Saturday, August 26, 2006

blagden alley association

tonight the blagden alley/naylor court association had there annual picnic. summer night cool canadian breeze made it a success. 200 people. friends, neighbors, new people and new friends. the food options were incredible. everything from grilled sea bass and blue fish to some very fancy desserts. candidates mendelson, patterson, gray and fenty greeted folks. nobody from screw them! scott, the association's webmaster, did a fabulous job on the the grill. :-) it was good to see the police Lt, detectives, sargent and officers of PSA 307 again. they know although i ask their commander too many questions, i'm really on their team.

congratulations to commissioner alex padro for winning the golden brick award from the association in appreciation for advances on 9th street. the brick is finished off with ralph lauren metallic gold paint.

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