Friday, July 28, 2006


Rose Lane lived to be 101 and was a close friend of mine. clear mind, heart failure was the cause of death. one time visiting rose and i believe she was 100, rose said..let me show you what i CAN do. with assistance she got out of bed and with the help of her walker she made fast laps around the room.

we talked politics. rose was VERY independent politically. we were both pushing for anthony williams for executive when he was just a bean counter. that's how we met. she would tell me about growing up and President McKinley was in office when you are born. she was raised in massachusetts and educated there. rose was an african american and a republican. she hated woodrow wilson. and i can understand why.

woodrow wilson, it is well documented and known was a vile racist. he used the words of an ignorant racist alot. nigger this nigger that. this is the truth and i knew this before speaking to rose about her life and times. she liked herbert hoover very much.

she once told me that the only down side of making to 98 is that there's nobody left from your age group to talk with. after she became home bound i would visit occasionally. she lived the rosary.

every halloween night i would visit her family in their large dupont circle townhouse and of course we'd have coffee, talk politics and laugh while i'm in drag. she was soooo funny. i miss that friend.

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