Friday, August 11, 2006

rewind: precious moments

anderson cooper has finally taken a weekend away from the middle east and tonight he reports from london. whatta guy.

it's noteworthy to say the renovation of the house next door that was occupied by the retired episcopal minister who's being held as a flight risk and charged with conspiracy to manufacture and distribute crystal meth is still on hold with a stopwork order in effect. of the 3 partners in the project 2 are in jail and 1 is dead.

i deeply appreciate the response from the GLLU unit of the Metropolitan Police Department quick response to my call for help. i suspect there was an open warrant and they were waiting for a call to execute it.

it's approaching 3 months and no construction. the contractors finally words were: "well i hope you like living next to a vacant shell." rather a vacant shell than a house of crystal meth freaks like we had before.

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