Sunday, April 30, 2006

theatre of blood vincent price stars in this movie about theatre critics who get the ultimate payback for their jobs.

dc culture aint ready for this,taormino,73044,24.html somebody said they're opening a club like this at 1412 9th street nw


sorry, but the title reminds me of a Portuguese bf from longtime ago. here's a good piece for the record:

Saturday, April 29, 2006

to whom it may concern

the boyfriends i've had have been either caucasian american , latin american or african american. hope this helps. :-) enjoying life with the cats, pillow and henry.

memo to harold brazil: please do NOT endorse adrian fenty

thank you in advance

gay marriage and equality in life

if a same sex couple want to get married i say fine, let them do it. who am i to say they cant? so far adrian fenty and marie john have gotten it right. all we expect is equal rights.

let me tell you one more thing. heterosexuals are in control of this world right now. and they're doing a lousy job at governing. we need more like jim graham, marie johns, david catania and adrian fenty to straighten this mess out.

and if the law allowed gays to raise families you better believe we'd have neighborhoods
better maintained and of course superior tasteful solutions to complex problems. :)

Friday, April 28, 2006

house tour

america's oldest house tour:

OJ SIMPSON scripture cathedral flash back

1996 or there about...the very same church that is protesting the liquor license of a gay bar is the church that hosted OJ Simpson after his acquittal on the killing charges. yes, the nation of islam and the MPD were called upon to guard oj at scripture cathedral. run a google on it if you dont believe me! LOL

pillow and henry fyi

are my two spoiled rotten pets

gay democrats mayoral forum

moderated by colby king there will be a candidates forum at the HRC headquaters at the corner of 17th and RI avenue on may 8. be sure to coach your favorite on the Church of Hate issue.

As you know, the Mayoral Candidates Forum will be held on Monday, May 8th from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
We are in the process of drafting questions to ask the candidates. Our goal is to ask questions that will cover critical issues facing the LGBT community in the District. Some of the areas include:
Public Safety
LGBT-owned businesses
Transgender rights and protections
HIV/AIDS funding and treatment
Substance abuse treatment and prevention (Meth and others)
LGBT Youth Issues
LGBT Diversity Issues
LGBT Seniors
Same-Sex Marriage / Domestic Partnerships
Lesbian Health Issues and others
Adoption rights
Mental Health
Night Life
LGBT representation in Government
Role of the LGBT community in the overall development of the District
If you are interested in submitting a question for consideration under any of these issue areas, please email them to Mario at

police union endorses cropp

you've got to wonder what's up when a union that maybe has 20 district resident members endorses the status quo candidate. when are the police going to wake up? somebody better tell them change is on the way! the days of the proctor family running the police department are almost over. mrs cropp says she will ask for all department heads for resignation letters and then sit down with each and discuss their vision. um, earth to mrs cropp...ramsey has been chief for 7 or 8 we need a visioning? the police really screwed up the entire rosenberg mess and related crimes. this endorsement is not a surprise given the mediocre performance of the police department.


when is shiloh going to pull its weight and support it's very own neighborhood? have you seen their dilapidated properties? what are they waiting for? what the hell are they doing!

9th street shaw/logan

last night there were two open houses on 9th street at vegetate and queen of sheba restaurants. it was great to see people shopping/dining and enjoying themselves. a woman was chatting any on her cell walking alone in an alley where just a few years ago a person would be irrational if they did that.

the churches ought to be ashamed of themselves for opposing any development. is it any wonder the churches here are ridiculed?

