Tuesday, April 25, 2006

stonewall inn

yesterday i received notice that i'm also a member of the stonewall democrats.

vietnam war protests, the sexual revolution, LSD, judy garland was still alive. the world was in chaos and we were regulars at the stonewall inn. the lighting was in blacklight, ultra-violet colors, the air conditioner must have been busted and everybody was smoking inside, the windows were boarded up, the drinks were cheap and watered down and some italian guy was the doorman. the doorman was old too, he must have been 30. sheridan square in greenwich village was the place to be for us. the park across the way from christopher street was just a hangout park. you had to walk over to waverly place and christopher to buy a nickel bag of grass but we were lucky back then too. we knew a merchant seaman who would send us suitcases of pot from vietnam. we never became dealers so it was always available. mrs barrington lodge had no idea what her son was sending her and of course she didnt open it because charles told her it was for us. gregory lodge lived at 88 bleeker just off broadway. this was before the stonewall riots.

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Anonymous said...

Richard - was it necessary to put my mother's full name in this post. Who are you??