Sunday, November 19, 2006


what time is your plane for thanksgiving?
where you going for thanksgiving?
are you going home for thanksgiving?
what time is your train for thanksgiving?
when are you leaving for thanksgiving?
when are you coming back from thanksgiving?
are you taking the 20 dollars chinese bus to the bowery?


Yt said...

AFTER HITTING THE GYM, I'm preparing an intimate little dinner with my neighbor heavy on the veggie items -- butternut squash, avocado salad, cannellini beans with home made pesto, baked sweet potatoes, haricots verts, veggie stuffing, and a very small turkey for her (and [shhh] her loyal and very deserving hound, who's not supposed to get human food under the table). Got Tapis Rouge Cirque du Soleil tickets for the following evening with another close friend, he and have been excited about CdS coming to town for months.

Might do a little more work for one of the local shelters/soup kitchens after taking part in the Fannie Mae Foundation's Help the Homeless Walk last weekend. I'll stroll down to the Mall again to see if there are any folks commemorating "The National Day of Mourning" to show support for my native brothers and sisters.

Being very very thankful about the possibility of new leadership in my ANC and SMD.

Have a wonderful day/week yourself!

richard said...

you glow and best wishes!