Thursday, September 14, 2006


althought i've never actually executed another human being it's a little sad to say au revoir to ann richards. she must have been a hoot when drunk but she's even funnier sober. i so much admire her courage and willingness to educate others about addiction and the importance and beauty of sobriety and doing it without a moralistic scold. boy do i resent the moralistic scolds from sinners.

anyway, tonights another crime meeting. this time at the united house of prayer and the subject is the shaw crime task force. 6 pm 601 M street nw.

every monday night at st. david's episcopal church is the weekly betty ford center alumni meeting. we meet at 8 pm the address is 5150 macomb street northwest. in the palisades neighborhood. we meet for dinner at the starland cafe(5125 macarthur blvd) @ 6 30 pm and then head over for a meeting. there's always room. great fellowship, great food at affordable prices.

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