Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C04 announcement

Dear Neighbors:

I am asking for your support in my effort to represent you as ANC 2C04 commissioner.

We need an ANC commissioner to insist on the delivery of city services -- someone who will demand police protection of our residents. We need a dependable vote on the ANC, where critical decisions on traffic, parking and development are made each month.

Communication is extremely important. I am open, honest and quick to respond to our neighborhood's concerns. You will have my email address, phone numbers, blog URL, see me out and about in the neighborhood. You will have my constant attention. I will be a responsive advocate for every person in the community and our public space. I will not however, spam you.

Let me give you an example of an issue that needs to be addressed. We have two major buildings in this Single Member District(SMD), 1330 7th St and 1301 7th Street. The park where Mr.Crowder was killed is across the street from our Single Member District(SMD). There is a public safety emergency and I don't see the police at 1301 or 1330 7th st. I want to continue working on this problem with your authority. As an ANC Commissioner I will have greater ability to interact with police and government officials so that our community needs will be respectfully addressed.

We have a great mix of people in this Single Member District. People who rent, people who own homes..taxpayers all. I want to represent every citizen in this community. Please support me with your signature to get on the ballot and your vote in November so we can all win.

Thank you. Your neighbor, Richard


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