Saturday, August 26, 2006

who done it?

we have no idea who sent the 11,000 post cards when 5 term council member mrs jarvis got defeated do we? LOL

and colby, i'm so sorry but mrs jarvis and her family are doing even better now than as a mere council member and lets not forgot she's a PHD in nano-physiology so she didnt just fall off the back of the turnip truck. i voted for mrs jarvis in the 1990 primary for mayor because she was the smartest and most progressive. after that mrs jarvis became the water boy for marriott and that's when she had to be defeated and we gladly worked for adrian to win. so colby it wasn't the 11,000 post cards we sent that defeated mrs jarvis, it was the fact that she delivered a crummy motel 6 to georgia avenue and a taxpayer financed $600,000,000. convention center to downtown. she got fired by the voters.

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