Sunday, August 31, 2008


good lord, what has sarah palin done to deserve the bashing she's getting from the democrat party hacks? the special interest groups are very upset by this female advocate for individual rights. dont they have a sense of humor? my friends at people for the american way are having fits.


Anonymous said...

1) she has a Troopergate (like E. Spitzer) scandal of her own 2) she has a Down syndrome 4-month child who neither she, with all her campaining, or her oil-worker
/fisherman/sports-oriented husband have no time for and 4)she has a 17-year old daughter who she obviosly never talked about sex with (she probably never had time)and who she wants to shot-gun marry to the teen-age boy who fathered the shows that this woman is not only a horrible mother, but a corrupt politician and it also highlights the complete lack of judgement of Old-Man McCain...

Blanche DuBois-Hudson

Anonymous said...

Why would the woman talk about sex with the girl? Are you saying she's a lesbian?

Gracie Allen

Anonymous said...

No, but you need a big cigar in your mouth, Gracie

Blanche DuBois-Hudson and George Burns

Anonymous said...

K it better be from Pinar del Río province.