Friday, November 24, 2006

The draft, bring it back

Yes, Absolutely Charlie Rangel I agree a draft in the United States is needed now not later.
I am sick and tired of running into young men who don't want or know how to talk about anything other than hedonistic pleasures. We do not have the luxury of having vast numbers of young people concerned with onlyMTV, BET, Playstation 3, clothes, sports, and cars. Many are spaghetti-spined, weaked-kneed know nothings, who cannot even communicate properly. Living in this country is a privilege and all need to contribute to the Framers intent in creating this Representative Republic. Remember that most of the men who created the Articles of Confederation leading to the Declaration of Independence in the 1700's were in their twenties. It is not fair that only certain men and women are volunteering for military service, while others are sitting here doing absolutely nothing in defense or support of this country. Yet, everyone is benefiting from the service that the men and women in the US military are provided in support of our freedom. My thought is if these young people are not going to volunteer willingly, they need to be drafted. This will include all racial and socio-economic categories. This will go a long way in reversing the narcisstic, materialistic and selfish zombies that are being created among American youth.

Signed "New Anonymous".

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