Wednesday, October 01, 2008


MSNBC is so in the tank for obama-biden that viewing it is like one big obama info-mercial. andrea mitchell has a show that i'd view at 1 pm if i could. i will be watching Fox until the elections over. biden is such an attention whore maybe that's why he writes so much.

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Ryan in DC said...

Honestly, all mainstream media is going to be absurdly distorted. MSNBC may very well be biased but thinking that going to the other side of the bias spectrum will be any better doesn't make sense. Fox is the network that began this whole trend of entertainment/news that has been so destructive. Fox News is actually run by former republican advisers and has great interest in seeing the party win. I would suggest that you instead look for more objective, independent, and less commercially based news sources such as the BBC, PBS, or CSPAN. Unfortunately, the trend that Fox started has left all of our major news stations in journalistic shambles.