Wednesday, January 31, 2007


you really have to laugh. down in the old neighborhood, which use to be our neighborhood until some bully in the office of planning took it from us. they get upset because they cant get a supermarket to sucker up to them and lose a bundle of dough just for their convenience. isn't that a shame? some crummy bakery couldn't make it on the high priced strip and what do they do? they attack because the company made a sound business decision. there's a reason why these people don't run businesses and it's because they don't know how to. oh but they can sure be warriors at the typewriter. LOL

check out the latest. the market had an escape clause lease with the landlord and the blogger is creating a hostile takeover! let's see, what does that neighborhood need more of? hmmmm, with low capitalization I'll say yet another fast food joint.

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mighty said...

My favorite is the gentleman who couldnt drag his ass from 6th street to 9th street to go to the liquor store. The 'Gimme Gimmes' want it even more convenient.