Sunday, December 03, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow-Why do you hate us?

Well she is at it again from her "adopted" beloved London. She has gone on a tirade to a European paper about how dumb all Americans are. According to Paltrow the Brits are so much more civilized and intellegent. She said that Americans are so obsessed with money. I guess she missed the class where they talked about London being one of the worlds financial centers. Hey Patrow we've only had a constitution since 1776. As one of the youngest democratic republics around we haven't done half bad. Wise up madam.

Signed "new anonymous"



gwyneth sounds like one of them there communist names.

Yt said...

Even when I try to dislike her because she is over exposed, I still feel that she is one of the best female actors working these days.