Thursday, April 27, 2006

bebar continued

the owners suggested you write and before next wednesday in support of their liquor license. but to heck with it and write to the chairman of the judiciary committee and too

we stopped in at Vegetate for their tasting party. i liked the brussell sprout/basil/potato saute best. very crunchy.

and lastly the blagden alley association. a nice mix of activists.

parking policy around places of worship

beginning mid may 2006 public works and MPD will begin STRICT enforcement and issue parking tickets for illegally parked cars. tickets will be issued for the following violations:


the transportation planner for ward 2 is ramona burns
the ward 2 cordinator is desi deschaine

please contact these people for expressing your beefs.

temple courts/sursum corda

you'd never know we live near sursum corda because nobody, in their right mind, goes there. the sooner those buildings are razed the better. city claims the bldg owner keeps degrading the property. that's a familiar technique even the city incorporates to this day. for example, the MLK central library, the city is degrading this landmark because they want to rent it out at a low rate to some bigshot law firm. i look forward to walking through temple courts one day soon for the first time.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

pineapple salsa

finally the pineapples are gone. homemade pineapple salsa is my favorite

deal of the day

36 4 inch red geraniums from georgetown safeway. 36 plants for $36. plus tax.
the georgetown house tour is this weekend. stopped into say hello
to frida burling. the godmother of georgetown and a friend of 15 years.
for a 91 year old her mind is clear and she's always out and about.

poison ivy

if any of you have a killer for this nuisance please forward to me. today was focused on gardening around here. covered in poison ivy juice when it dawned on me that i was late for a coffee date at 2. jumped in the piece of junk and arrived at 1:58 and pre-paid for lunch.
alex was right on time, down to earth and full of insight. at one point he noticed my zipper was open and asked about an allergy. i like that sort of icebreaker. looking forward to further meetings and association with him.

holy trinity roman catholic church

this was JFK's local parish in georgetown. lets be fair and have equal enforcement of laws. 36th and O st nw. please make note that this church is situated in ward 2 and has made no effort to correct the sunday parking abuses by their parishioner. senators and the well connected shouldnt block crosswalks or fire hydrants either.

and i'm still waiting to see examples

how the store front cult centers(churches) or houses of worship have contributed goodness to their neighbors.

snob police

did you know that just 20 blocks west of us you can find cops on bikes and horses? maybe the cops on horses dont like patrolling near the dilapidated buildings maintained by the churches in this neighborhood. the cops on bikes were patrolling embassy row, another high crime area, huh? am i the only person annoyed by this deployment process? we need a better police chief.

breaking law for God

as i hear it today, there's a moratorium on enforcing the new parking plan. i am gathering the info and report back later today. :-)

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

stonewall inn

yesterday i received notice that i'm also a member of the stonewall democrats.

vietnam war protests, the sexual revolution, LSD, judy garland was still alive. the world was in chaos and we were regulars at the stonewall inn. the lighting was in blacklight, ultra-violet colors, the air conditioner must have been busted and everybody was smoking inside, the windows were boarded up, the drinks were cheap and watered down and some italian guy was the doorman. the doorman was old too, he must have been 30. sheridan square in greenwich village was the place to be for us. the park across the way from christopher street was just a hangout park. you had to walk over to waverly place and christopher to buy a nickel bag of grass but we were lucky back then too. we knew a merchant seaman who would send us suitcases of pot from vietnam. we never became dealers so it was always available. mrs barrington lodge had no idea what her son was sending her and of course she didnt open it because charles told her it was for us. gregory lodge lived at 88 bleeker just off broadway. this was before the stonewall riots.

Monday, April 24, 2006

new fenty signs

popping up near 35th and O. he may carry every ward

henry rathbone

my third cousin 4 times removed sat with president and mrs lincoln in the presidential box at fords theater the night lincoln was assassinated by john wilkes booth. he accompanied his fiance clare harris, the daughter of new york senator ira harris and friend of mary todd lincoln. his life was so changed after that event. He blamed himself for not saving Lincoln, a charge no one else leveled against him.

automotive police

this is a topic we will continually raise. yesterday i went to visit some folks in old town alexandria. i seen cops on foot, on bike, in cars. here i only see cops in cars. cops dont know the folks. and the only ones they do know are the activists like myself who show up at these PSA meetings. the police need to: get out of their cars and talk to residents. not just wait for a call and then- show up. the police chief has had ample time to get things right with the neighborhoods and it hasnt been done so he needs to go.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

bishop long's rolls royce

can you tell me how a bishop who lives in bowie maryland can have dc tags on his rolls royce? btw, if you want to do a stolen tag search the tag number is: 1179.

