Sunday, November 19, 2006


my associate at work "george" put a personal ad on and asked me what i thought. the ad was silly and then i read ..STR8T ACTING and on the DL. ok, maybe i read it wrong which is entirely possible but why would somebody want a straight acting date? ACTING? i cant stand actors! GAY OR STRAIGHT. and then he said on the DL. excuse me but again that's what's wrong with dating scene. why would anybody want somebody who's on the DL?
i guess if your HIV + it dont matter. oh well, what do i know?

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Yt said...

What's the dif btw bing closet'd, ST8 acting and on the DL? People who are happy and proud to love (kiss, hug, and have lots of joyous sex with) others have no need for such nonsense. People who are ashamed of their sexuality and are afraid of the dominant society have hangups that no one should bother with. There are plenty of beautiful fish in the sea.