Wednesday, March 21, 2007


it will be mostly green, a little white and a whisper of mixed colors. i'm going with container gardens this year. parsley, catnip, basil and such herbs so if the neighbors walk by they might sample. lots of green with some white pansies. it didn't take long for the birds to realized the curly willow around the doorway provides a secure setting for a nest. there will be white morning glories this season around the doorway. it's already a great year.

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si said...

my lilac is showing signs of life this morning and the creeping jenny is sprouting again. ive got it mixed with some yellow spirea, coral bells, & a still small crepe myrtle. The wand flower looks dead as a doornail but tis too soon to tell. I want to intersperse some color with the foliage, dianthus was a bust last year. im thinking begonias... I may also try trailing vinca off the front wall...the ivy isnt cooperating.

the plant you gave me really makes my kitchen window delightful. its getting big, it may be time to transplant it.

mmm morning glories and herbs sound divine!