Sunday, July 23, 2006

first sunday crime emergency

working in georgetown and living 25 blocks east on the same street i get out and about alot.

i would hope that the motor vehicle cell phone law would be enforced during this crime emergency. i cant believe all the people who drive and talk on the cell phone in the district of columbia. not only are they careless it is against the law. if you go to anywhere in new york state you will see the law is enforced and nobody is yacking and driving with a hand held appliance. NOBODY.

and i wish somebody from MPD would explain to me the function of 501 new york avenue nw.
just be honest with us. is it the VIP holding cell or what?

i have seen police on segways in front of cafe milano interacting with the public. do you think we might see any in other less high profile locations? like at 7th and O in front of 1330 7th St?


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