Friday, November 24, 2006

The British People need to wake up

Hey Brits,
What is happening in your country? Have you become so engrossed in political correctness that you risk losing your country to radicals. You have allowed untold numbers of immigrants from Pakistan, North Africa, India to infiltrate your country. Many are saying that they want a better life, however they come to England, wanting to change your society. Even the children of these folks born in Britain do not cherish British citizenship. You have had a wave of incidences recently that are clearly anti-British. From the bombings on the tubes and buses to the attempted blowing up jetliners over American cities. So-called Imans or Mullahs are preaching death to Britain and America in your parks and public spaces. You also have recently a Russian being poisoned/murdered in London (yes I do believe the corrupt, contemptible government of Vladimir Putin is involved), come on wake up! Yet you Brits complain about the wait (for security clearance purposes) to enter the U.S. I am relieved that passports are now required. If a massive terrorist attack, is carried out in this country having being planned and initiated in the U.K., it will most detrimentally effect our countries relations. How do I know this, because I am an American?

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Anonymous said...

wow Richard I am an american as well. I think we have enough drama in our own country to be wrapped up in their problems over there. It is almost as if you are a communist with the way you are talking to them. That is their country and they can run it the way they see fit. You have no right to judge or criticize because it is so odvious you are not doing anything to rectify the problems that we have here in the US. No one is doing anything to fix our country, they are to focused on what is going on on the other side of the world. cities are falling, schools are going broke closing and over packing classrooms with to many students and not enough staff. The United States is a Joke they can not control the crime here how can they control terorism and crime in someone elses country.