Tuesday, August 22, 2006


24 years ago when i purchased this car from mercedes benz of san francisco the idea i might have the car today never entered my mind. we've been thru so much together. future ex-husbands left wing and right. betty ford. friends and others dead too soon. from san francisco to greenwich village, liberace's death in palm springs, provincetown & the lower cape and washington dc. motor trips to quebec city, hitting all the interstate diesel truckstops, bar harbor and little havana. and ofcourse bombing around georgetown. i'm not ready to let the old girl go. the automatic transmission runs so perfectly smooth. the roll down crank windows, didnt order cruise control, didnt order a sunroof. the excellent interior is mercedes vinyl and the body is very good. she's a classic 240 D. my perfect no frills machine. so when i brought her in for the motor mounts remove/replace job i wasnt sure how much longer i'd have her. well, i got her back the same day and she's running quiet with no shaking. and it cost 300 dollars including parts and labor. :) not bad for 258,000 miles!

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