Saturday, October 14, 2006


oh jesus what a pompous ass. another sex addicted bigshot who couldnt keep his hands off of teenager boys. well i just heard he kicked the bucket up in beantown. we use to run into him at the bars in Ptown. he always surrounded by preppy twink mini-fags. i remember the hard time he had with the building inspector when he built that shack on the water across from nickerson street and hans hoffmann's house/painting studio. but we never voted for his opponent. he was elected to congress during the mcgovern landslide of '72. i dont think he did much for people except raise your taxes, raised the retirement age to 67, he favored the marxists in the nicaragua revolution, in favor of the government taking all the land to create the cape cod national seashore and he was terrible to the commercial fishing industry. now every left leaning blogger will memorialize him as the mother theresa of gay liberation.

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Anonymous said...

I agree; in those days I'd rather have said "please hurry studs" than "please Gerry Studds" anyday.

Anouk Hunt