Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Top Ten reasons why illegal immigration is a threat to our way of life:

10. Proliferation of foreign flags being flown in US and in some cases
American flags being burned.
09. Sacrificed goats and various other animals due to rituals being performed in Adams Morgan, etc.
08. Ethnic fiedoms and enclaves being established in certain neighborhoods and speaking
native languages and refusing to learn English.
07. Identity theft mainly involving social security numbers.
06. Demeaning the institution of marriage to obtain US citizenship fraudulantly.
05. Degradation of what it means to be a patriotic American and earn citizenship legally.
04. The ability of Mexico, Latin America and other countries to ignore their responsibility to improve their
economies and way of life for their poor.
03. Gang-related violence and the corresponding costs to jail felons.
02. Costs associated with the healthcare, and social services. etc, required for the uninsured and unemployed.
01. Terrorism (remember Sept 11th).

Oh, by the way before I get responses, I am not against immigrants (I am against law breaking). I do believe the US government has created this problem, and needs to fix it. Everyone in America has to abide by the law and no one gets a free pass, according to the US Constitution. Try going to Mexico illegally and see what the consequences are, and the last time I checked they called themselves a democracy.

Signed "new anonymous".


E :) said...

My understanding is that the Sept 11 terrorists were here legally, mainly on student visas. So illegal immigration wasn't the issue there at all.

diane lawyer basura said...

What iz going on in Adams Morgan(#9)?

Anonymous said...

To e:)

if someone comes here under a student visa ,never attends class and learns to take off and land planes, they become an illegal alien and a potential terrorists. Let's not let political correctness lead to our demise.

Also beheaded animals, surrounded by candles and other ritual accessories have been found recently in Adams Morgan.

E :) said...

I came under a student visa. I didn't attend class because that's not what I was here for but it was the visa that was allocated to me. I could have legally learned to fly planes while I was here at the too.

It is my understanding that the 9/11 hijackers came to this country legally. The government failed to take notice when they started learning how to fly but not land planes. Failing to attend class does not make you an illegal immigrant. Get your facts correct.

Political correctness doesn't come into it. I'm just relaying the facts as a former resident alien whose right to stay here was hampered by the events of that terrible day.

Your post was insulting.

E :) said...

Oh, and I proudly flew my Australian flag whilst in the United States. The fact that you included "flying foreign flags" along with "American flags being burned" in the same point is just plain wrong. I never burned an American flag as a foreigner who proudly flew their own! I never sacrificed a goat! I attended my "ethnic fiedom (sic.)" a.k.a. the Australian embassy happy hour and gathered with other Aussie friends in DC. I never stole anyone else's identity. I didn't try to get married to stay in the country. I did not degrade any patriotic American. Just because people want to migrate to America it doesn't mean that their own countries don't want to seek improvements for their citizens.

I'm not going to go on. Your post generalised the issue in the extreme, and while you say you are not against immigrants per se, your post does not reflect this sentiment at all.

Lonnie Bruner said...


I've been a leftie all my life and in 2004 I began working at a very left-leaning non-profit org on immigration. I wasn't completely "open borders", but I was close.

After two years working there, I became about as close as Lou Dobbs on the subject of illegal immigration. My position is too complex to describe in a single comment, but here are a few thoughts:

- The fact that the hijackers from 9/11 came on student visas is irrelevant to the US's concern for secure borders. (To split hairs, a few of them overstayed their status, so they weren't technically "illegal", but certainly "out of status" which has very negative consequences, as e:) can confirm, I'm sure). It doesn't take too much of a terrorist mastermind to exploit the under-protected southern border and use it for nefarious designs on US institutions. It's a legitimate concern.

- It's fundamental in international immigration policy that a nation should be able to decide its own policy on immigration---that it shouldn't be decided by those interested in coming here. When you think about that, that's common sense. All nations have that same policy -- including Austrailia, e:) -- so the most liberal country on allowing immigrants to live here, the USA, (the US takes more than 35% of the world's immigrants) should be able to do what it can to restrict those with self-interested border-breaking designs on our country.

- A lot of this has to do with Mexico---not diversity at all (which is the crux of our current immigration policy, set in motion by JFK). Mexican elites have decided that the way to deal with their inept running of their economy is to send the poor people to the US. Most of the illegal immigration problem has to do with the fact that the US borders a lawless, 3rd World country. Because we're the one of the nicest country to immigrate to, by far.

But I'm not trying to start a flame war here.

Just my 2 cents.

E :) said...

I totally agree with you Lonnie. Countries should be able to decide their own immigration policies. But this post was just plain insulting. It added nothing to the debate while generalising and insulting foreign nationals who are legally living in the USA, despite the author's disclaimer at the bottom of the post.

I fully support the United States (and any other nation) creating and enforcing tight immigration legislation. But let's debate this sensibly instead of sprouting nonsense.

Anonymous said...

To e:)

I find it ironic that you as an Australian want to criticize, my statements. Your country has some of the most strict immigration laws on earth. One of the most extreme is not allowing someone over a certain age to immigrate there (sounds like age discrimination). Are you ok with policies such as that? You inserted yourself into every situation, I mentioned in my statements. If you did not come here here illegally, then what is the problem? If I come to Australia , I will obey the laws, or I am sure I will be arrested and deported. It has nothing to do with insulting immigrants, a country has a right to protect is borders and sovereignty. Go and read the UN Charter and the US Constitution.

Yt said...

I don't find personal opinions posted on blogs, and thus, subject to scrutiny and open debate offensive. It's only when personal opinions get inserted clandestinely into policy and legislation w/o full, fair, and sensible debate (the Patriot Act, the US (Rumsfeld's/Cheney's, et. al) invasion of Iraq as response to 911, etc) that I am bothered.

If you don't like someone's personal opinions, ignore them, and spend more time with your friends.

Anonymous said...

it's cool for people to want to immigrate to our country, cuz it is one of the best countries to come to. however, if they are coming illegally....it's illegal. breaking law is breaking the law, there is no way to justify it. if it's breaking the law.. don't do it.

sabbi said...

wat happened on sept 11th.

n wat is adam morgans