Saturday, August 26, 2006


this place sounds too unreal for me already and it aint even opened yet. LOL i will not be going here. we have been origional for 30 years! playing with fashion! they've GOT to be kidding. :)

“Ultimately, we just want to change what people expect,” Watson says. “We want to elevate the expectation of the type of venue that people deserve. We are working to blur the distinction between a neighborhood bar and an urban nightclub by taking the best from each to create a new genre of lounge.”
Along with his new genre of lounge, Watson says he hopes to see a new genre of customer.
“When you come here, you should look the part,” Watson says. “Take it seriously. We encourage people to have fun and play with fashion.”
Watson says he has selected a “knockout” staff of 30 out of 300 people who applied. The bar will specialize in “candy-themed” martinis and margaritas.
“We’re really excited about featuring our menu as well as our staff because a part of this venue is going to be coming from the scenery,” Watson says. “It’s the venue, it’s the staff, it’s the show.”

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