Thursday, August 24, 2006

campaign season in full swing

because this is a democrat town the real election is the democrat party primary. that election date is september 12. and now the mud balls are getting thrown by the desperate candidates. the mud balls thrown by vincent orange and linda cropp are hurting themselves more than the object of their wads of dirt. the mud aint stickin!
the wapost endorsement is soon and it appears mrs patterson will get the papers endorsement for council chair. this is good for transparency in govenment and open meeting rules. she will also challenge the police department and not give em a rubber stamp, like the current team in power does. there are so many picnics and parties now.
the french party is friday night, the blagden alley picnic saturday night and the bash at the temperance hall up in petworth on sunday. my future ex husband will be at a few of these. :)

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