Thursday, October 26, 2006


as y'all know i am a candidate in the local ANC election. with less than two weeks to go we're having lots of laughs and plus i havent taken any time off work to campaign so i'm not nervous. i have a very healthy attitude about this: if i lose it's just an election and i will NEVER lose my homosexual heritage! i was born with that honey! farouk told me last week, will always be a queen. LOL. if i get elected i wont be going to little havana often this winter.
So, if my posts are one liners until november 7 you'll know why. i'm counting votes, writing emails, knocking on doors, getting ready for halloween night at cafe milano, the oil changed in the mercedes, dropping miss heidi off at dulles, cleaning the apartment with jesus, writing thank you notes to contributors, party work, funeral work, chopping, media interviews. dicing, delivery, x-mas prep and 89 other things.

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