yaleloft sales memo update

most of the units on the sunnyside of the building have been sold. there are quite a few 1 bedroom units left of the northside and those units have balconies.

walking with God

when i left the bldg this morning(6:45 am) to stroll down the block and around the alley to check on the signs of spring the new york times delivery guy drove up in his SUV with the radio BLASTING religous music... i mean BLASTING. it was UNGODLY, obnoxious and disrespectful to the peace and tranquility of the neighborhood but had i said something to him i would have been called every vulgar name in the book.

cousin dick cheney

Dick Cheney is a 5th cousin 2 times removed. Our common ancestor is Benjamin Cheney born 1/5/1675 and Mary Harbert. do you think i like telling you that i'm related to him? ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww :-)

Saturday, April 22, 2006

selling her dress and ring for gas

some lady was just on the Fox Report and said she pawned her wedding dress and ring to buy two tanks of gas.

M street speed bumps

cars will be unable to zoom up to 50mph to reach the end of the block. we'll have two 442 and further down 424. it wasnt long ago when the 400 block of M street was a 2 way street. drug dealers lined both sides of the street. stones stashed the drugs. even the bootlegger had a runner for filling orders of the drive by consumers.

peony blooms in may

unless you live on the sunnyside of the street around here, then it's now.

looking forward with enthusiasm to the latest comprehensive plan. i mean, cant you hardly wait to get at this? it's a good thing.

get over to plant these moon flowers at my future ex-boyfriends place today. oh and we're doing the scarlet morninglories this season, he's a busy guy.

y'all dont mind if i dont write an essay do ya?

Friday, April 21, 2006

sushi taro lunch

got a call and bopped over to Sushi Taro for a relaxing and enjoyable time. sitting on the floor isnt an option for me. big portions and good prices. 1503 17 st. nw, on the corner of 17th and P above CVS. there's always a line out the door on weekends. so beware, this place is popular.

harriet hubbard

was thinking more about mrs cropp and her clueless presentation the other night. she was rambling on about interstate 395 and how it goes nowhere. well guess what mrs cropp? i'm glad there were activists like harriet hubbard that stood up to the federal overseers to stop 395 at new york avenue because it saved all the neighborhoods in its destructive path up to silver spring.

new community

when will this community be invited to listen to what is proposed across the street in Sursum Corda by this administration? WHEN? oh, ok..thanks for the quick response. i get it now. we'll get invited once the major developers figure out the split. because its going to extend over the 3rd street tunnel to couple Sursum/NOMA and we're talkin big development bucks here.


18 years ago, when i moved to M st a gay neighbor in this building told me about a certain pastor with a church at 9th and O who had a radio show and an eye for african american men in their 20's. hey, who am i to judge when they're consenting adults?

Thursday, April 20, 2006

bebar continued

scripture cathedral does operate a day care center next to the place where ex-convicts come and go. apparently they are more theatened by the gay/lesbian 8 dollar glass of wine than the convicted child molestors looking for employment and a place to crash.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

happy birthday Queen Elizabeth 2

from one old queen to another old queen :-)

deal of the day

4 pack of pink lilly bulbs from homedepot $3.17 including tax

air rights and development

not a new concept. when europe was rebuilt after the war they had the vision to rebuild the public parks ontop of underground parking. now, over here we could have some of that because we're runnin out of room.

selling the development rights over the 3rd street tunnel(395) has been part of the plan all along. i would like to know who from our community has been part of creating the new community at sursum corda. i think they had a secret planning meeting. secret meetings. that's the standard operating procedure around these parts.

there are some valuable blocks over in the westend near 23 and M where consolidation of fire/police/emt into a single facility makes much better land use. and creates taller tax generators.

Monday, April 17, 2006

greeting linda cropp

neighbor clarene invited us to her home to meet and greet linda cropp. mrs cropp presented a mixed bag of a little bit for everybody because the attendance was diverse and she couldn't focus on one theme or issue.

she did say at the end that the negotiation process of the baseball stadium was too open. too open? i'm in favor of the baseball stadium and southeast/west development but to suggest an open government is wrong is bad. i cant wait for the reaction when yaleloft tower goes to 120'. it was this 120' building and the LACK of community participation and involvement that created the factionalism in the neighborhood.

