Sunday, January 21, 2007

thanks Mario you are a becoming an excellent president.

and here a gay police officer:
so appreciate the line, " Ladies, this is the District of Columbia and if you commit a crime, I will arrest you."

I'm so not over winter...we have 1/2" powder granular and from the looks of the line at the Social Safeway this afternoon you'd a thunk we were in the midst of a blizzard. fun walking around Georgetown this afternoon before the sidewalk got frozen. everybody being cheery, civil and social.

also, wassup with the Democrat party? everybody announcing BEFORE the State of the Union so they can all file a reaction. dont you love the way howard dean is doing this? early and organized and BEFORE the Bush bashing begins. smart move Govenor. i havent a man/woman yet in the contest yet, i need to see where they are on my special interests first.

oh and miss sullivan is now at Atlantic Magazine. not that it makes much difference because he's just about irrelevant.

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