Tuesday, November 14, 2006


today, cropp and company will do another number on the city's taxpayers and land use activists. it appears they will agree to whatever the owner wants. so much for courage and doing what is right. they will approve a downsized parking plan that was NOT approved by the zoning commission but what the fat cat owner wants. fenty says the penalty for not caving will be severe but catania says it will be 3 million. and now herb miller is suing the city for 40 million. LOL. baseball's butt boy: mark touhey, you did good!

this reminds me of the downsized MLK that the city approved 30 years ago. Mies wanted a fifth floor and escalators but instead we got stairways and no fifth floor. and now the new library advocates are saying it's obsolete. well, it was dumbed down and obsolete since day one.

council may vote themselves pay raises today. good riddance to cropp and company unfortunately delivery of services aint likely to improve much under the new mayor. like sharon pratt kelly, it will appear different initially but it will be nothing but a revamp and reissue of poor management.


Alexander M. Padro said...

The Council has not yet approved a new, smaller central public library on the old convention center site to replace the Mies van der Rohe designed MLK Memorial Library. We're still fighting against that proposal at the Committee and full Council level.

Alexander M. Padro
Commissioner, ANC 2C01 and former member, DC Public Library Board of Trustees

richard said...

i hope they will add escalators and a 5th floor to create the library that Mies had origionally intended.

let us know who to contact at the committee and council.