501 new york avenue nw

maybe because it's a government holiday but with all the police cars outside is there nobody on duty? i rang the doorbell. no answer. wassup with this property? first it was a school, then MPD traffic division took it over. 10 years ago marlene kent-cooke was a registered guest on several occasions. MPD needs to sell this property to the highest bidder and eliminate it from it's inventory.

where the girls are.

sometimes i wonder why me. dont you? returned home from work at 12:30 to distribute the neighborhood newsletter. my beat this time was the western section of the neighborhood over to 7th street. walked out of the Eritrean cultural center this dodge neon pulls up and the guy says to me, "where can i find the colored t.v.'s? you know, the he-shes." ah, and told him continue down 6th street and turn left at K and left on 5th street and right on L to the end of the block. i swear to god i dont know why i know those directions but if somebody asks for help what am i suppose to say?

green baseball stadium

if we're going to spend all this dough on the stadium could we please cough up the extra 10 million to green it up and make it the new standard for this kind of partnership? if we're going to do this, let's do it right.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

frank menendez went to woodstock, i didnt :-)

but we were BOTH stonewall customers BEFORE the riots.

what a glorious afternoon. a Constable blue sky with magical white clouds. after some errands and dropping off some house guests at dulles for their return flight to belgium had a chance to catch up with the times and think about you.

memorial service for julia pell in newport, rhode island on wednesday.

oh, the moonflower and morning glory seedlings are doing fabulous! dont you just adore springtime? the dogwoods, azaleas create an absolute lyrical abstract expression.

cervantes wrote don quixote in 1606, 14 years before the pilgrims landed in provincetown harbor. isnt that incredible?

Saturday, April 15, 2006

shaker burial site getting respect

forget that they put a farm team baseball club stadium 50 feet from the grave of the Mother Anne Lee. the coke addict who's idea it was went to jail for embezzlement and they tore the stadium down eventually. the state of new york is funding the restoration of anne lee pond so the beavers can once again create a natural habitat. the roadways are reconfigured near the pond, grave sites and settlement community creating a larger historic site. Wisdom Valley located outside of albany, new york was the original shaker community in the 'new' world.

Friday, April 14, 2006

lemon balm

after easter checkout the herb plants on sale at the greenhouse at the national cathedral greenhouses. they have like 10 varieties of mint, basil, parsley, oregano and all sorts of unusual herbs at low prices.

pineapple princess

so safeway has whole pineapples on sale 2 for 5 dollars. pineapple pizza, pineapple upsidedown cake, and chunks and chunks of pineapple. thank heavens lent is almost over this meatless fast is getting on my nerves. i'm visualizing a new york strip steak with escargot and brie.

love train

went out to survey the neighborhood parking situation. maybe it's because of the religious weekend but the church parking is out of control at the soul saving station. the fire hydrants are blocked, cross-walks are blocked. where's parking enforcement when you really need them?

Thursday, April 13, 2006


just returned from the neighborhood police unit PSA 308 meeting. held at the charlotte mission united house of prayer up near the corner of 7th and S street.. ..regardless of increased arrests crime is up. most of the time when i head over to dupont circle i use R street to cross midtown. always a group of punks on the corner of 8th and R. guess what? they're drug dealers. looking forward to the tenant meeting on site. i hope i'm invited by angel, the property manager. there is no conclusion to these police meetings...we just sort of agree to meet again.

meanwhile upstairs in the sanctuary of the United House of Prayer for All People there was a funeral tonight. trombones, percussions, trumpets etc. a real bon voyage celebration of life. Daddy Grace, the founder of the church was cape verdian, charismatic and colorful.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


new plan filed to legalize slots in dc. so there's a new proposal for 3,500 slot machines in ward 8. walking distance to the big chair and anakostia animal hospital. i maybe spend 26 dollars a year gambling on powerball. the goodhope road/mlk location is a fabulous site for such a venture. there is so much money pouring out of the district to the videoslot terminals in maryland, delaware and west virginia. we should capture some of that revenue before it crosses the border. and that's a great view of the monuments too from over there. who knows, maybe we'll get a new entertainment district too.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Mama Du Crax

