Friday, May 25, 2007


some prince from one of the small but rich emirates was in residence at where i work for a few days. he's gone now. but for two days i had to go service the place alot. dig this...he wants every room to be 85 degrees 24/7 ! i mean what kind of flower can take that heat? and then they call and today i just relaxed and planted catnip and basil in the backyard.

here's more victim dependency: a classic from '64

i want a wig like this to wear this Halloween:

how many cans of hairspray is that? by the way, while these video's are on i'm having fun and enjoying the drama of human suffering. is that sadistic? believe me, i'm not boo hoo hooing to the contrary, i'm laughing my ass off at these songs. oh i've got to publishing this next clip right away...i was going to wait but it's too funny(to me atleast) to hold back until tomorrow. the hair is fierce. once again, it's plastered with hairspary and looks perfect, for me. the outfit is cool and she really belts out the song. some of the youtube comments are over the top cute:

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