Sunday, February 01, 2009


here's the latest on the relatives from my brother EHR:

William Cheney is a good news/bad news story if you have him in your family tree: The good news is that he is descended from nobility. The bad news, is whether he did it or not, William Cheney was hanged for rape in Dorchester, MA.
The victim was named Elizabeth or Experience Holbrook. Cheney's wife Deborah (Wiswall) called her a "lying wench." In any case, William could have earned a reprieve from his death sentence. All that would have been required was for him to have exhibited a contrite attitude. On his scheduled execution day, if he had listened to the sermon that had been prepared for him, he might have walked free. But he didn't, he refused to listen to the lecture, and so Cheney went to the gallows at Boston on 22 September 1681.

Yes, this is our Uncle and Dick Cheney's LOL

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