Saturday, October 07, 2006

SOUTH AFRICA and $30,000.00

from the washington post:

"taxpayer money is paying the expenses of the four council members who are his traveling companions -- Marion Barry (D-Ward 8), Jack Evans (D-Ward 2), Vincent B. Orange Sr. (D-Ward 5) and Carol Schwartz (R-At Large). The cost for each council member was $7,500. Evans and Schwartz said they paid out of funds budgeted for the council."

well, isn't THAT special?...they can locate the $30,000.00 for a vacation to south africa but they can't locate the $30,000.00 to fix the lights in 2 parks in our under serviced neighborhood.

another traveller at taxpayer expense: DPW agency head william howland. now there must of be tons of good will about the lousey parking enforcement in our neighborhood to warrant a trip to south africa. dont you love it when politicans say: why are you being so negative?

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Anonymous said...

Oh! Same problems in Russia :( They spent budget money on their new cars, "business" trips and etc.