Monday, May 07, 2007

Oil Tanker

aaargh! Oil Tanker is on Charlie Rose and I swear she is brainwashed. all that makeup spackled on her face is seeping into her skin and clouding her brain. Or maybe the botox allows her to spew the most incredible bullshit with a straight face.

This is not Mr. Rogers. The middle east is not the neighborhood. people who have been tussling to 1000 years (my own brethren included) wont just roll over and play democracy for you. you cant destroy a country and then call them our friends. stop smoking crack, talking about values values values and get sober. and get out.

and why the hell is Sarkozy talking about values now??!! what are these values I keep hearing of? But i got to give France props for the excellent election turnout. puts the USA to shame for real.


Vose said...

I am from France and look forward to the creation of a Mediterranean Union with our partners in Africa and the Middle East. This is a great day for our culture.

Condi Rice is evil and she will go to hell just like President Bush and Sadam Hussian(who is already there).

si said...

honey i dont think the french would go for that.

si said...

oh NICE. they are picking apart Oil Tanker's performance of insanity on Bill Moyer's Journal. good stuff!