Monday, November 27, 2006


We live in a violent society, I acknowledge this. Why do we live this way, some folks say it's been this way since the beginning of time, remember Cain and Abel? However, to me there is difference between this act and cities in America having hundreds and thousands of murders committed every year. I am not going to mention the numerous violent assaults. Why is this, we are an affluent, educated society that has embraced modernity? Yet, there is a hardcore element that has no regard for life and liberty. This faction has easy access to handguns (thanks NRA and reckless members of Congress). Yes, I am aware of the Second Amendment to the Constitution that states that in order to have a well regulated militia, Americans have a right to bear arms. There is a difference between this amendment and every Tom, Dick and Harry having access to these weapons of mass destruction. When you try to justify the rampant selling of handguns, etc., also take a look at the FBI statistics of the yearly handgun murders. If you think this is not a problem, then maybe we are not so civilized and modern at all.

Signed"new anonymous".


diane lawyer basura said...

cain and abel? wtf? oh, you mean adam and steve, right?

Yt said...

"well regulated militia" is the key term

Before there were armed formal police corps in this land, citizens were encouraged to maintain personal firepower to defend their communities against foreign invaders, "injuns," slaves fighting for their own freedom, etc. BUT the local government REQUIRED that all of these arms be made available for official and regular inspection and accounting. The laws have since been twisted by the mean weapons lobby pimps and spineless elected prostitutes to encourage sales for the greedy industry.