Monday, August 07, 2006

the radical chic, being tear gassed & riot control

august 6 1968. we were only doing what was right. is THAT a crime? yes, we were dicking with the cops even back then. we didn't do it because it was pretty to be there. we took action because of the military/industrial insanity of our time. we were tear gassed for the first time at a demonstration protesting the WMD atom bomb that destroyed Nagaski and it's people at the 42nd street armory.

after the protest we all went down to the goldbug. pre-stonewall but it was in the pressure cooker. we were oh so bad, high on pot and acid. yes, that was us. :) the flower children of activism. we went into The Leatherman shop on christopher. jesus i thought...what is THIS all about? i would soon discover the anvil, everard baths and mineshaft.

the Gold Bug site is mentioned here:

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