Monday, May 28, 2007


Actor Charles Nelson Reilly dies at 76. more later

634-5789 Memorial Day 2007

Memphis Tennessee
right up the street from Charlotte Hollis' and Jewel Mayhew's homes & near Tobacco Road...near the Ford Funeral Home, around the corner from Graceland, across The River from Little Rock near Northern Mississippi ...the birthplaces of Eudora, Truman, Uncle LD, myself and oh so many great American artists, writers and musicians.
one of cultural capitals of America. pass me the bar-b-q....

Friday, May 25, 2007


some prince from one of the small but rich emirates was in residence at where i work for a few days. he's gone now. but for two days i had to go service the place alot. dig this...he wants every room to be 85 degrees 24/7 ! i mean what kind of flower can take that heat? and then they call and today i just relaxed and planted catnip and basil in the backyard.

here's more victim dependency: a classic from '64

i want a wig like this to wear this Halloween:

how many cans of hairspray is that? by the way, while these video's are on i'm having fun and enjoying the drama of human suffering. is that sadistic? believe me, i'm not boo hoo hooing to the contrary, i'm laughing my ass off at these songs. oh i've got to publishing this next clip right away...i was going to wait but it's too funny(to me atleast) to hold back until tomorrow. the hair is fierce. once again, it's plastered with hairspary and looks perfect, for me. the outfit is cool and she really belts out the song. some of the youtube comments are over the top cute:

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


that evil man jerry falwell dropped dead in his office, i haven't been this happy since i found out jewell mayhew dropped dead too. and i'm glad now tammy can pass comforted in knowing falwell has gone straight to hell.


If the thick ropey veins were any indication, we shouldnt be surprised that old Sylvester is artificially trying to stay young & buff - and got caught. But the mullet? An unforgivable travesty.

Monday, May 14, 2007



this is instance # 200 in our survey of victim dependency popular music . that is the thread to it all.


I'm lucky people!
here's Divi from the early days and some really good acting! :-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


i've been a fan of tammy faye since first seeing her and have never wavered so it's sad to link this:

Monday, May 07, 2007

Oil Tanker

aaargh! Oil Tanker is on Charlie Rose and I swear she is brainwashed. all that makeup spackled on her face is seeping into her skin and clouding her brain. Or maybe the botox allows her to spew the most incredible bullshit with a straight face.

This is not Mr. Rogers. The middle east is not the neighborhood. people who have been tussling to 1000 years (my own brethren included) wont just roll over and play democracy for you. you cant destroy a country and then call them our friends. stop smoking crack, talking about values values values and get sober. and get out.

and why the hell is Sarkozy talking about values now??!! what are these values I keep hearing of? But i got to give France props for the excellent election turnout. puts the USA to shame for real.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


here's a flavor of our former's unfortunate that we cant view this event in it's entirety but we appreciate any glimpse into how this meeting operates:


formerly of, matthew cooper is a connected washington insider who also happens to be a reporter who now works for and still married to our friend mandy.
we remember him from the louis libby/karl rove weapons of mass destruction BS and the 16 words of the presidents state of the union address and he and judy miller and all the other warmongers. well, he wrote this piece for about how it feels when you dont know if your going to jail and all i can say's one of the most shallow things i've ever read.


Saturday, May 05, 2007


as y'all know i have a few walls in this apartment painted aubergine. in this sunny apartment it works great. so many colors go with shiny deep deep purple...especially the creamy whites and shades of red.. and when egg plant goes on sale at the Safeway i go off. tonight, the kitchen is like an egg plant convention.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

The many meanings of Pookie

I call my man pookie, he calls me pookie. Al Bundy called Peg pookie. Chris Rock was a crackhead named pookie in New Jack City. Obama has a mysterious cousin pookie ...(and and uncle jethro). I really hope pookie doesnt become a bad word, then whatever shall i call my pookie?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

MAY DAY ! :-) two items:

1)what's at stake? CNN reporter michael ware reports from baghdad. wassup with his nose?...he either got his face busted up in a huge fight or i don't know what. he use to talk really slow and retarted and with the irish accent it sounded all wrong. maybe he isn't irish. i'm curious.

2)my spiritual mama:

(the one is metallic orange)