1103 5th street is the latest neighborhood hotspot. the police are doin an effective number on the crackhouse. busting the joint once a week it seems. for instance, today at 6 15 pm plain clothes detectives nailed a dude crossing the street coming from 1103.

happy birthday

mother :-)

Monday, April 10, 2006

traffic jam

due to massive participation in this march of illegal immigrants I am unable to attend the Gertrude meeting. It took me 50 minutes to go what usually takes 12.

Sunday, April 09, 2006


just returned from a walk down 7th street. 7th and G to be exact. it was really exciting .. nice crowds on the street reminded me of st catherines street in montreal. shoppers, bars and restaurants. tourists and locals. i remember john wilson saying before he left how exciting it would be walking from the arena to the convention center and over up 9th street to blagden alley. well john wilson had the vision thing just about right.

the boards of ridge street

ok, for like 20 years this wood frame house was boarded up on ridge street and now the joints been demolished and wtf is goin on? that structure was such a blight to the community it's amazing the property owners got away with it for as long as they did.

church parking

how will this be resolved? we attended the parking summit for church leaders as listeners. folks from MCC, galbraith, springfield baptist, UHP, scripture cathedral, new covenent and maybe a few others were there as were yours truly and some reps from the city. the ANC members from 2C were invited but none showed up. the church people wanted a free connector, and free parking at the old convention center site. plus they want creative parking rights for funerals and choir practices. so when they go the word that they would only get diagonal parking from M to P i'd say they were not pleased. after easter the new parking plan will be enforced. i really dont blame bill rice for leaving transportation to run for the ward 3 seat. even if he 'dont' win it beats the verbal abuse he'll get from the church people if he stayed at transportation.

1986 ella fitzgerald does provincetown

oh my, 20 years ago running into ella fitzgerald at the A-House of all places and in the lady's bathroom at that! 1st couldnt believe my eyes and screamed, "is that you Ella Fitzgerald?".
sure enough it was and she was with Diana Hutton. the next day i found out she came up to perform at the Madeira Club at the Pilgrim House. there was a minor adjustment made on the billboard and marquee that night because obviously they couldn't advertise ella fitzgerald was performing so they changed this ella fitzgerald to ella fitzpatrick for the weekend.

stuffed olives

ok, next time you're at trader jo's try the green olives stuffed with garlic.

what, no comments? ;-)

yes, in reponse to your emails i will write about my relationships with dick cheney, alec baldwin and the mayflower boat people. soon.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

parkings getting tighter and tighter :-)

oh, this is gonna get hotter and hotter. ;-) people are scrambling now in the neighborhood for crawl spaces inwhich to park. wait until the commuters find out you can park in browns alley forever and never get a ticket. and this is just a 10 minute walk from metro. atleast we'll have a safeway to stroll to soon. but all the folks with big assed cars and trucks who park in public space are gunna be in trouble shortly.

ok. for full disclosure. i am not a computer person contrary to your beliefs and i'm still learning how to blog. thank you for letting me share.

Thursday, April 06, 2006

ANC 2C meeting

saw first hand the dynamics of the current Advisory Neighborhood Commission. if given the opportunity i look forward to serving. getting organized at this point but i wont publish my strategy because it isnt new. organization.

there were several ingredients at play when the ANC meet: fussing, bickering, religion, turf issues, racism, history, sexism, bad feelings, economic dynamics, rich vs. poor, higher taxes and poor city services and ofcourse homophobia. the chairman at one point stood up and got really obnoxious.

i can better serve the neighborhood than our current ANC commissioner.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006


stopped over to halo across from fresh fields market on p street. gertrude stein democrats held a membership fundraiser. nice place. didnt stay long becuase of the weather and plus getting up at 5 am, i need my sleep.

started the moon flowers/morning glories seeds today. we'll see what happens. the package says the vine extends 15 feet for the moon flowers.