Saturday, October 07, 2006


i've been a customer of Catania Bakery for 20 years. when i first hit town it was real scary to even drive to their north capitol street location. My goodness can some know it all tell me why there would be an italian bakery on the 1300 block of north capitol street in 1932 if there were no italians around that neighborhood? i'm sure someone will tell me there were no italians in that neighborhood which is 3 blocks north of St. aloysius gonzaga church. no, couldn't have been italians there.

i can't believe how long i've been voting for David Catania and if leroy thorpe is against him then i've got to vote for him :-)


Scenic Artisan said...

seems there was quite a swath of italians between litteri's and AV's

have you found that people disbelieve this?

richard said...

yes many in the office of planning and other newcomers will tell me what i've experienced isn't what i witnessed. :)
like chinatown for's like the chinese never crossed massachusetts avenue when in FACT the mayor of chinatown lived on the 400 block of M street nw.

Scenic Artisan said...

life as trompe l'oeil. can't trust them eyes, you know.....

have you checked out the InShaw blogs historica research about italtian...germans... every freakin body in shaw around 1900?

interesting stuff.

Anonymous said...

It's amazing that Litteri is still in business. Now we go to Vace for our pizza dough balls. $2.50 a ball. At Wholefoods the same dough ball is $5.00.