really are concentration camps.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

10 pounds for 10 dollars

is everybody doing the mixing and matching at the 10 for 10 sale this week @ Safeway? for 10 bucks you can get a great mix of produce for the week. double it and blanche half. i'm really having fun with tofu & grilling on these hot august nights.

Monday, July 31, 2006

9 grand fathers ago..grand father samuel gorton .

First governor of PROVIDENCE PLANTATIONS of Rhode Island, and founder of Warwick, Rhode Island and Christian Transcendentalist philospher.

The Narragansette indians were impressed that the Gortonists had survived their ordeal with the Puritans. Gorton became a magistrate at Portsmouth and tried to bring about more fair land distribution. 1645. That year he published his Simplicities Defence Against Seven-Headed Policy. In this and other works Gorton wrote that all humans are essentially divine and that conversion is apprehending this inner divinity and being willing to follow its guidance even against human authority. Those who understand God in Christ find divinity in all humanity. The divine spirit is equally near to saints and sinners, and Christ offers freedom. Gorton accused New England Puritans of establishing worthless idols and distracting people with fasts, the Sabbath, sermons, battles, churches, and officers. If Christ is king and ruler, then all other authority and government is superfluous. Justice is not administered by an officer but by every brother, rich or poor, ignorant or learned. Gorton criticized the privileged status of ministers, who praise the able and learned while burdening the poor with obedience and sins. He opposed slavery. No external education could reform one's life as well as Christ could, and women may prophesy as well as men. Gorton argued that the penalty of sin is not in the future but is the natural and inevitable result of an evil action. Heaven and hell are within.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Saturday night Opera(soap) WHITE FLAG

this opera deals with victim dependency.

Saturday matinee: Mothra music video

mothra is working deity. the twins are present pressing the buttons as usual.
a wise friend told me yesterday, Buddha has wings too. that made me happy.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Rose Lane lived to be 101 and was a close friend of mine. clear mind, heart failure was the cause of death. one time visiting rose and i believe she was 100, rose said..let me show you what i CAN do. with assistance she got out of bed and with the help of her walker she made fast laps around the room.

we talked politics. rose was VERY independent politically. we were both pushing for anthony williams for executive when he was just a bean counter. that's how we met. she would tell me about growing up and President McKinley was in office when you are born. she was raised in massachusetts and educated there. rose was an african american and a republican. she hated woodrow wilson. and i can understand why.

woodrow wilson, it is well documented and known was a vile racist. he used the words of an ignorant racist alot. nigger this nigger that. this is the truth and i knew this before speaking to rose about her life and times. she liked herbert hoover very much.

she once told me that the only down side of making to 98 is that there's nobody left from your age group to talk with. after she became home bound i would visit occasionally. she lived the rosary.

every halloween night i would visit her family in their large dupont circle townhouse and of course we'd have coffee, talk politics and laugh while i'm in drag. she was soooo funny. i miss that friend.